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Chat: Claudia Black & Anthony Simcoe

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Chat: Claudia Black & Anthony Simcoe

Subject(s): Claudia Black & Anthony Simcoe, Farscape Actors
Dated: July 28, 1999
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: COOL!
Moderator: You guys know yr FARSCAPE!!
Moderator: Now -- we'll be starting this chat OFFICISALLY just as soon as our guests get their connection back.

ChickwithGun: Hi Everyone

Moderator: You know that they're logging on from Australia, right?

Ploppy: Hello!!


Moderator: Sometimes that
Moderator: 's
Moderator: a tough connection
Moderator: Claudia and Anthony, cool pseuds!!!
Moderator: Let's rock'n roll!\
Moderator: Hi everyone and thanks for joining us here tonight. We're going to be chatting with two of your favorite FARSCAPE warriors tonight -- Moya's muscle! Anthony Simcoe (D'Argo) and Claudia Black (ex-Peacekeeper soldier Aeryn Sun.) And they're logging in Australia's FOX Studios!

ChickwithGun: Thanks Mod

Moderator: <Cassiel>: Now that Sliders is going off the schedule do you feel any extra pressure to carry the Friday Prime ratings?..ps I saw the Castle & liked it a lot..:)

Ploppy: Thanks heaps, we don't give a shit about the ratings, we just try to make a good show.

Moderator: <Duj-tlvoqtaH>: Anthony, how do you see D'Argo developing in future episodes? How would you LIKE to see him develop?

Ploppy: D'Argo will evolve into a more mature decision maker.

Moderator: <MAO369>: To both Anthony and Claudia: What aspect(s) of your character do you find the most "alien"?

ChickwithGun: Wait until you hear Aeryn speak in her native tongue!

Ploppy: My 6 foot tongue.

Moderator: <lmNtal5>: to Claudia, How does it feel to play a strong female charater, and ghet to use both your brains and brawn?

ChickwithGun: Always a pleasure to play as strong 90's woman, especially one in space

Moderator: <Nighthawk>: For Anthony--how much do you find that the costume interferes with your ability to portray what D'Argo thinks or feels, since your face is "obscured"?

Ploppy: The make-up is fantastic and light which means that I control the mask nearly as much as I would my own face

Moderator: <DerrickH> to : Do you see any other shows as competition(Voyager, Crusade) or do you ignore their presence?

ChickwithGun: Farscape is a very original project, unique and therefore has no competition, I believe.

Moderator: <Chaoswar>: Were either of the actors interested in sci fi prior to farscape?

Ploppy: We don't get Crusade or Voyager here except really late at night so they don't really bother us
Ploppy: I love scifi

ChickwithGun: I loved Bladerunner T1 and T2 and I follow more SciFi films than TV

Moderator: <Mallery>: To Claudia and Anthony. Who were your idles or inspirations for acting?

Ploppy: The only scifi project i nwas involved with was Chameleon for UPN

Moderator: I'll repeat that last question:
Moderator: <Mallery>: To Claudia and Anthony. Who were your idles or inspirations for acting?

ChickwithGun: I am inspired by individual performances
ChickwithGun: rather than follow any particular actor or idle

Ploppy: Chips Rafferty, Bud tINGWELL, Lizzie from PRISONER

Moderator: <RoguePlanet> : (To Both) Any funny stories from producing the series? Flubs, practical jokes, etc?

ChickwithGun: Anthony is so damned hard to work with

Ploppy: Nothing but tears and heartache, I'm afraid

ChickwithGun: LOL

Moderator: <Vortexer>: To Claudia and Anthony: Did you actually get to meet Jim Henson ?

Ploppy: it's hard to be nice when surrounded by so many teenage boys crackin' on nto Claudia. LOL!!

ChickwithGun: um.... yes we exhumed Jim last week and said hey (no disrespect to Brian)

Moderator: UGH!!

ChickwithGun: We have met and worked with Brian, and it is always a pleasure to see him

* Moderator sniffs *
Moderator: <NorthStar>: Do you find peices of your own personalty sliping into the parts you play?

