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Chat: Wayne Pygram

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Chat: Wayne Pygram

Subject(s): Wayne Pygram
Dated: September 21, 2000
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: Hello Mr. Pygram. It's nice to have you here for tonights chat. We have a big room filled with eager fans who want to ask you many, many questions. Let's get started.
Moderator: But first, Mr. Pygram, do you have any opening words for our on-line chatters tonight?

WaynePygram: Hi guys, it's nice to be here....it's been four weeks since the Con. and I'm due for a bit more inflation
WaynePygram: fire away

Moderator: <EOTU> to <Moderator>: Wayne, how uncomfortable or comfortable is the Scorpius outfit?

WaynePygram: The suits only uncomfortable when I get hot, which is most days. But between takes and scenes we are able to disrobe and cool down
WaynePygram: Terry Ryan my costume designer will be making some subtle changes to increase the suits capacity to breathe
WaynePygram: The leather and vinyl were not meant to play together

Moderator: <Elflore> to <Moderator>: Hey Wayne! I've heard that, like the ersatz Scorpy in "Won't Get Fooled Again", you're a drummer...is this true? And will we be seeing an album from your band anytime soon?

WaynePygram: Yes, I'm a drummer and I've played professionally for twenty years. I have two projects going at the moment one is a Techno show called Kix, who work mainly with clients eg Heiniken Beer throughout the night clubs of asia and I also have a rock band in Sydney called Hawce.
WaynePygram: Hopefully we will be recording before Christmas and I'm responsible for writing four of the songs

Moderator: <McClendon> to <Moderator>: Wayne, when you were first asked to do FarScape, what were your first thoughts? Were you apprehensive? Etc...

WaynePygram: SciFi being an unknown ingredient for Aus. actors, I was very curious and having been given little information about Scorpius it was really a blank canvas to play on and not having a huge interest in SciFi it basically gave me a lot of freedom to invest in whatever came to my imagination.
WaynePygram: The only time I'm ever aprehensive in auditions is when the shoes are not meant for me but as soon as I received my pages for screen test for Scorpius I felt a certain affinity to the character.
WaynePygram: My only worry was how far to go with his Alieness

Moderator: <NecroDaemon> to <Moderator>: Wayne, you play evil so well. How do you compare to Scorpy in real life?

WaynePygram: I have my moments, but I try and contain my rage and venom to take out on the unsuspecting extras on Farscape

Moderator: <MissyKat> to <Moderator>: Wayne, just in case you haven't gotten the idea yet... Scorpius' leather pants are very sexy - especially on you... Any plans for Scorpius to take advantage of his yet-to-be exploited sexual supremacy in the Uncharted Terriories?

WaynePygram: Yes, you are right, I'm a higher being and as such I do not have to exert myself in this world to attract attention, but I must say wearing leather does not help one remain inconspicuous.
WaynePygram: Hi MissyKat, checked out your web page....thanks very much
WaynePygram: more research needed ;) happy hunting!!
WaynePygram: The Truth is Out There

Moderator: <FrooniumRicky> to <Moderator>: Wayne! (Not that we'll necessarily Listen, but:) What would you MOST like your character to do in Season 3... and also LEAST?

WaynePygram: Hi Richard! Nice to hear from you, hope all is well.
WaynePygram: Everything is signed sealed and yet to be delivered
WaynePygram: see you soon
WaynePygram: Mostly I would like to reveal something more of Scorpius in his domestic world
WaynePygram: I think it's interesting to reveal aspects of Scorpius to the audience before they are revealed to the others of this world (i.e. my coolant rod).
WaynePygram: I think it is important that we discover more about Scorpius' history, family and how he has risen to the position he has amongst the Peace Keepers
WaynePygram: now least......
WaynePygram: I do not wish to give the command "John Crichton seize him
WaynePygram: .... alive!

Moderator: <MissyKat> to <Moderator>: Wayne, in your fandom.com interview you said that Scorpius has been liberating for you both professionally and personally - would you mind elaborating on the personal part?

WaynePygram: It's been reassuring to discover that I should always trust my instincts. I honestly did not expect to get the role of Scorpius even though my instincts told me at the time that I did a very good test. But I honestly thought I did too much.
WaynePygram: Made him too idiosyncratic
WaynePygram: but as we know it all worked out forthe best and it has given me a lot more confidence to go with my gut feelings both at work and with my personal life

Moderator: <EOTU> to <Moderator>: Wayne, how uncomfortable or comfortable is the Scorpius outfit?\

WaynePygram: not as uncomfortable as answering the same question..... a second time ;)
WaynePygram: my patience is wayning.....you will be punished
WaynePygram: ga?

Moderator: Here comes another. There are so many questions...
Moderator: <Randomkill> to <Moderator>: How does it feel to become such an important character on the show. Were you expecting to become so popular a villian?

WaynePygram: When I joined Farscape my mission was to make Scorpius irresistable, he was initially only meant to appear in four episodes but my attitude was that I'm going to make this cake so good they will want more.
WaynePygram: Every show needs a villian to drive the drama and I can safely say from an actor's perspective it is one of the more satisfying roles to have.
WaynePygram: It has been a great relief to realise that Wayne and Scorpius has a life in Farscape and I look forward to exploring the future.
WaynePygram: ...and don't we all want to be a villian?

