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Chat: Pilot, Lani Tupu & Sean Masterson

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Chat: Pilot, Lani Tupu & Sean Masterson

Subject(s): Pilot
& Lani Tupu, Farscape Actor
& Sean Masterson, Farscape Puppeteer
Dated: 13 July 2000
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: Can our guests speak?

SeanMasterson: Hello everyone!

Pilot: Hello?

SeanMasterson: Special Hello to Pilot

Moderator: Well, before we start, can you both introduce yourselves -- and explain also why a lifeform would have a puppeteer?

Pilot: I am Pilot...
Pilot: Unfortunately, I was unable to play myself in the "Farscape" series.
Pilot: I certainly didn't want to leave Moya...

SeanMasterson: I'm lead puppeteer on Pilot, and chief bottle washer

Pilot: So a group of very talented people "play" me in the series.
Pilot: I must say it's quite an honor.

SeanMasterson: for me too!

Pilot: I am told my character is reasonably popular on the series.

Moderator: Ah...see, and everyone thought this wasn't going to make sense. :)

Pilot: In fact, on this Erp network called the "Internut," there is even a Web Sight or two.
Pilot: (I assume they're called Web Sights because of the things you can see there?)

Moderator: Are you both ready for questions?

SeanMasterson: Ready and waiting

Moderator: <stargatetravler> to <Moderator>: Hey Pilot, do you think Sean and his crew do justice to you on the screen?

Pilot: And there's a Web Sight called Friends and Defenders of Pilot
Pilot: For which I am doubly honored and deeply moved.
Pilot: Yes, Sean and Lani and Tim and Mario and Fiona and Matt and Marco do a wonderful job.

Moderator: <Corvid> to <Moderator>: A question for whom ever deems it worthy of an answer, What diffuculties have you encountered working such a large and dynamic puppet such as pilot on the series? PS Pilot is my favourite nigh immobile character in the series.

SeanMasterson: It's teamwork that is the key

Pilot: Just as it is on Moya.

Moderator: <VEL5> to <Moderator>: Sean, have you or any of the other puppeteers, ever acted on the show as guest stars, or plan to?

SeanMasterson: Not yet, we plan too, but we are all ugly so we keep being put off

Moderator: What about John E. in "Jeremiah Crichton?"

SeanMasterson: yeah, good call :)
SeanMasterson: He paid someone a lot of money

Moderator: <StarPaw> to <Moderator>: We're tired of referring to beings-like-but-not-Pilot as "pilot-things". What are members of Pilot's species called?

Pilot: I'm not sure I understand the question.
Pilot: We are just... us.
Pilot: We don't have a particular name for ourselves.
Pilot: I don't know what others call us, either...

Moderator: Sorry everyone: look for John Eccleston (sp?) as the native running with Rygel over his head in the season 1 episode "Jerimiah Crichton."
Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator>: Sean, where the Halosians in "Out Of Their Minds" really just recycled Skesis (however you spell it).. or is that just a rumor?

SeanMasterson: Distant cousins....
SeanMasterson: ; )

Moderator: <LittleLeviathan> to <Moderator>: This question goes to Pilot, we love you!! How did you ever find it within yourself to forgive the crew of Moya for cutting off your arm?

* Pilot sighs
Pilot: It wasn't particularly easy...
Pilot: I knew, however, how badly they wanted to get home...
Pilot: I also felt responsible for getting us so lost in the Uncharted Territories to begin with.
Pilot: If I'd been paying more attention, perhaps Moya's Starburst would not have taken us so far afield.

Moderator: <Aleria> to <Moderator>: <Aleria>Sean, Pilot's face is so very expressive. Is it a joint effort, or does just one of you control that perturbed expression?

SeanMasterson: Two of us are required to control the face
SeanMasterson: Earlier on it was Graeme Haddon and myself now Matt McCoy works with me

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Sean...what other charachters and shows have you been involved with (and I don't mean romantically! Though I always thought Kermit was awful cute....*Grin*)

SeanMasterson: I was a Miss Piggy fan certainly! I worked on Babe and Ferdie on Babe 2 and several Australian shows, the Ferals and Lift Off and a few other things.

Moderator: <QuietI> to <Moderator>: A question for Pilot: When you inhabited Chiana's and D'Argo's bodies in Out of Their Minds, did you "remember" any of *their* memories?