Ploppy: I find that D'Argo is a lot like I was when I was 15.

ChickwithGun: Aeryn has not been very happy and I am hoping she with lighten up to share the odd joke with me

Moderator: <Stayler>: For Claudia. Where do you see the sexual tension between Aeryn and Criton going?

ChickwithGun: Straight through to Series 6

Moderator: <Shiwaay>: For Anthony, Curiosity is killing me. Where does 'Ploppy" handle come from. Doesn't quite go with D'Argos' charachter, Mate.

Ploppy: The handle Ploppy comes from my favourite TV show Blackadder.
Ploppy: Blackadder becomes an executioner and everyone in the tower or london is called Ploppy

ChickwithGun: Stop asking Anthony all the questions .... lol
ChickwithGun: sorry Aeryn crept in then

Moderator: <Pavel>: what do you guys do in your free time

Ploppy: trash hotels together

ChickwithGun: trash hotels rooms together

Ploppy: LOL!!

ChickwithGun: tee hee

Ploppy: Claudia and I both speak French

ChickwithGun: Ahhhhhhh Room Service...
ChickwithGun: Bonjour
ChickwithGun: :)

Producer: Hang on...we have atech glitch

Ploppy: I'm also obsessed with rock videos so I spend a lot of time watching them

ChickwithGun: May be of interest to Aeryn5, have you heard of Pilates, I do it in my spare time VERY good for the back

Producer: Everybody...Send me your questions until Moderator gets back on

Ploppy: The greatest rocvk video ever made is the new Bjork clip, directed by Chris Cunningham

Producer: For Claudia: Hopefully this gets thru the flood of questions :) There has been a lot of debate on the Farscape BB as to the path Aeryn is taking into developing into 'something more'. WHere do you see her as going and where would you like to see her go?

ChickwithGun: Also RollerBlade, travel and enjoy cooking for friends
ChickwithGun: The constant struggle between strength and vulnerability is the key to Aeryn's appeal, I feel.
ChickwithGun: I hope she will experience a whole new myriad of emotions next season
ChickwithGun: DrTeeth where are you?

Producer: <Tony> to <Producer>: Great acting Mr. Simcoe and Ms. Black, kudos to you both!!! What aspect of your personality is most like the character you portray and what is least like the character you portray?

ChickwithGun: Aeryn is like me on a really bad day....lol

Ploppy: i have a short temper like D'Argo

ChickwithGun: I giggle more than Aeryn

Ploppy: i certainly don't suffer fools.
Ploppy: :-)

ChickwithGun: Aeryn is an inspiration to me because she has quite a brash, physicality

Moderator: <wolf>: Do you have fun making the shows

Producer: Okay guys -- You can send your questions to Moderator again!

Ploppy: We have a fantastic time making this show
Ploppy: We finished this series on Tuesday and right uup until the last minute we were all alughing

ChickwithGun: Thanks to the cast and fantastic crew I have a great time and will be at a great loss for such good company over the break

Ploppy: What's suprising is the amount of mucking around we get away with

Moderator: <Sparrowhwk>: Hi Claudia and Anthony. I was just wondering if either of you could give us a brief overview of what a typical day at "work" is like.

ChickwithGun: who says you get away with it Anth?
ChickwithGun: We never sleep, we just trash hotel rooms

Ploppy: My alarm wakes me at 4:20. I'm picked up at 4:45
Ploppy: I get driven to the studio where I am met by Elka and Damian who are my key make-up people

ChickwithGun: Up around 5 or 6 .... home after Pilates class around 8.30 pm
ChickwithGun: Learn lines then sleepy nigh nies

Ploppy: We get straight to work working through to breakfast at 7:30
Ploppy: We then continuew with make-up until 8:30
Ploppy: Then it is shooting. The most difficult thing with shooting D'Argo is the heat

ChickwithGun: Luxan heat delirium!!!

Producer: <MMM> To both, if you weren't acting, what do you think you would be doing for a living?

