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Bilios, Dion

Boy 2 - 322

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: 1987 or 1988

Cast note from 1997-1999 Australasian tour of Les Miserables:

"Dion's ambition to perform on stage has always been a guiding force towards a career in the theatre. Dion began training at the age of five studying jazz, tap, ballet, singing and drama. Originally with the Janice Breen Performing Studios, and Dynamite Dance Studios, Dion is now a regular Brent Street Showgroup performer. In the past five years Dion has appeared in productions of Cinderella pantomime at the State Theatre, A Midsummer Night's Dream at Her Majesty's with the Western Australian Ballet Co., as well as numerous shows, including the Variety Heart Awards, Commonwealth Games Day and Australia Day Celebrations. One of his most memorable efforts was an inspiring solo vocal performance at Carols in the Domain. At a tender age of ten, Dion's career extends to television performances on The Midday Show, Disney Channel, Foxtel, ABC and a number of vocal recordings in the commercial world."

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Television: -
Film: Soft Fruit
Theater: Cinderella; A Midsummer Night's Dream
Other: -

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Publicity photo from "Les Miserables" Australasian tour, Sydney production (1997-1998), at age 10.

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