Moderator: <Pricore> to <Moderator>: Wayne, I was unable to go to the ScaperCon, how did you feel about the Con, did you enjoy it?

WaynePygram: I had a wonderful time! Too much love....although I'm just about due for another installment. It was great to realise that people care so much about the show and are genuinely interested in our efforts in producing Farscape. I think the con. was very successful, we all were overwhelmed and feel enriched from the experience, knowing that it will keep our morale high in the coming months as we go back to work.
WaynePygram: for YOU!

Moderator: <stargatetravler1> to <Moderator>: How much control do you have in the character development of Scorpius?

WaynePygram: I am, in fact, and extension of Richard's alter ego so your questions should be relayed to Richard Manning...he is responsible. I know nothing..

Moderator: <stargatetravler1> to <Moderator>: We know that Ben will ad lib lines on the show. Did you get the chance to do any ad libs and if so what were they?

WaynePygram: There are no set rules, when it comes to altering text. If I have any problems I like to have them resolved before I hit the floor so I will usually knock on Richard Manning's or David Kemper's door and we will discuss or beat out a resolution.
WaynePygram: Ben's ongoing cultural references are one of the many aspects of Farscape that make it special, it's a wonderful invitation for the audience to share in his "in jokes".
WaynePygram: Scorpy never gets any funny lines anyway......
WaynePygram: I'm thinking of watching all the Jerry Lewis films as research for series three.

Moderator: <MissyKat> to <Moderator>: Wayne, have you had a chance to read any Scorpius fan fiction on the web... is there any place you want your fans to take Scorpy that the writers can't ???

WaynePygram: I am a great lover of physical humour...it's a dying art form. So it will be Crichton and Scorpius in a pie fight to see who rules the Unchartered Territories!!
WaynePygram: on holidays!!!
WaynePygram: but no, I've not had a chance to read any of the Fan Fic. nice concept, I'll let the leather inspire you to whatever fantasies your imagination can come up with.

Moderator2: <OboeCrazy> to <Moderator2>: Thanks for chatting with us Wayne! Scorpious is such a wonderfully menacing character...how much did you enjoy getting to turn that around and act a bit goofy in Crackers Don't Matter and Won't Get Fooled Again?

WaynePygram: I think it's important for Scorpius to surprise, it's a new idea which I think will go further series three. Scorpius does have fun. Even if it's clone Scorpius.
WaynePygram: It would be interesting to see what clone Scorpius would get up to if Scorpius, Scorpius was to lose control..or overheat.
WaynePygram: Clone Scorpius is a bit of wag.

Moderator2: <SolarWind> to <Moderator2>: "Have you drawn any inspiration from other fameous villians (real or TV) in your portrayl of Scorpious?

WaynePygram: No, but from a very early point I had the image of the grim reaper, with brains, in my mind, although Dave Elsey who created my make up is a big fan of early horror films particularly Vincent Price in the Witchfinder General. I think this was an inspiration for the image of Scorpius.

Moderator2: <Rehanna> to <Moderator2>: Hey Wayne! Thanks for talkin to us. I was just wondering what's been your favorite episode(s) so far?

WaynePygram: The most potent time for my development was the initial four episodes I did probably episode 19. Every day in the intial stages was very challenging and exciting and Ben and our director Rowan Woods handed over the playpen and allowed me to have fun and do my thing.
WaynePygram: It was obvious we were all enjoying Scorpius' presence but I think our most interesting and challenging episode to date was Won't Get Fooled Again which is set back on earth and I'm hoping that this might become a signature story line for Farscape.

Moderator2: you inadvertently scooped my next question:
Moderator2: <LittleLeviathan> to <Moderator2>: Hi Wayne. What has been the most difficult ep thus far to shoot (acknowledging of course that it might not have happened yet and you might not be able to say why)?
Moderator2: Anything more to add about the expirience of making Won't Get Fooled...?

WaynePygram: The final stages of series two became a real continuity challenge for us all as we were working at completing four episodes at once, so on any given day you could be asked to complete scenes from four different story lines. This was doubley difficult for me as I have a habit of throwing my scripts away as soon as I've learned my lines. I think I had better make some adjustments to this technique.
WaynePygram: I did not know if I was Arthur or Marther... do you comprehend?

* Moderator2 wonders if that was rhetorical... *
Moderator2: We seem to have lost Wayne.
* Moderator2 looks high and low. *
Moderator2: Wayne, welcome back.

Wayne: Thanks! You can't get rid of me that easily
Wayne: did you get my last answer?

Moderator2: last we got was "do you comprehend?"

Wayne: What was the question after that please?

Moderator2: <MaxGrey> to <Moderator2>: I've noticed that you have a certain way of baring your teeth which really works with the subtle evilness. Did you come up with that specifically for Scorpius?

Wayne: Scorpy likes to floss, he's very particular about hygene, he's quite proud of his teeth.
Wayne: He's thinking of investing in a monthly facial to improve his complection
Wayne: what do you think?