Ploppy: We usually shoot through to about 7:00
Ploppy: When the crew wraps I then go off to make-up and we take about an hour to get out - so home at about 8:00
Ploppy: Then it's rock-clips, the news, e-mails, next days lines and bed

Moderator: Bed!

ChickwithGun: In another lifetime, I would like to be fluent in five languages and travel to every country around the world, doing charity work in the third world
ChickwithGun: ....sounds like the Miss Universe final question :)

Moderator: <Count>: to both: what actors/actress would you like to guest star?

Ploppy: I also go the gym after work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
Ploppy: I want Gene Simmons from KISS
Ploppy: lol

ChickwithGun: Joseph Fiennes....roarrrrrrrrrrr

Ploppy: Joseph Fines???!!!!!!! TRAGIC
Ploppy: lol

Moderator: <mikepython>: What do you like best about a fantasy series as compared to a drama or other type of show?

ChickwithGun: I've got a better tongue than Gene Simmons

Ploppy: Ausiie actors are condemned to a carreer of playing doctors, cops ar lawyers. This is an amazing opportunity!

ChickwithGun: To be in the pure act of play as if I were a child - the opportunity to use my imagination every moment

Producer: For Anthony...On avg, how much time do you spend with the make up folks each shooting day? For Claudia...how can we find/get a copy of one of your cassette tapes?

Ploppy: To make a series where we are telling these type of epic stories is a very, very fulfilling way to spend your days

ChickwithGun: what tapes?
ChickwithGun: they promised me they only sold them to Asian countries....LOL

Moderator: <techboy-911> : to both: your characters use weapons that require some skill. Did either of you do any special trainning to use them with some realiaim?

Ploppy: Make-up for me is 2 1/2 in the mornings, 1/2 an hour at lunch and an hour at night. As well as the usual on set checks

ChickwithGun: no training for the guns....naturally agressive :)

Moderator: For latecomers -- we're chatting with FARSCAPE stars Anthony Simcoe and Claudia Black. Ploppy and ChickwithGun! Brief note about the drill -- this is a moderated conference and that means you will be submitting your questions for Anthony and Claudia to me (Moderator) as private messages.

Ploppy: We had an awsome Farscape "Paintball" day. John Eccleston was a mad man!!!! LOL

ChickwithGun: I did spend some time with a guy from the SAS

Producer: o Anthony, I think, D'Argo is my favorite character because he has the traits I admire in a person. Strength, Endurance, and an ability to be Compassionate towards others. Is that how you try to act?

Ploppy: We have a great stunt crew who help us with weapons and fights. I did weapon training at NIDA and on other films
Ploppy: I certainly wanted to show through D'Argo that everyone reacts to their own inadequacies in different ways

Moderator: <Scorpio^>: do you guys ever tire of all this publicity or is it part of the job...dont you have families you would rather be with

ChickwithGun: This is fun publicity to do because it is interactive
ChickwithGun: I'm currently living with my mother, she sees enough of me

Ploppy: D'Argo is confused as he grows and gains more responsibilities. We learn more about someone through their failures and I'm having a great time showing the chinks in D'Argo's aurmor

ChickwithGun: mental note: Must move out

Moderator: <Marauder>: To both: Do you guys get any days off during a week?? what do you do beside trashing your hotel room during time off, if any?

Ploppy: Publicity is great fun!!!! I get to talk about a job I love and a show that is AWSOME. Life couldn't be better
Ploppy: After the hotels I trash Claudia's mum's place

ChickwithGun: Days off??? I get the occasional day off, unlike our hero Mr. Ben Browder, martyr to the cause, watch videos eat lots of food, talk on the phone.....

Producer: to Anthony and Claudia, is Farscape harder than other projects you have worked on? Could you do it indefinitely? How long's your contract?

Ploppy: This is certainly th most physically damnding thing I've had to do in my life!

ChickwithGun: I would never want to play one character forever, an actor is by nature, a gypsy

Moderator: <TracicarT>: In keeping with my obsession for Farscape minutiae <grin>, do you mind if I ask when your birthdays are?

