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Barker, Geoff

PK Commando #3 - 103

There is no onscreen credit for Geoff; the credit is listed only in SciFi.com's "Journey Log".

Biographical Notes & Trivia

Birthday: unknown

"I grew up in a little fishing village called Newton Ferrers, just outside Plymouth in Devon, England. My father was a sailor in the merchant navy, so I got to travel around the world whilst very young, including going to school in Japan. I was the fattest, most teased kid in school, running the school record for the slowest hundred meters: 24 secs. I began weight training at age 10 by lifting cans of baked beans in the garage."

"In 1985 I joined the Royal Marine Commandos. During my training I specialized in the rehabilitation and physical wellness of the injured troops. After completing the commando phase, I went on to study anti-terrorist and close-quarter battle techniques in preparation for a Northern Ireland Tour and personal security of HRH, Buckingham Palace. I passed out with commendation as a Green Beret Commando in 1987. I worked passage to Australia on a container ship with $100 to spare."

Geoff went on to become a body-shaping trainer and author in Australia. He also performed as "Commando" on the show, Australian Gladiator.

Other Credits

Television: All Saints; Doom Runners; E Street; Gladiators; Ihaka: Blunt Instrument; Roy and HG; Water Rats
Film: -
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Non-Farscape Images

Publicity photos.

As 'Commando' on the television series "Gladiators".

Contact Information

0419 996 996
Tel: 9360 0734
Fax: 9380 7943