Pilot: Not specifically... I did, however, come away from the extraordinary experience with certain sense impressions.
Pilot: Their bodies were... quite different from mine...
Pilot: Much harder to control, although I suppose practice would have helped.
Pilot: Very compact, but very... limited. So few senses.

Moderator: Sean, a few people have asked about room "inside" or "under" Pilot for you and your team to work. Can you explain the layout for everyone?

SeanMasterson: Mario is inside, the arms are controlled from underneath and the animatronics are run from out the front.
SeanMasterson: We all have monitors so that we can see what the camera is shooting
SeanMasterson: We are in contract via head sets
SeanMasterson: oops contact :)

Moderator: <SciFi-Chic9> to <Moderator>: The question that all of FaDoP is dying to have answered...Pilot, what color is you tounge??? Thanks, we love you!

Pilot: Greetings again to FaDoP... special greetings to Sojushisan; I'm saddened not to see her here.
Pilot: Which tongue are you referring to?
Pilot: Truth to tell, I've never looked. I'll have to ask one of the others.

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Thanks for being with us tonight! We really enjoy the range of expression Pilot has this season...is it more difficult to show this? Or has the mechanics (or whatever you call it) been changed to make it easier?

SeanMasterson: The program is always being upgraded we have more options this season (and we are getting sharper).

Moderator: <Ooshati> to <Moderator>: Pilot: How's the natural bonding with Moya coming along?

Pilot: Quite well, thank you. It is a long process, but each solar day brings improvements.
Pilot: Moya, by the way, has asked me to give you all her warmest regards.
Pilot: She is as astounded as I am that so many people take an interest in us.

Moderator: Tell Moya we all say "hi."

Pilot: I have.

Moderator: <Solanio> to <Moderator>: For Sean - How much advance notice per season are you given for planning and practicing with the new aliens that are introduced in the show?

SeanMasterson: Basically we meet them on the day <g>
SeanMasterson: Truthfully we have about a week to prepare the puppet and reherse its character

Moderator: <Byrn> to <Moderator>: Sean - what would YOU like to see Pilot do?

SeanMasterson: Play the bongos in a smokey bar

Moderator: <OboeCrazy> to <Moderator>: Pilot, thanks for coming! We know you have a close relationship with Aeryn, but can you tell us your feelings about the other life forms on Moya?

Pilot: Moya and I have a certain fondness for all of them.
Pilot: Well... most of them.
Pilot: It gratifies us to be able to serve them; their company gives us purpose.
Pilot: But I won't pretend that they can be... difficult at times.
Pilot: Nonetheless, on those occasions when they aren't with us, Moya and I feel... lonely.

Moderator: <lynybaby> to <Moderator>: Hi, guys! Thanks for coming. Cousin Sean, will we be seeing any of your puppeteers in L. A? And has Pilot seen Elvis lately?

SeanMasterson: Hey Cous.... none of the pups are heading to LA, but you *do* all want to see us, don't you ??????
SeanMasterson: Elvis says, hello

Pilot: What is an Alvis?

SeanMasterson: Perhaps the pups could hire a bus to get LA......

Moderator: <QuietI> to <Moderator>: A question for Sean: How are things looking for your summer? Are they hiring over at the next installment of Star Wars?

SeanMasterson: It's winter at the moment, I'm just house dadding.
SeanMasterson: Star Wars started shooting 2 weeks ago so I didn't get a guernsey

Moderator: <adrenaline> to <Moderator>: how would a person get involved with the effects team for farscape?

SeanMasterson: Practical effects..... most people start by exploding things in their bedrooms.... please ask a parent's permission first!
SeanMasterson: Visual effects......keep working with your PC's.

Moderator: Well, we'd like to thank Sean for taking some time out of his winter break to chat with us.
Moderator: But now we've got another special guest waiting to step into the spotlight.
Moderator: While we wait for Lani to log on, let's send another question to Pilot:
Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Quest. for Pilot: We saw a glimpse of your homeworld in The Way We Weren't, but it was a little hard to see it well under the fog. Is it mostly aqueous? Or what else can you tell us about it?

SeanMasterson: Its been a pleasure....no worries. Big hello to all Pilot's special friends. Cheers!

