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Chat: David Franklin

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Chat: David Franklin

Subject(s): David Franklin, Farscape Actor
Dated: June 21, 2002
Source: SciFi.com


KarlSCIFI: Good evening Scapers. Or should I say morning? Welcome to the SCIFI.COM chat. I'm KarlSCIFI and I'll be your host for tonight's festivies. Tonight we are chatting with David Franklin who plays the cunning Captain Braca on the SCI FI FRIDAY hit series Farscape.
KarlSCIFI: For years Lt. Braca served Scorpius well. But Braca was biding his time, waiting for the right situation to further his career and gather power for himself. In the two-part Farscape episode "What Was Lost," Braca used recent events to get himself promoted to captain and win favor with the wicked Commandant Grayza.
KarlSCIFI: To help Capt. Braca celebrate his promotion and to highlight this great character's increasing importance, SCIFI.COM is proud to have actor David Franklin as our SCIFI.COM chat guest. Ask him about recent events, how he would like Braca to develop, and anything else you want to know!
KarlSCIFI: David, do you have any words of greeting for the crowd?

DavidFranklin: Hey
DavidFranklin: Delighted to be here this evening
DavidFranklin: (morning)
DavidFranklin: (afternoon, actually, where I am)

ChatQ: *BrutusFan* David - In When Fates Collide on Xena, was your part bigger and then lines were stolen by pesky Joxer?

DavidFranklin: lol
DavidFranklin: That pesky Joxer!
DavidFranklin: He takes ALL the good lines!
DavidFranklin: I just ended up brooding

ChatQ: *dascape1* What do you see yourself doing in 10 years time? still acting or something else?

DavidFranklin: You have so much control over an acting career... NOT
DavidFranklin: I'd like to move into producting
DavidFranklin: where you have equally as much control
DavidFranklin: not.
DavidFranklin: I'm a glutton for punishment.

KarlSCIFI: <ChatQ> David Franklin: has there been a favorite episode of yours from the time you have worked on Farscape?

DavidFranklin: I kind of enjoyed the first ep of this season
DavidFranklin: But it evidently got lost for time
DavidFranklin: So get the dvd!
DavidFranklin: oops

KarlSCIFI: <ChatQ> Hi Mr. Franklin, thanks for chatting with us! I've really enjoyed watching the evolution of Braca. Is it hard to develop a character when you have such sporadic screen time? What do you have to do to keep Braca both consistent and evolving...watch previous episodes?

DavidFranklin: Tell me about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DavidFranklin: The joys of being in the B story lines!
DavidFranklin: I actually just imagine it's a story about Captain Braca.
DavidFranklin: Who is so imposing that he doesn't need as much screen time
DavidFranklin: as the other, minor characters
DavidFranklin: such as Crichton and Aeryn.

KarlSCIFI: <ChatQ> Welcome David... great to have you here. So did Braca enjoy having Scorpius on a short leash? And is Wayne going to get you back for that "indignity"?

DavidFranklin: The shorter the leash with Scorpius, the better.
DavidFranklin: I think I still owe him big time.
DavidFranklin: He spat all over me!
DavidFranklin: The number of indignities I've had to suffer...
DavidFranklin: I don't think we'll ever be even.

KarlSCIFI: <ChatQ> Was it viewer comparisons that alerted you to the Scorpius & Braca similarities with The Simpsons' Mr. Burns & his assistant Smithers?

DavidFranklin: I actually remember joking about that to Angus, our ADR wizard
DavidFranklin: I think he may have mentioned it to Ben
DavidFranklin: Or it may just have been synchronicity
DavidFranklin: That's the way I remember it
DavidFranklin: I love Simpsons, by the way
DavidFranklin: can watch it again and again and again
DavidFranklin: You know you've really made it when you're a guest character on the Simpsons

KarlSCIFI: Hey everyone -- Just wanted to let you know. We are having some odd tech. problem where the irc client we are using...
KarlSCIFI: does funny things when we include your nicknames
KarlSCIFI: that is why we are leaving them out.
KarlSCIFI: sorry about that
KarlSCIFI: <KarlSCIFI> <ChatQ> So how does it feel to be *Capt* Braca? And how far do you think being the "yes" man will take you in the PK command chain?

