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Chat: Anthony Simcoe

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(transcribed by Snurcher's Guide staff)

Chat: Anthony Simcoe

Subject(s): Anthony Simcoe, Farscape Actor
Dated: May 01, 2001
Source: Lycos


Lymebt: Here's my question... What aspect of D'Argo's character did/do you want the writers to explore more?

Anthony_Simcoe: I want them to make him crazier and more hateful. I ahte when the show gets happy families.
Anthony_Simcoe: So I want him to become prickly, absurd and unpredictable.

Ka_Leo: what can you tell us about the death of Zhaan?

Anthony_Simcoe: All I can say is that she is dead.

shangrila222: Anthony, welcome! Any chance you'll be coming to the States for any conventions this summer?

Anthony_Simcoe: Yes, might be at comic con in July but I'm still not sure if I can make the Farscape one cause it clashes with some other jobs.
Anthony_Simcoe: I want to go because I still haven't gotten to go to Magic Mountain. I still haven't gotten to ride the coasters!

idiclady: Will you ask Anthony if any of the actors/writers/producers read the bb at scifi anymore, and if they have any reactions to the posting going on

Anthony_Simcoe: I read the Sci-fi bb once a week. And I think lots of the comments are real interesting.
Anthony_Simcoe: Lots I agree with and lots I disagree with but thats what a BB is all about.
Anthony_Simcoe: But I dont see too many posts about D'Argo. [smile]
Anthony_Simcoe: However, I read the BB at Anthony simcoe.com every day.

vacush: Has Tammy MacIntosh adjusted to the show? And can you add any info on Jool?

Anthony_Simcoe: Tammy and I used to share a flat together about 5 years ago so it is wonderful to have her joining our family.
Anthony_Simcoe: And she is settling in wonderfuly and is a real asset to the cast.
Anthony_Simcoe: Jool remains as prickly as ever, which I think is real fantastic.

ChianaGray: What are D'argoes tendons and what are they called? Awesome character, do you enjoy playing D'argo?

Anthony_Simcoe: The tentacles are called tenkas, and playing D'Argo is the greatest fun I have ever had in my life
Anthony_Simcoe: Not only cause of the character but because of the wonderful people we have on the set.
Anthony_Simcoe: And everyday is an adventure!

Eron_inui: anthony how long does it take you to get all your make up on i know that the cardasians from startrek for example take like three hours atleast

Anthony_Simcoe: I used to take 4 1/2 hours I have now got it down to 1 40 minutes
Anthony_Simcoe: I take the top of my head and my costume off after every take so I spend the whole day walking around in boxer shorts.
Anthony_Simcoe: Dignity dignity dignity!
Anthony_Simcoe: I have legs only a mother could love [wink]

The_Vagrant: Is D'Argo an extension of your own personality or is he an intriguingly new character for you?

Anthony_Simcoe: D'Argo is a completely new character for me.
Anthony_Simcoe: I'm most interested in characters that completely transform away from the character of the actor.
Anthony_Simcoe: I love not being recognized from one role to the next.

Ka_Leo: Anthony, can you tell us how far along you are in filming season 3 and why Sci Fi is taking over a month for new episodes?

Anthony_Simcoe: A unit starts episode 15 tomorrow. And I am finishing off episode 13 on B unit.
Anthony_Simcoe: Because Sci-Fi started showing season 3, not long after we started, you now have to wait for our post production team to catch up before we can show any more episodes.
Anthony_Simcoe: I think they are up to 9 so we need to wait for a bit backlog.

ImaginaryHarvey: How do you think D'Argo should react if Jothee ever returns

Anthony_Simcoe: Completely unpredictably [wink]
Anthony_Simcoe: Whats more interesting is what will happen if Macton ever shows his head.

Xenajules2: How is your new costume working out this season? Is it any easier to move around in?

Anthony_Simcoe: Yes, my new costume is working out very well.
Anthony_Simcoe: It's slightly hotter than my season 2 costume.
Anthony_Simcoe: But easier to get on and off. So because I only wear it in between takes, I am a lot happier with it this season.

Pyrite_tackyfringe: what is it like with 2 crightons?? double the fun. ;)?

Anthony_Simcoe: No half the fun! Only because of structure that the season takes on...I can't give anything away more then that.

vacush: In the commentary for TFAL, Ben and Claudia mentioned you got chems in your eyes. Have there been any long term effects?

Anthony_Simcoe: No, I have had 2 major disasters on Farscape.
Anthony_Simcoe: One was the chemical in my eyes, and 2 was I was rushed to the hospital during shooting of season 2.
Anthony_Simcoe: The heat combined with the irregular breathing patterns of Chianna caused me to have an attack.

ScribLL: Matt Newton did such a wonderful job of mimicking the Luxan 'accent', the cadence and inflections were spot on. Did you work with him on that?

Anthony_Simcoe: Very definitely. It was the only thing that I wanted Matt to replicate all the other aspects of his character was in his capable hands.

AurianFS: Will D'Argo and Chiana ever rekindle their love affair the way the were before? Or do you think he will continue to shun what they once had?...By the Way I really like the new costume...its a great improvement.

Anthony_Simcoe: D'Argo and Chiana are sluts so who knows what is going to happen.
Anthony_Simcoe: Gotta be in it to win. [wink]

Ka_Leo: The show has taken a very dark turn this season, I know you cant give any specific plot points away, but is the show going to continue on this dark road, or take a turn for some lighter episodes?

Anthony_Simcoe: Episode 13 is the funniest episode of Farscape we have made yet. So there are moments of light!
Anthony_Simcoe: However, we are very happy with the dark road this season is taking.
Anthony_Simcoe: We much rather create a world of chaos then of order.
Anthony_Simcoe: Simply becuase it's more interesting and more daring dramatically.

cyradis69: Anthony, I love your site! Any chance we get season 2 photos soon? :)

Anthony_Simcoe: Unfortunately not.
Anthony_Simcoe: I will let you guess why.
Anthony_Simcoe: Maybe I can put up photos up out of Farscape. Would you like that? [numerous chatters respond enthusiastically]
Anthony_Simcoe: If you have any suggestions, then please e-mail the webmasters at the web site! We would love to hear from you!