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Chat: Richard Manning

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(transcribed by Snurcher's Guide staff)

Chat: Richard Manning

Subject(s): Richard Manning, Farscape Writer/Producer
Dated: May 02, 2001
Source: Lycos


Ricky_Manning: Hello Scapers!! Hello PKOL's!!
Ricky_Manning: The FarScape death toll is up [wink]
Ricky_Manning: Nah just kidding
Ricky_Manning: We havent killed off a character in {?}

kelley102673: hey ricky.. it's "red" from #farscape... just a quick question... how's it coming with the added responsibilities of executive producer this season?

Ricky_Manning: It's going fine. It has not been easy dealing with twice the number of groupies. But I am trying not to let the side down.
Ricky_Manning: The title basically just means, that they like me (I guess)
Ricky_Manning: And a slightly better parking space.

dragon43231: question here is zhan coming back or is she gone for good

Ricky_Manning: You dont really want to know.
Ricky_Manning: and even if you did, do you think I could or would tell you?

rainier123: So if you are on the set right now does that mean you are in costume or do you get to hang around all normal for awhile

Ricky_Manning: I think you are confusing me with an actor.
Ricky_Manning: (And I have never been so insulted in my life)
Ricky_Manning: Oddly enough, I am sitting in my office at the studio, but the crew is away on location.
Ricky_Manning: So there are no cast members here for me to annoy, or vice versa.

slade95816: When the series was created, was there ever a long-term masterplan for plot development and character arcs? If so, how flexible is it?

Ricky_Manning: It's pretty flexible. Rockne (the great one) and David (the other great one) have a very very general arc in mind.
Ricky_Manning: They haven't even told me what all of it is.
Ricky_Manning: (So perhaps they are lying to me)
Ricky_Manning: So there is a plan in mind but it is not overly constraining.

gatan_oz: For a show featuring australian Actors, and i believe is produced in australia why do you think there is so little australian network support for the show? we have had only first season shown rather sporadicly.

Ricky_Manning: I absolutely sympathize. And I wish I had an answer for you but sometimes the way of networks are beyond the comprehension of us mere mortals.
Ricky_Manning: All I can suggest is that you keep making your feelings known to the Nine Network.

Blue-Adept: Is there anything you'd do different if starting Farscape from the beginning

Ricky_Manning: Actually, I cant think of anything.
Ricky_Manning: Like all shows, it took us a little while to find a path that works best for us.
Ricky_Manning: I guess perhaps we could have found it quicker. On the other hand some shows never do find it so all in all I have to say there isnt a whole lot I have to change.
Ricky_Manning: Except I wish we would have found Justin Monjo sooner.
Ricky_Manning: You will get an interesting glimpse into more than one peacekeeper's histories in the episodes to come.

Xenajules2: Ricky, Anth told us last night that season 3's ep #13 was the "funniest ever". Do you agree?

Ricky_Manning: Funnier than episode 306??? Hmmm I would have to get back to you on that one.

MichaelSteele: Why oh why did you take Zhan and not that goober, Stark?

Ricky_Manning: Me?
Ricky_Manning: That would be a good question to ask Mr. Kemper.

Lymebt: Boogity, Froon! Here's a question... I haven't watched the news yet tonite, so I dunno if the WGA strike is on or not... but if it is, what will you be doing, since you can't write any?

Ricky_Manning: I'm going to disneyland!!!!
Ricky_Manning: Ok no I wont. We still have scripts on hand that have yet to be filmed so I will continue producing even though I wont be writing.
[brief connection glitch]
Ricky_Manning: We still have scripts written but not shot so will continue to produce, but not write.
Ricky_Manning: However, the last I heard was that talks were still going on.
Ricky_Manning: So its still possible that there might not be a strike.

idiclady: Are you and TPTB pleased with fan reaction to season 3 so far?

Ricky_Manning: Fan reaction?
Ricky_Manning: We're very happy that we dont seem to be boring very many watchers.

ScapeDabee: Hey (((Ricky)))..it is me, Dabee.....what is something that you have written and is coming up that you want us to particularly watch for....if you can tell us without giving anything away..... :)

Ricky_Manning: Hi Dabee!
Ricky_Manning: I will just tell you this, I have a sweet little story coming up you could call it a warm family drama.
Ricky_Manning: And I'm sure you will find it just as gentle and soothing as my other script.

Fortescue: Is there going to be more of a marketing program and advertising done in US? Also, are there any movies in future planning?

Ricky_Manning: To the first part, I certainly hope so! But thats out of our hands.
Ricky_Manning: Well except for this part; if you like the show help us out! Spread the word!
Ricky_Manning: Convert the hethan.
Ricky_Manning: Raise the ratings
Ricky_Manning: Keep FarScape on until the end of television!!
Ricky_Manning: As for the second part; I know there's been talk of a movie but as far as I know nothing specific yet.

vacush: Hey Froonster! Will we ever learn how the war between the PK's and the Scarrans began? Or perhaps a little history between the 2?

Ricky_Manning: As I said earlier, You'll probably get a little glimpse. The Scarrans haven't gone away.

RhayleRihannsu: Are you going to be at the Farscape Con 2002 in Burbanks this year?

Ricky_Manning: I'm planning to be at this point. I bought some new Mambo shirts.
Ricky_Manning: And Cheryl has a better lense on her camera. so I think we are all set.
Ricky_Manning: Hope to see everybody in Burbank.

[Moderator thanks him for coming, various scapers express appreciation]

Ricky_Manning: Thanks for listening to me blabber. Round of applause for Missy who is deperately trying to type as I dictate over the phone (because they wouldn't let me type)
Ricky_Manning: Everyone keep enjoying the show. Despite the pain suffering and horror because don't forget things are always darkest just before they go completely black.
Ricky_Manning: Wish I could stay longer (Kierhan and Nate) but the office beckons.
Ricky_Manning: Take care!