DavidFranklin: The title sits very well on my broad shoulders.
DavidFranklin: But there's always still room for further advancement.
DavidFranklin: I'm Captain now! I'm nobody's yes-man!
DavidFranklin: Well, except maybe Grayza's.

KarlSCIFI: <ChatQ> So *Capt* Braca, is it more enjoyable saying yes to a woman (Grayza) or a man (Scorpius)?

DavidFranklin: ooh...
DavidFranklin: They each have their own "je ne sais quoi"
DavidFranklin: zzz

KarlSCIFI: *Dabee* Hey ((((David)))) Welcome, hon! Thanks so much for chatting with us tonight! It has been so much fun watching Bracca come into his own.....will we be seeing a lot of him this season? And, will we see any jealousy about Commandant Clevege messing around with John?
KarlSCIFI: <KarlSCIFI> "Will Braca's first name be revealed this season?"
KarlSCIFI: sorry for the two for one question

DavidFranklin: Thank you so much
DavidFranklin: We'd talked about the jealousy thing for ep 3
DavidFranklin: and decided I was jealous indeed
DavidFranklin: How come HE gets to be tied up and be her sex slave?
DavidFranklin: As to if you'll see a lot of Braca this season...
DavidFranklin: Ask the frelling writers!!!!!
DavidFranklin: Re Braca's first name...
DavidFranklin: Maybe we should have a competition!
DavidFranklin: What do you think of "Nigel"?

KarlSCIFI: <ChatQ> g'day from the FARSCAPE Aussie Mafia! Because you are such a happy, smiling person normally, is keeping a straight face as Braca an ordeal, or is obsequiousness second nature to you now?

DavidFranklin: g'day, guys!!!!!!
DavidFranklin: I'm not quite sure how to take that...
DavidFranklin: hmm...
DavidFranklin: It's called ACTING, dammit!
DavidFranklin: oh, and hi to all the TaScape folks

KarlSCIFI: <ChatQ> how do you think your theater background helps you with this part and do you think its an increasing trend with most sci-fi series

DavidFranklin: I just got the tape but haven't had a chance to look at it yet
DavidFranklin: Any kind of training helps an actor
DavidFranklin: This is my first journey into deep space
DavidFranklin: So I'm not really aware of any trends
DavidFranklin: But I'm more than happy to start one!

KarlSCIFI: I've heard rumors that sometimes the Farscape set is overrun with practical jokers - could you tell us about the funniest practical joke you have witnessed on the set?

DavidFranklin: hmmm....
DavidFranklin: I can't think of anything...
DavidFranklin: at least, nothing that's out of litigation...
DavidFranklin: hmmm...
DavidFranklin: We did a flashback to when I was a lowly Lt.
DavidFranklin: And discovered that my old outfit had shrunk terribly.
DavidFranklin: People laughed at me.
DavidFranklin: I looked like a sausage.
DavidFranklin: They had to redo the belt.
DavidFranklin: Three weeks more and I'll be hunky again.

KarlSCIFI: Would braca perhaps think of warning Grayza that the last two insane military commanders that were obsessed with Crichton lost their commands?

DavidFranklin: Why?
DavidFranklin: If she goes, who's next in line?
DavidFranklin: Think about that!
DavidFranklin: I'd strongly advise all Peacekeepers never to go on a mission with me.
DavidFranklin: considering the survival rate.
DavidFranklin: it's negligible.
DavidFranklin: PKs do make good shields.

KarlSCIFI: So then, I this question should be next...
KarlSCIFI: hat do you think of Braca's relationship with Grayza? Is Braca just biding his time, like he did with Scorpius?