Pilot: That was one of its clearer days.
Pilot: Yes, most of the surface of my homeworld is water.
Pilot: It's a pleasant place, but... I always wanted to go into space.

LaniTupu: Greetings Scapers one and all.

Pilot: When the clouds would subside and reveal the stars, I would spend endless amounts of time gazing into the heavens...
Pilot: And I must say, I truly don't miss my homeworld a great deal.
Pilot: Whereas being separated from Moya for any length of time is extremely... unsettling.

Moderator: Welcome Lani! It's great to have you back. How have you been enjoying your winter break?

LaniTupu: Yes, I have. Lots of bars and heavy coffee's the following morning. I'm still recovering from the wrap party.

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator>: Lani, how did you guys create the different Pilot voice in "Out of their Minds"?

LaniTupu: Great acting, in a modest sort of way.

Moderator: <AutumnH> to <Moderator>: Lani, thanks for joining us. When you do Pilots voice for the series, is it computer-enhanced or changed in anyway, or is that all you?

LaniTupu: When I'm recording in the studio I pitch it vocally higher, and in the mix its slightly enhanced.

Pilot: I have heard Lani's natural voice, and I can tell you that altering it in any way is not "enhancing" it.
Pilot: However, he does do a marvelous job of imitating my voice; he actually sounds better than I do.
Pilot: I suppose that's why he's an actor and I'm a Pilot.

Moderator: <valleyofstags> to <Moderator>: Hey Lani, hope to see more of that smoldering presence soon. Is Crais developing a softer side?

LaniTupu: No

* Pilot sends DRDs to extinguish the smoldering Lani

LaniTupu: If they can catch me.

Moderator: <CyberWolf> to <Moderator>: Hiya Pilot.. I have a quick question for ya.. do you ever get lonely down there by yourself? And Im glad youre not in pain anymore from the stupid PK's job. Keep up the great work on Moya!

Pilot: Thank you, CyberWolf!
Pilot: Of course, I'm almost never "alone"... Moya is always with me.
Pilot: I do, however, enjoy the visits which the others make to my chamber.
Pilot: They seem to enjoy my company as well, for reasons that aren't entirely clear to me.

Moderator: <Byrn> to <Moderator>: Pilot, how come no one ever seems too nervous about that 100ft+ drop in your den? Has anyone actually fallen off it? (or will anyone? *g*)

Pilot: Zhaan took a nasty spill once...
Pilot: I was terribly frightened on her behalf, but it developed that it was all part of a plan of hers to vanquish an evil presence.

Moderator: <Lolaahn> to <Moderator>: Hi Lani! (~; We've been missing "seeing" you as Crais. What other projects have you been involved with recently?

LaniTupu: Most recently I've just shot a small film called "The Finder" in Australia, where I play a Nightclub owner.
LaniTupu: Actors in it were Simon Westaway and Paul Mecurio
LaniTupu: I'm doing a short film at the Australian Film Television and Radio School next week.

Moderator: <MarylandJKoba> to <Moderator>: So, Lani... who's in charge, Crais or Talyn?

LaniTupu: I think I am in charge... no I know I am in charge, however I thinky Talyn has the upper hand.

Moderator: <majic12> to <Moderator>: Pilot, does Moya dream???

Pilot: I'm not entirely clear on what you mean by "dream"... each species has a different definition of that concept.
Pilot: Moya never completely "sleeps," as I understand the term.
Pilot: However, she does experiences periods of relative dormancy in which her thoughts are wild and fanciful.
Pilot: I suppose this may correlate to what humans call a "dream"...
Pilot: I find it quite enjoyable to share her thoughts in this mode.

Moderator: <Cashmere> to <Moderator>: Hi Lani! Love your work...playing Pilot or playing Crais...one character is very selfless, the other, more "pragmatic" . Whom do you identify with more?

LaniTupu: Thank you Cashmere. For me its schizophrenic, I love both beings. Its like having children you don't love one more than the other you just love them both for the individuals they are.

Moderator: <Solanio> to <Moderator>: Hi Lani - What are you most looking forward to about meeting some of your fans in Burbank. What are you least looking forward to about your trip to the States. (and have you been here before?)
Moderator: <stargatetravler> to <Moderator>: Hey Lani, looking forward to seeing you in Burbank! Will you have any surprises for your fans there? <g>
Moderator: (2-for1)
Moderator: Hmmm...very quiet.