Moderator2: I'm still wondering if Scorpy has any hair under that cap.
Moderator2: <PK-Shaman> to <Moderator2>: Have you seen any of the action figures made based the show? Do you look forward to having your own Scorpius action figure?

Wayne: It was all burned off at birth... anyway he's a low maintenance kind of guy.
Wayne: So far I've not seen any of the action figures but I take it as the pinacle of one's career to be imortalised in plastic.

Moderator2: <Coyyarra> to <Moderator2>: Thank you for comming Mr Pygram. I like Scorpy but I want to hear about you could you please tell us about your more recent work? Have we seen you (out of makeup in anything new)

Wayne: I'm just about to do a second stint on the Lost World and guess what I'm playing...a bloody lizard...have I created a monster for myself..pardon the pun.

Moderator2: Interesting trivia note:
Moderator2: Both Wayne *and* Lani did episodes of Time Trax - which air from time to time on SCI FI.
Moderator2: <Ripley9> to <Moderator2>: To the illustrious Mr. Pygram: We've heard you improvised the "Scorpy ball" into that scene with Lt. Braca the end of last season, then startled David Franklin by throwing it at him (got a great reaction!) What kind of ball is that, and is there more story behind it?
Moderator2: More trivia: <EOTU> to <Moderator2>: David Franklin, who plays Lt. Braca, also appeared in Time Trax.
Moderator2: As did John de Lancie (Star Trek's "Q") and an actress named Jeri Lynn Ryan who I think is now just Jeri Ryan ("7 of 9").

Wayne: Some people have yo yo's some people play tiddleywinks, Scorpius has his balls...
Wayne: in all seriousness I like physicality with my acting so any opportunity to use a prop or some set dressing I will take it. I'm a very physical person having played lots of sport, and also with my drumming, so I have very good hand eye co ordination and I know I use my natural rhythms and co ordination where ever I can

Moderator2: Two thematically related questions:
Moderator2: <CeRell> to <Moderator2>: The Butt Brigade has it that John doesn't wear underwear under those tight leather pants. Is Scorpious as concerned about pantylines?
Moderator2: <SunAeryn> to <Moderator2>: Mod, if I sent you brownies, would you please ask Wayne the traditional chat question? Boxers or briefs? :)

Wayne: there is no room inside my garment for anything but me.

Moderator2: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator2>: Hi there, Wayne .. Do you have any favorite scenes from Farscape.. that ended up on the cutting room floor? Any favorite bloopers?

Wayne: I'd love to know what happened to my first PK Nurse, if anyone is hiding her could they please her home immediately.
Wayne: Not only did her scenes hit the floor but she ran away with my spare leathers.....
Wayne: oh and bloopers, what bloopers.. I never make mistakes
Wayne: I'm a higher being

Moderator2: <SoozAlpha> to <Moderator2>: Hello, Lovely Mr Pygram Sir. I was wondering, if you could put anyone in the Aurora Chiar (real/fictional, living/dead) who would it be? And would it be to see their memories, or just to, like, piss em off?

Wayne: Our current Prime Minister Mr. John Howard, would top my list of people I
Wayne: 'd love to punish
Wayne: There are many Australian's that would like to see him squirm.
Wayne: No, I don't want Mr. Howard's memories, they are far too dull

Moderator2: <Bouncer> to <Moderator2>: As the olypmics are going on in your very own backyard. What event(s) do you think Scopius would do well in? Track and field, equestrian, etc...
Moderator2: And would he be competing on the PK or Scarran teams? Anyone want to see Scorpy in a speedo?

Wayne: He would certainly give Michael Johnson a run for his money but I'm lead to believe Scorpius is a dab hand at one on one basketball. Scorpius could humble the dream team all on his own.
Wayne: Scorpius is a one man team he competes for no one but himself and speedo's are a figment of your imagination.

Moderator2: <LurkingScorpionNora> to <Moderator2>: What did you think when you first saw Scorpius' costume?

Wayne: Dad will never talk to me again.
Wayne: and we have a club in Sydney called HellFire it occurred to me that it might be appropriate for me to go down and do some research.

Moderator2: <Cush> to <Moderator2>: Without giving away spoilers, what adjectives would you use to describe the 4 part finale?

Wayne: one word.... icey

Moderator2: Last question: having spent a good part of the year as Scorpius, how are you planning to dress for Halloween?

Wayne: I'll be jumping into my Kangaroo suit
Wayne: and hoping to find up someone to fill up my pouch
Wayne: but I am expecting all those closet Scorpius' to run riot in the US in my absence.
Wayne: they will have to carry the flame without me.

Moderator2: Thanks for joining us tonight, and thanks for the great work you've done as Scorpius.
Moderator2: Any final comments for the assembled throng?

Wayne: Thank you all
Wayne: It's been a pleasure to talk
Wayne: Stay tuned for many more surprises
Wayne: You may get to see what lurks under the crocodile skin....
Wayne: you won't be disappointed.
Wayne: Happy hunting!
* Wayne says hooroo! *

Moderator2: We're about to go unmoderated. Hang on...