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Bowler, Grant

Shaman Liko - 108

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: unknown

Grant graduated from NIDA in 1991.

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; Always Greener; Blue Heelers; Close Contact; Finding Hope; Halifax f.p; The Lost World; Medivac; The Mole; On the Beach; Pacific Drive; Something in the Air; Stingers; Wildside
Film: Calling Gerry Molloy; Change of Heart; Ned
Theater: Deathwatch (Threshold Productions); Hamlet (The Bell Shakespeare Company); Happiness (Art Inc & The Taylor Square Arts Festival); The Last Night of the Ballyhoo (Marian St. Theatre); Richard III; Romeo and Juliet
Other: -

Non-Farscape Images

Publicity photo.

As Montague Fitzsimonds in the television series "The Lost World" (episode 2.07, 'London Calling').

Contact Information

not available