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Chat: Season Two Wrap

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Chat: Season Two Wrap

Subject(s): Farscape Season Two Wrap (various participants)
Dated: June 15, 2000
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: David Kemper has just arrived in the room, so you may begin sending your questions for him to me as private messages.
Moderator: We're about to go moderated, so hang on to something...
Moderator: David, can you speak?

Kemper: Hey. Are there any real Farscape fans out there?

Moderator: survey says.......YES!
Moderator: At least 7, judging by the replies I'm seeing. ;)
Moderator: So, can you give us a report from the final day of filming? What's the mood down under?

Kemper: Alright, then. Before the first question, allow me to say hello, give thanks and high praise to all the folks at Sci-Fi.com for running the very best website on the net. No question.
Kemper: Let's roll from Sydney, Australia, here on the morning of the final, final day of shooting season 2.

Moderator: So, can you give us a report from the final day of filming? What's the mood down under?

Kemper: Elation. Depression. A great thing is temporarily coming to an end -- however, we all NEED it to come to an end. Exhaustion and stuff like that.

Moderator: <Velvet> to <Moderator>: How are you being received in Australia now that Farscape has just started airing? (from one Aussie who's just started watching and loves it :) )

Kemper: We're doing quite well, from all indications. However, science fiction TV is not as pervasive as it is elsewhere, so it will take some time to reach our full potential.

Moderator: <ricks8> to <Moderator>: So can you tell us what to expect without giving away any spoilers! Is it a big season finale? Are we going to be blown out of the water. Is it better than Season 1....? (Can you tell we're all a little anxious)
Moderator: (to send questions for Farscape exec producer David Kemper, please submit them as private messages to me, Moderator)

Kemper: You WILL be blown away. And that's just Ep. 22. All the shows inbetween will probably do some damage to little hearts everywhere, also. And as for it being better than Season 1, you be the judge. But I think it's not contest. Yes.

Moderator: <liloleme> to <Moderator>: so how are you going to spend your summer vacation?

Kemper: In the U.S. it would be a summer vacation. Here in Australia, it's a "winter" vacation. However, writers of Farscape receive very little vacation. And we like it that way.

Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: David: how far are you on post production work for season 2 shows?

Kemper: Eps. 1-12 are fini. The rest are in the pipeline and will get completed seconds before airing.

Moderator: <Enigmatic-Scully> to <Moderator>: Hey David! Now that season 2 is over, what would you say was your favorite moment of the season?

Kemper: Tricky, tricky, you are. Several per episode. But I will reveal nothing to spoil.
Kemper: Something in Ep. 10. One big one in 11. End of 11. All of 14. All of 9. 12. Tension in 13. All the sex in... wait I'm not gonna tell you THAT. You have to WATCH.

Moderator: <sorcerer> to <Moderator>: When do the VHS and DVD come to the states?

Kemper: We're working on them now. Had a call with the states as I drove in about laying down actors' commentary so they can be finished and release. Soon. Patience, Sorcerer.

Moderator: <Merk> to <Moderator>: Mr. Kemper, thanks for everything, can you explain why the states see edited versions of farscape?

Kemper: Definitions required. Different countries have different program length requirements.
Kemper: You don't see a technically "edited" version. The states is the master we start from, expanding here and there (first season only, I believe). Second season on, it's the
Kemper: same all over the world.

Moderator: <Myrl> to <Moderator>: Can we expect to see anymore costume changes with the crew. Because all that leather is gonna get pretty smelly.

Kemper: It's smelly now. Stay tuned. Terry Ryan and his gang are the best anywhere, and lots of sartorial adventures are in the offing.

Moderator: <notsoEvil-Ed> to <Moderator>: Mr. Kemper, will there be any behind the scenes looks released on the dvds or even aired with farscape on television?

Kemper: I believe, maybe.

Moderator: <FarscapeFan> to <Moderator>: Will we be seeing any of the crews home planets in future episodes? (Besides Chiana's)

Kemper: Clever farscapefan. One in the offing.

Moderator: <DirtyPantsBunny> to <Moderator>: Hi David, Can we expect to see the cast on any talk shows while their in the states?

Kemper: Our publicity department is working on that as we speak.

Moderator: <valleyofstags> to <Moderator>: Hey David. I just read that a Farscape novel is coming out, but it isn't going to be written by Rockne. How come?

Kemper: Rockne is the busiest science fiction genius in the universe. Would you rather read a novel by him or see a feature by him

FrooniumRicky: Check, testing, one two three four
FrooniumRicky: 'Ning, all!

Moderator: We've been joined by Surprise Guest #1, none other than Richard Manning.
Moderator: Welcome!

Kemper: I'm not surprised.

FrooniumRicky: Barbarella asked me to pass on regards to all; she can't be here..

Moderator: Here's one for you both:
Moderator: <ZenBridge> to <Moderator>: Ben delivers his lines so flawlessly sometimes. I've got to know WHO came up with the ".... But you don't get to keep the Porche!" as well as a few other choice/memorable lines.