LaniTupu: Hi Solanio, thank you its good to speak to you and thank you very much for your wonderful gifts. I'm looking forward to meeting the fans. Our experience in working on the show has been like being in a vacuum, with no local feedback. We depend on the feedback we are getting from the net.
LaniTupu: Hi stargatetravler, I'm sure I'll something to suprise you all.

Moderator: <Suzanne> to <Moderator>: Hello Lani! You said in your last chat that you enjoy singing. Will you be singing at the Farscape Con? ;-)

LaniTupu: See you at the bar at 3am

Moderator: <punkRockgrrrl> to <Moderator>: Pilot, tell us something about Chrichton he wouldn't want us to know ;)

Pilot: I'm not sure Crichton would like that, punkRockgrrrl...
Pilot: There was that time that the DRDs discovered Crichton and Aeryn while --
Pilot: No, I really shouldn't share that, I think.

Moderator: <AutumnH> to <Moderator>: Lani, when you are in the studio recording Pilot's voice, are you just doing it straight from the script, or along with a playback on screen, or with others reading along? How do you work that? Thanks!

LaniTupu: Hello AutumnH, I do it straight from the script and yes, there is a play back on the screen at the same time.

Moderator: <TracicarT> to <Moderator>: Pilot - my apologies if this has been addressed already. We know that Moya provides you with nutrients - will we find out how she sustains herself?

Pilot: You'd have to ask the producers of the series what you'll see and when...
Pilot: I'm not sure how many details of Moya's personal functions they're willing to reveal.
Pilot: I myself was cautioned not to provide any "spoylurz", whatever those might be.

Moderator: <MissyKat> to <Moderator>: Lani, is it difficult to play a reoccuring character versus a regular, or are you enjoying the time and freedom to pursue other projects?

LaniTupu: I love playing a reoccuring character and it allows me time to plan where Crais is heading.

Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator>: Pilot, what do you think of the only human you've met, Crichton? (Don't judge us TOO harshly! ;)

Pilot: Greetings, Sergeant at Arms! (And do please pass along my regards to Hindmost.)
Pilot: Crichton is... complex.
Pilot: There are times when I think he is completely farhbot, and other times when I believe he's the smartest being aboard.
Pilot: And sometimes I think both those things at once.
Pilot: He has, however, proven to be a good friend, genuinely concerned about both me and Moya.

Moderator: I have a question for Lani (I'm allowed to do that). What was it like first working with Wayne Pygram (Scorpius)?

LaniTupu: I hate him!!!!!!!
LaniTupu: Working with Wayne is a delight
LaniTupu: He's a great actor and I have great fun bouncing off him.

Moderator: <weasel007> to <Moderator>: Pilot, what do you do to relax? It's not like you can take shore leave... :)

Pilot: Relax?
Pilot: Being bonded with a Leviathan isn't what I understand the concept of "work" to be...
Pilot: Although it requires effort on my part, it is rewarding beyond words.
Pilot: I have no desire to leave Moya and venture onto a planet's surface.

Moderator: <Wyrwulf> to <Moderator>: Lani, did you like it better when crais was hunting Moya, or now that he is a fugitive?

LaniTupu: I like playing Crais now that he is a fugitive. It extends the palette, I play with.

Moderator: <RhayleRihannsu> to <Moderator>: Mr. Tupu, most actors say they love to play bad guys. Although Crais is not all bad and was worse in the begining, he seems to be a great character to play. Will he be better or worse in the future? Can you tell us without getting in trouble?

LaniTupu: Trouble is my middle name :)
LaniTupu: Will he be better or worse in the future? ... that remains to be seen but he will continue to surprise you and himself, as he is unpredictable.

Moderator: <QaRc> to <Moderator>: Lani, I know it must be hard for a guy like you to be in touch with his emotions, :) but could you please describe what Pilot FEELS when Moya Starbursts? LOL!
Moderator: (question works for both guests, I think)

Pilot: Lani is uncharacteristically silent!

LaniTupu: Relief is the first emotion then panic sets in as he has no idea where he is starbursting to. He has to ask the DRD's for directions.

Pilot: For myself, the experience of Starburst is at once disorienting and exhilirating.
Pilot: There's a word Crichton uses in a somewhat similar context, but I am told there may be youthful beings present, so I will forego it.