Ploppy: I love the discipline required to do this job. It makes me a happier person because I am continuingly looking for something to laugh at so as I don't think about the suit

ChickwithGun: Most of the projects I have done recently have been greuling due to extreme weather conditions on location, which I find is the most difficult aspect of the shooting schedule.

Ploppy: I recently celebrated my 30th birthday on June 7

ChickwithGun: October 11

Producer: Will either of you be attending the AussieCon World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne in September?

ChickwithGun: Anthony, my mum just called...she's not happy about the state of the house

Ploppy: I'll be getting to know Americans in September. Planning a trip to LA, New York, London, Paris, Rome and Hong Kong

Moderator: <Auriga>: Is it provoking to work with so many muppets?

ChickwithGun: Unfortunately I know nothing about Aussie Con

Ploppy: The puppeteers are fantastic. It has been a joy to work with John Eccleston - he is an extraordinary talent and a great energy on the set

ChickwithGun: hear hear

Bouncer: www.worldcon.org <---- for info on AussieCon

Ploppy: Being a part of the Henson Heritage is something that I am very proud of

ChickwithGun: thanks :)

Ploppy: I grew up with the muppets
Ploppy: I LOVE The Dark Crystal

Moderator: <Byrnstar>: Do you ever play pranks on each other, and what was the worst one? Anyone team together to get someone?

ChickwithGun: I always ask people if they were a muppet, which one would the be?
ChickwithGun: I think I am a combination of Miss Piggy, Fozzy Bear and Elmo
ChickwithGun: But I hate being tickled

Ploppy: In fact when I first went to Henson's in London for Farscape, the coolest thing that I saw were all the original skexes form The Dark Crystal

Moderator: And we have ten minutes left with FARSCAPE stars Anthony Simcoe and Claudia Black. Ploppy and ChickwithGun! Brief note about the drill -- this is a moderated conference and that means you will be submitting your questions for Anthony and Claudia to me (Moderator) as private messages.
Moderator: Moderator > <Byrnstar>: Do you ever play pranks on each other, and what was the worst one? Anyone team together to get someone?

Ploppy: We are always playing pranks or having jokes

ChickwithGun: It's a pity that Anthony Simcoe doesn't have a sense of humour

Ploppy: Ben and I turned up into a really wide shot in a forest with our pants off which was very funny
Ploppy: Not to mention sexy - girls

ChickwithGun: actually Anthony is a major reason why we get through the day, and are eager to get back to work for the following

Producer: Anthony and Claudia, what kind of projects would you be interested in AFTER (or during) Farscape?

Moderator: By the way... Anthony & Claudia, you'd make us all very happy if you stuck around with us for a few extra minutes!!! :-)

Ploppy: Claudia is the funniest chick with a gun I know - sexy with firepower

ChickwithGun: Star Wars 2 Matrix 2 give me a job!

Ploppy: I'm not leaving. I'm just getting fired up!!!!!!!!!!! Letw='s go

ChickwithGun: rrrrrrrrrrrrrowrrrrrrrrrrr, thanks Anth
ChickwithGun: not going anywhere

Ploppy: If only you could see what this fine Australian wheather has forced Claudia to wear
Ploppy: lol

Moderator: Desscribe it???
Moderator: Please!

ChickwithGun: settle boys....

Ploppy: I like layers

ChickwithGun: It's a shame that it's 4 below 0 and I look like the Michellan man

Moderator: <burnout33rd>: Do either of you worry about being typecast in the future?

ChickwithGun: I worry about being unemployed much more ... lol
ChickwithGun: I look forward to playing drastically different characters and I believe I will, one day

Ploppy: No-one even knows who I am - It's cool. Most roles I play people cannot recognise me outside the role- make-up or no make-up - it has its advantages and disadvantages

Moderator: <Solanio>: For both - favorite country outside of Australia (why? what about it?)

ChickwithGun: The greatest challenge for an actor is dexterity
ChickwithGun: I feel very at home in Europe. I like the history, as Australia is only 200 years young

Ploppy: I played a lead in a aussie film called "The Castle" and people don't even know it's me when they see me. It's kind of weird in a way
Ploppy: I guess that transformation is something that I like to explore as an actor

Producer: I have been unable to find an address to send fan mail for the show. Can you direct me?