DavidFranklin: That'd be telling.
DavidFranklin: But they do say you can judge people by their past actions.

KarlSCIFI: Do you find yourself using Farscape swearwords on a regular basis like Frell and Dren??

DavidFranklin: What the hezmana are you talking about?

KarlSCIFI: Was anyone your model for this role. I feel that you have made this character real with very little actual screen time.

DavidFranklin: Why, thank you.
DavidFranklin: model...
DavidFranklin: I keep thinking about that guy in Galaxy Quest...
DavidFranklin: Alan Rickman
DavidFranklin: He's got that jaded evil thing going on
DavidFranklin: (Not that Braca thinks he's evil...)

KarlSCIFI: OK -- I really want to know the answer to this next one..
KarlSCIFI: Can you talk with the writers and get them to include '1812' in future episodes?? That DRD has already gotten a cult following!! Second to you of course...

DavidFranklin: smooth...
DavidFranklin: got yourself out of that one nicely...
DavidFranklin: Leave it with me.
DavidFranklin: Me and the writers are like that.
DavidFranklin: (anybody know the names of the writers?)

KarlSCIFI: With regards to the writing and stories, do you have a say in anything Braca says or does?

DavidFranklin: mmm...
DavidFranklin: mmm...
DavidFranklin: I'd have to check with the writers and get back to you
DavidFranklin: I don't have my script for that question yet

KarlSCIFI: Hello DavidFranklin, great job as Braca btw... I was wondering if you would like to see any permanent changes made to your characters personality, now that he is a Big Bad Mamajamma Captain?

DavidFranklin: "Mamajamma"?
DavidFranklin: Hey, maybe that's my first name!
DavidFranklin: What, you think Braca's personality needs changing?
DavidFranklin: How'd you like to be a Prowler pilot...
DavidFranklin: ...on the next wormhole test flight?

KarlSCIFI: Well -- I am sure Scorpy thinks Braca's personality needs changing.
KarlSCIFI: Hi David! I love Braca's character! The Scorpius charac. has quite an interesting backstory, are we going to see something about Braca's backstory? What would you like to see in it?

DavidFranklin: hmm...
DavidFranklin: There can never be enough Braca.
DavidFranklin: COuld be a three part episode.
DavidFranklin: (thinking...)
DavidFranklin: Maybe it's an After Dark Special.
DavidFranklin: Me and some PK Nurses.

KarlSCIFI: Maybe he could be a poor moisture farmer on a remote desert planet who meets a hermit...uh...no wait...i guess that's been done.

DavidFranklin: Come to think of it, where are MY PK nurses?

KarlSCIFI: 'Ning, Mr. Franklin. As said before, thanks for chatting with us. I was wondering what's been your favorite character or show to work on at any point in your career? And how does Farscape/Braca measure up?

DavidFranklin: hmm, I do 'em and forget 'em...
DavidFranklin: An Australian film called "Shame"
DavidFranklin: which is about a rape in a small country town
DavidFranklin: and the consequences of it...
DavidFranklin: I did a musical called "Are You Lonesome Tonight" and I played Elvis
DavidFranklin: which was a real change of pace...
DavidFranklin: They're galaxies apart from Farscape, though.

KarlSCIFI: With the great sense of humor that Farscape has, would you ever think of doing a "Farscape: the musical" episode?

DavidFranklin: Sign me up, I'm there!
DavidFranklin: I'm surprised it hasn't been done already.

KarlSCIFI: Howdy from Northern Virginia! Any word if you are gonna be put into the opening credits?!?! Your the bestest on Farscape by the way! :)

DavidFranklin: Plainly you're a person of taste and discernment.
DavidFranklin: I'm pushing to rename the show "Captain Braca's Farscape."
DavidFranklin: A much more descriptive title.