Moderator: <Trinity26> to <Moderator>: Hello Lani! After seeing 'Mind The Baby' it seems Crais would one day like a home and family, do you believe this was the reason for the "mid-life crisis"?

LaniTupu: Hi Trinity26, yes absolutely! Unlike Aeryn he had a family, he knew his parents and his brother.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Pilot, if you and Moya could choose your destination, instead of searching for your passengers' homes, where would YOU choose to go?

Pilot: You know, I've never really considered that question.
Pilot: There are far reaches of the galaxy that I've heard about, however...
Pilot: Strange and exotic spaces with stars and nebulae that are said to be quite fascinating and lovely.
Pilot: And Lani suggests that someplace called Oztraylya is very enticing.

Moderator: <Aleria> to <Moderator>: Lani, do you drop by the BBoards? We'd love to hear from you from time to time...

LaniTupu: Thank you Aleria, not as often as I would like. I do like to keep in touch to see the responses.

Moderator: I have to bring back a question from our last chat with Lani.
Moderator: <optimusp> to <Moderator> Lani. In one sentence, how would
Moderator: you sum up the last four episodes of the season, w/o giving anything
Moderator: away?
Moderator: to which you replied: "He'll hate it."
Moderator: How about this time around?

LaniTupu: Let me just say this 19, 20, 21 and 22! LOL
LaniTupu: You will be blown away

Moderator: <Lord> to <Moderator>: Pilot... Do you ever feel like you aren't apreciated for all of your efforts by the others on moya?

Pilot: Some of the others do seem to take Moya and me for granted, I occasionally think.
Pilot: Crichton and Aeryn are very appreciative of us both, as is Zhaan.
Pilot: Rygel is... well, you all know Rygel, of course.
Pilot: D'Argo isn't unappreciative, but often has other things on his mind.
Pilot: And Chiana, to my surprise, is turning out to be more empathetic than I at first believed she could be.
Pilot: Her assistance in Talyn's difficult birth, at great personal risk, was most gratifying.

Moderator: <JoyCrusher> to <Moderator>: LaniTupu..... How much input do you have on the develpment of the characters Crais and or Pilot?

LaniTupu: Its a team effort and the writers are creating fantastic story lines for us to work on. It is a pleasure to realise what is being written and that is my imput.

Moderator: <MsFroggie> to <Moderator>: I'd like to say hi from the Netherlands. Pilot, don't you miss others of your kind? Are you in contact with any other of your species?

Pilot: Hello to the Nether Zones.
Pilot: I would have to say that I don't really miss my homeworld very much.
Pilot: You must understand that the bond between a Pilot and a Leviathan is much, much closer than the bond between any two of my own species.
Pilot: I attempted to explain this to Crichton once, and he made a rough analogy to "marriage"...
Pilot: Although Crichton admitted that even that bond was far weaker than the one Moya and I are privileged to share.

Moderator: Another blast from our first chat with Lani:
Moderator: <valleyofstags> to <Moderator> Hey Lani. Will you ever get a chance to play a scene with yourself. Pilot talking to Crais? How would you handle it?
Moderator: <LaniTupu>: There's one episode in the second series where we read through the other day on set, and I had to laugh because it was the first time Crais comes into contact with Pilot, and vice-versa.
Moderator: Was this "The Way We Weren't," and if so, what did you think of that scene when you actually shot it?

LaniTupu: Its unique to be playing two characters especially in the same room. Perhaps there might be story lines in the future where Pilot and Crais go head to head. We will see who gets the better of the exchange.
LaniTupu: I think it probably was The Way We Weren't. Good question.

Moderator: Sorry, Pilot, if that last question brought up any bad memories.

Pilot: My memories are more pleasant than unpleasant, all things considered, so no offence is taken.

Moderator: <Cush> to <Moderator>: Lani, CraisLover says hi! Will you appear on the "Lost World" again? You've been killed twice, the 3rd time must be the charm!

LaniTupu: Hi Cush and CraisLover. I'd love to work again on Lost World but I haven't been invited back yet.

Moderator: <Aurian> to <Moderator>: Pilot, Now that you have achieved your ultimate dream (being bonded and seeing the stars) is there another dream left to fulfill?