ChickwithGun: The Castle is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. But in the version I saw...Anthony's part was played by a 6'6" dashingly hansome man

Ploppy: I must admit that I am a bit of a francophile - but I've never been to the U.S. I can't wait

ChickwithGun: When I first met Anth I quoted lines from the movie and had no idea that it was Anth's character, I was quoting....true story
ChickwithGun: He said I remembered them better than he did

Ploppy: lol claudia

Producer: To Both: If you had a chance to do a remake of an old classic movie, what would it be?

Ploppy: I would love to be in "Lawrence of Arabia" or "Metropolis"
Ploppy: As a donkey in "Lawrence of Arabia" and as a sweeper guy in "Metropolis" lol

Moderator: Claudia and Anthony -- can you stick around for some extra time with us? You'll make a lot of people very very happy!

Ploppy: I'm here! Lets go

Producer: to both: Do you ever worry that you are so busy with your schedule that you're not taking time to enjoy the time of your life? As a parent I sometimes worry about that.

Ploppy: The show is so enjoyable to make that I don't fel like I am missing out on anything

ChickwithGun: I always wanted to be Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice. Unfortuanately there has been a rash of Jane Austin novels being put up on the screen. Unfortunately I've missed the boat with Elizabeth. Would also love to be Holly Go Lightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's or a remake of almost anything Kathrine Hepburn made

Moderator: <Tiea>: Have either of you checked out the different web sites devoted to Farscape & Claudia??

Ploppy: We all take our health very seriously on this show so we are quite sensible with our stress relief
Ploppy: I've been to Space Babes

ChickwithGun: I hope one day to have a family. But there are a few things I need to achieve for myself first, otherwise I will be a pretty cranky frustrated Mum, living vicariously through her children

Ploppy: I think all the Fan sites are FANTASTIC. I love the web ring. We visit them regularly

Moderator: <Sparrowhwk>: which episode did both of you enjoy making or was just your personal favorite?

Ploppy: A good web site is hard to find and last count we had 28 of them - rock on!!!!!

ChickwithGun: Re: Web sites..THANK YOU so much for the time those of you involved have devoted to the web sites. I cannot tell you how proud I am to join the esteemed ranks of the Space Babes

Moderator: I'll repeat that last question: <Sparrowhwk>: which episode did both of you enjoy making or was just your personal favorite?

ChickwithGun: Favourite Episode: 13 Got to kiss Ben Browder Whoooohoooo!!!!! Oooooooh Baby

Ploppy: My favourite episodes are 5, 9, 16 and 21. I had the most time in ten because D'Argo went through and incredible journey

Moderator: <Rachel>: Before I go, I would like to know if there is a Fan CLub or anyplace for the fans to get in touch with you all, like ask questions or keep up to date on you?

Ploppy: Most "fun" time in 10 that should have been

ChickwithGun: Seriously, fav. ep so far was Back and Back to the Future, PK Tech Girl, and DNA

Ploppy: Hit the official site at scifi or Hensons or get on to the EXCELLENT Farscape webring
Ploppy: I thought that the

Moderator: Did you see the Fan Club question?
Moderator: Do you have one and where can people write to you?

Ploppy: Namtar animatronic was an awsome piece of work - Dave Elsy is a genius
Ploppy: Yes write to scifi

Moderator: <Alanna>: to both: this is gonna sound pretty dumb, but do either of you watch cartoons? :)

Ploppy: I use to watch Ren and Stimpy - now I watch Southpark, The Simpsons and Dr. Katz.
Ploppy: My brother and I are going to the Southpark movie on Saturday

ChickwithGun: Simpsons, South Park but I didn't like many when I was growing up, I got frustrated with the gratuitous violence

Moderator: <GrandLady>: Do you get to have creative input to the growth of the characters on farscape? Whatever you and the writers are doing works!