KarlSCIFI: Do Do you enjoy playing villains more than good guys? When Hollywood wakes up and offers you big bucks to be in an action film, would you rather be the hero or the villain?

DavidFranklin: I've never played any villains, so how would I know?
DavidFranklin: The so-called "villain" is much more interesting usually.

KarlSCIFI: Do you remember the Farscape end of season two chat when you were hesitate about joining in because you weren't sure if people would know who you were? Did you ever think you'd be having your own chat?

DavidFranklin: yes, yes, yes, I remember really really clearly
DavidFranklin: Now they can't get me out of here
DavidFranklin: I'm having fun, big time
DavidFranklin: I remember that chat, up in the writer's room

KarlSCIFI: Not that we want you to leave, David!

DavidFranklin: David and Ricky were trying to drag me over to a computer
DavidFranklin: and I kept saying "no one will know who I am"
DavidFranklin: There's no way they could get me on a keyboard then
DavidFranklin: I've reconsidered.
DavidFranklin: and have learned to touch type.

KarlSCIFI: Did the behavior of the Imperial middlemen in Star Wars affect your performance as Braca?

DavidFranklin: A big fat emphatic no!
DavidFranklin: Could be the other way around!

KarlSCIFI: David, Grayza and Scorpius have their own agendas, but Braca is the guy who's only 'following orders'. Do you think that his role sends an important message about the nature of evil?
KarlSCIFI: Just to make you think
KarlSCIFI: this late into the game

DavidFranklin: uhhhh...
DavidFranklin: Who says Braca doesn't have an agenda?
DavidFranklin: Looks can be very deceiving
DavidFranklin: you always have to watch the quiet ones
DavidFranklin: because when you have a society like the PKs that's based on oppression
DavidFranklin: then "evil" is gonna be a frequent occurrence
DavidFranklin: and a means of survival.

KarlSCIFI: OK now. We are winding down. I have to last questions and then David is going to enjoy his day. What is it, one day off a week or something? ;-)
KarlSCIFI: Although no one wants to see your character die, if the time did come eventually, how would you like to see Braca go out?

DavidFranklin: no, the actors get two days off a week
DavidFranklin: we're very civilized down under.

KarlSCIFI: and you have holiday and we vacation
KarlSCIFI: holiday sounds much more excikting

DavidFranklin: I'm too stressed to respond to the question about dying
DavidFranklin: Death is not an option

KarlSCIFI: All right
KarlSCIFI: this last question
KarlSCIFI: is *very*
KarlSCIFI: serious
KarlSCIFI: very important to the show Farscape
KarlSCIFI: and captain braca
KarlSCIFI: ready?

DavidFranklin: yes
DavidFranklin: with bated breath

KarlSCIFI: ...wait for it...

DavidFranklin: (gotta brush my teeth)

KarlSCIFI: Boxers or briefs?

DavidFranklin: ah!
DavidFranklin: when I was a Lieutenant
DavidFranklin: in that pesky skin tight outfit...
DavidFranklin: I had to dress to the left or the right, there was no option.
DavidFranklin: But now as a Captain
DavidFranklin: I'm free and easy.

KarlSCIFI: Well - I had to ask the question. Ancient Farscape tradition. :-)
KarlSCIFI: David, thanks for chatting tonight.

DavidFranklin: You are so welcome.
DavidFranklin: It's nice to finally chat with you all

KarlSCIFI: It was a great chat and everyone seemed to have a great time. I hope you did too. Please join us again soon and keep up the good work with Braca!

DavidFranklin: thank you!
DavidFranklin: to infinity and beyond!

KarlSCIFI: Thank you for coming everyone and goodnight. Don't forget to watch Farscape and Stargate SG-1 part of the all-new SCI FI FRIDAYS!
KarlSCIFI: Now David, go out and have some fun!
KarlSCIFI: I'm opening the room now

DavidFranklin: is that an order?
DavidFranklin: Hang on, I'm a Captain!