Pilot: Hello, Aurian; thank you for keeping my sanity!
Pilot: This dream is never completely "achieved"...
Pilot: There are always new visions to experience, new places to explore...
Pilot: I would hope that Moya and I will continue to experience them for the rest of our existence.

Moderator: <PKLil> to <Moderator>: Hello Lani! (huge hugs) Have you had a chance to do any stage work in your hiatus? Also, have you ever done Richard III and if so, what character did you portray?

LaniTupu: Hello PKLil. I was invited to be in Troilus & Cressida but had to turn it down as travel was involved. It was planned for September in the Opera House in conjunction with the Olympics. I am rather pleased I didn't do it as involved being in my birthday suit.....

Moderator: <Angie> to <Moderator>: A question for Pilot...how tall are you and how many arms do you have? Did the arm that got cut off ever grow back?

Pilot: Lani, what is a birthday suit?
Pilot: Special apparel for the anniversary of one's birth?

LaniTupu: more lack of apparel for ones actual birth!

Pilot: Angie, Crichton estimates my "height" is around seven or eight "foots", but that's merely the part of me that is visible to him.
Pilot: I have four arms, and the one that has grown back now feels exactly the same as the others.

Moderator: <stargatetravler1> to <Moderator>: Hey Lani, when will we get to see Crais and Talyn again? What are you guys up to out there in the Uncharted Territories?

LaniTupu: a birthday suit must include red heels ... LOL
LaniTupu: Rest assured you'll see Crais and Talyn again before the end of the season.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Pilot, if you could change one thing about the way you are portrayed on "Farscape", what would it be?

Pilot: Rygel is whispering to me to replace Lani, but I'm not listening to Rygel.
Pilot: He's just envious that my screen character has such a marvelous voice.
Pilot: I suppose it would be churlish to complain about the fine job everyone does portraying me on the series...
Pilot: However, I have noticed that they do have a slight tendency to romanticize me.
Pilot: I am assured by Mr. Kemper and Ms. Milliken that this is "normal" for television, however.
Pilot: But it is vaguely discomfiting to realize that the viewers are getting a portrait of me that is far better than my true self.
Pilot: On the other hand, it does inspire me to live up to my image.

Moderator: <CraisLover> to <Moderator>: Lani, thank you for bringing such vitality to an incredible character like Crais. Is he what you expected when you took on the role or has he changed?

LaniTupu: Hi CraisLover, when I took on the role I had no idea at that stage who Crais was and what he was to become. The challenge for me was to not make him a one dimensional character, and so I have succeeded in making him a two dimensional character (lol)... maybe by the seasons end I'll get to three?

Moderator: <MissyKat> to <Moderator>: Pilot, if you could visit Earth this August and attend the Cons, what would you like to say to your fans?

Pilot: I wish I could attend, but Lani will be there in my place.
Pilot: I want everyone to know how deeply affected I am by the very concept of there being "fans"...
Pilot: The fact that people not only enjoy these portrayals of our travels, but apparently have strong feelings about us as well...
Pilot: This is unique to my experience, and I can only thank each of you for your continued support.
Pilot: Moya and I hope you'll continue to be pleased and entertained by Farscape.

Moderator: Lastly -- Lani, Pilot, anything you wish to say to one another before we close up shop?

LaniTupu: I second what Pilot has said and look forward to Burbank Con in August, which is only three weeks away.

Pilot: I want to thank Lani for lending his considerable talents to the meager task of giving my character a voice.

LaniTupu: Pilot, you're too kind.

Pilot: That's what Crichton tells me.

LaniTupu: I mean it from the bottom of my range of emotions from A - B :)

Pilot: Lani is being modest (for a change).

Moderator: Thank you both for taking the time out to join us tonight, and pass our regards on to Sean Masterson as well.

Pilot: I have heard the writers and producers speak often of how lucky they are to have Lani aboard.
Pilot: Rygel chimes in that apparently Lani is quite inexpensive.
Pilot: Certainly they are getting a bargain.

LaniTupu: LOL...... you're killing me

Moderator: Thanks again everyone for your great questions.
Moderator: As you can imagine, we couldn't get to them all, nor could we ask some questions Pilot didn't feel it was appropriate to answer at this time.

Pilot: Thank you for your kindness and attention.

LaniTupu: Thanks for having me everyone, goodnight, God bless.