ChickwithGun: But Anth...I thought we were going together?
ChickwithGun: The writing dept is open to us and our contributions, but it's hard to improve on perfection...hi Dave Kemper

Ploppy: Thank you . We have an amazingly open and friendly writing department. We talk and develop ideas together. This means that a really creative solution can be found because we are working as a team
Ploppy: When you've Rockne O'Bannon and DAve Kemper at the helm you know you are going to have a crack writing team

Moderator: <mikepython>: Claudia and Anthony - What one person has had the greatest effect on your life and career?

ChickwithGun: did you just say they are on crack?

Ploppy: No way!!!!

Moderator: I'll repeat that last question --
Moderator: <mikepython>: Claudia and Anthony - What one person has had the greatest effect on your life and career?

Ploppy: I am writing a book with a director here in Australia - his name is Mark Radvan and he has had a profound impact on my work and its development

Moderator: And you guys are being SUPER to spend this extra time with us. Let me know when your fingers are tired of typing!

ChickwithGun: Mum and Dad....couldn't say just one..could I.

Ploppy: I've trained and worked with so many incredible actors that they have all taught me something

Moderator: <BRAINinaJAR>: Can you guys tell us any hints about things to come in the series?

Ploppy: I'm happy to stay. It's great talking with you folks!!!
Ploppy: I guess you already know that their is a new character coming - can't say anything else but the newie is AWSOME

ChickwithGun: Interesting developments with Aeryn and Crichton coming up. The shows are getting stronger and stronger

Moderator: <BudFrogs>: Claudia and Anthony. What is one thing you would like to have included on one of the shows?

Ploppy: We find out about the tattoos in series 2 as well as the whole "General" D'Argo story

ChickwithGun: another episode where I get to wear Dave Elsey's incredible prosthetics and appear as another character hidden under all the make up

Ploppy: I would love to have a had a steamy love scene with D'Argos girlfriend down on Sykar in ep 6. LOL

ChickwithGun: Was that Anth or D'Argo?

Ploppy: Why haggle - it can be both

Moderator: <FalconNC>: BOTH - Have you thought about a FARSCAPE movie?

ChickwithGun: Yes, with a bigger budget, the art dept will be able to realise their true dreams of the Farscape world

Ploppy: Yes we often think of the movie. Unfortunatley Ben and I only raised enough money to make it on VHS in black and white shot i the back of a motor home

ChickwithGun: If we make a movie that is....

Moderator: <agentgonzo-dw-m>: Claudia: John's boxers or briefs? <jk> "Seriously", who's a sexier scene partner: Ben or Pilot? Anthony: fess up, was DNA yours & Virginia's secret revenge on Claudia for getting to look normal?

ChickwithGun: boys...you weren't supposed to tell about that video...you promised. Can you see my face in it ??

Moderator: We're talking with FARSCAPE stars Anthony Simcoe and Claudia Black. Ploppy and ChickwithGun! Brief note about the drill -- this is a moderated conference and that means you will be submitting your questions for Anthony and Claudia to me (Moderator) as private messages.

Ploppy: Claudias thinking about doing some other "projects" to raise some more money

ChickwithGun: Anth...you are an SOB

Ploppy: lol
Ploppy: Claudia handled her make-up ordeal in ep 9 with professionalism and good humour - top effort!!

ChickwithGun: bless

Moderator: <ilana>: I must ask you both, do you have any tatoos, piercings, anything like that? What is the wildest thing you've ever done?

ChickwithGun: There was a big wooo har on the bboard about the Calvins in the Delvian ep...two words you guys....commerce planet
ChickwithGun: I personally like to wear Calvin BVD's that was the inspiration for the scene in the ep.

Ploppy: I used to have my ear pierced - tattoos become difficult in this profession. I love them so it's great to have such rad tats on D'Argo

ChickwithGun: Ben wanted to go Commando...wrong time slot

Ploppy: I can vouch that Claudia does where Calvins

Moderator: <BRAINinaJAR>: Are you guys constantly impressed with the sets and other accoutrements of the series? The whole art design concept of Moya and the Farscape universe just seems so overwhelming. Your thoughts?

Ploppy: Ricky Eyers. What a legend - It was great to get him after his successes with Private Ryan And Star Wars - Phantom Menace
Ploppy: I love my shilquin too. Hilarious and kind of cool at the same time

Moderator: <Cassiel>: Would both of you consider doing Voice overs for a Farscape game or other voice work?

ChickwithGun: Ricky Eyres is an extraordinary designer, it is a miracle we have him working on the show. Hey to Jules also! This amazing team is a major reason why the show is so extraordinary
ChickwithGun: I'd love to do voice work...sign me up

Ploppy: We would LOVE there to be a Farscape game. I'm a mad computer game freak - playing a lot of Rogue Squadron at the moment

Moderator: <sunaeryn>: Claudia, does Anthony sing?

ChickwithGun: Only in his sleep
ChickwithGun: ......so I'm told

Moderator: <foxglove>: To both- When will we get to see action figures?????????

Ploppy: I'm going to buy a Les Paul next week. I play guitar to relax

ChickwithGun: Hopefully in time for Christmas?

Ploppy: I've heard that they could be here before xmas. It's only a rumour though

Moderator: <Claudia>: For Claudia, What's it like kissing Ben Bowder? (wink,wink)

ChickwithGun: Ooohh Baby Ooooh Baby

Ploppy: I concur

ChickwithGun: he even brushes his teeth first

Ploppy: lol

Moderator: Last question for the evening --
Moderator: BudFrogs>: Claudia and Anthony. Do either of you have any pets? Claudia can I be yours? :)
Moderator: Ben Browder doesn't count, Claudia.

ChickwithGun: What do you look like in a collar?

Moderator: Hey -- Anthony, Claudia -- you were great!!!

Ploppy: I have three roos and two crocs in my back billabong but apart from that nothing

ChickwithGun: I used to have a cat called fluffy......sorry named her when I was one. She was really cool, quite like Aeryn tough, cranky and didn't like to be touched
ChickwithGun: lol

Moderator: Many people are writing me right now to say they look GREAT in collars so you can have yr pick@!
Moderator: They LOVE you

Ploppy: lol Australians you are so quaint

Moderator: THANK YOU so much for joining us here tonight

ChickwithGun: Please send 4 x 6 photos of you in collars to SciFi Channel :)

Ploppy: You may send yours to me with or without collars - i'm not fussy

Moderator: Everyone is writing and asking me to tell you how much they love you both and the show -- and to thank you for coming online!
Moderator: Thanks so much --

ChickwithGun: It's been a pleasure, I hope you don't mind the crass humour.... very Australian.

Moderator: And thanks to everyone in the audience as well --

ChickwithGun: !!!!

Moderator: YOU WERE GREAT!!!

Ploppy: Thanks for coming. It's so great to chat. Believe me this show is getting better and better - so hold on to your hats the ride is going to be long, exciting worth the trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ChickwithGun: I'm sorry if we didn't get to answer all the questions, I'd lilke to do this another time.

Ploppy: bye

Moderator: If yr question did not get asked it's because there were something like 10,000 questions asked during this chat and that's a LOT.
Moderator: But we really appreciate you taking the time to spend with us

ChickwithGun: To those of you who post on the bboard - what a fantastic community!!

Moderator: And YES there will be a transcript posted!

Ploppy: Hi Jane, Dave, Ron Traci John and Cat

Moderator: Very soon

ChickwithGun: Thanks Moderator for handling an insane amount of questions

Moderator: In the chat area.

Ploppy: Thaks moderators.

Moderator: Thanks GunChick!

Ploppy: Thank you linesman thank you ball boys

Moderator: And Ploppy!
Moderator: Okay!

Bouncer: Claudia, please ask Fiona to arrange for some photos of you in your Calvins for the next website update... ;)

Moderator: Hang on for one minute wonderful audience...

ChickwithGun: Thanks to Vash and Joan ...of course ploppy as well

Moderator: We're gonna go UNmoderated...