FrooniumRicky: what a great line
FrooniumRicky: Give the writer of that line a raise, I say

Kemper: That line came from Ricky's twisted mind... however HE read it off a milk carton.

Moderator: <CB> to <Moderator>: Hello David. Do you think there will be any further episodes that dive into the past of the characters?

Kemper: How many fingers one both hands do you have?
Kemper: THAT'S "ON", NOT "ONE."

Moderator: <paulb104> to <Moderator>: Hi David and Richard :-) Are the cast and crew looking forward to the Convention in Burbank in August?

Kemper: What convention?

FrooniumRicky: Where's Burbank?

Moderator: The word is out that there's a Farscape shindig in August. Perhaps you didn't get the memo? ;)

FrooniumRicky: Maybe my agent got it

Kemper: The cast is thrilled to be making the trip. We'll also have some special surprises for all.

FrooniumRicky: F'rinstance, me.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Speaking of Ben's lines...the longer the show goes on, how hard will it be to make sure Crichton only mentions things he could've heard BEFORE he left Earth?

FrooniumRicky: How do you know when he left Earth?

Kemper: Because all the writers left their lives at about the same time, so we have no further cultural references to draw on. Anyone remember F-TROOP?

FrooniumRicky: I don't even know who dmx is.

Moderator: <RygelThe16th> to <Moderator>: Rygel's been the "Dr. Smith" character in the past few episodes, always snerching things and getting everyone into trouble. Will he have any chance to act like the regal Dominar he is?

Kemper: Check out the Look at the Princess trilogy, and beyond. Especially look for him in Ep. 14 -- "Won't Get Frelled -- I mean -- Fooled" again.

Moderator: <Scapefan> to <Moderator>: so when are the action figure supposed to come out?

FrooniumRicky: By Christmas.
FrooniumRicky: Just in time for.
FrooniumRicky: The inflatables will be late, unfortunately.
FrooniumRicky: As in life.

Moderator: <clete> to <Moderator>: Do we ever get to hear Claudia/Aeryn sing?

FrooniumRicky: Hopefully not.

Kemper: Just a note to all -- Ben is currently shooting his final scene of the season, and will be up here with a gaggle of others soon.

FrooniumRicky: But David and I will be doing a little number shortly.

Moderator: <Hermione> to <Moderator>: Hi All Congrats on finishing Season 2 Question: Do you feel you've accomplished everything you set out to do this year. Has the story flowed the way you thought it should?

FrooniumRicky: Well, we set out to push the envelope...

Kemper: And we ended up licking it, sealing it on ourselves.

FrooniumRicky: Just so long as we don't get cancelled.

Moderator: <TracicarT> to <Moderator>: Salutations & congratulation! Any chance of any hidden camera footage from the wrap party surfacing? <evilgrin>

FrooniumRicky: Let me put it this way....
FrooniumRicky: How BADLY do you want to see it?

Kemper: Depends on how much you're prepared to pay me.

FrooniumRicky: We're also open to barter.

Moderator: <Xeddicus> to <Moderator>: Ricky, for the past week it appears that we've been lucky enough to have you in #farscape ALOT. My question is, was this REALLY you or someone pulling a cruel joke?

FrooniumRicky: Both.
FrooniumRicky: That one was as real as this one.
FrooniumRicky: (If that helps)

Kemper: Just to let everyone know, this -- answering in my place for a moment, is our fantastic Script Coordinater and keeper of all information Farscape, Clancy McDowell.

FrooniumRicky: David's gone to the bathroom.
FrooniumRicky: Clancy's running frantically for her glasses.

Moderator: Kemper = Clancy. Got it.

FrooniumRicky: Perhaps I should sing a song.
FrooniumRicky: Daisy, daisy...
FrooniumRicky: Say something, Klancy.
FrooniumRicky: Has anyone a question for our script coordinator?

ClancyMcDowell: That doesn't rhyme ricky

FrooniumRicky: It does in Hynerian.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Who comes up with all those weird and wonderful episode titles?

FrooniumRicky: Ep titles: you can usually blame the writer of each ep, or one of us
FrooniumRicky: Or who(m)ever we're stealing 'em from.

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Clancy, what is the best part of your job....and the most stressful?

FrooniumRicky: Me.

ClancyMcDowell: Each writer has a different answer to that - the good ones everyone will claim ownership. the bad ones we ignore and refer to each episode by its number instead

FrooniumRicky: Clancy has to deal with a ROOMFUL of people all as crazy, or crazier, than David & me

Moderator: <farscapescribe> to <Moderator>: question for clancy: what's the weirdest piece of continuity you ever had to correct?

FrooniumRicky: besides our spelling?

ClancyMcDowell: The most stressful is trying to keep the crew at bay when they're hungry for amendments the night before we shoot. That's definately when I need to dance and fast... the best part is hanging out with a bunch of loopy yanks who make us all laugh all day.

FrooniumRicky: You all should see Clancy dance
FrooniumRicky: It's highly inspiring
FrooniumRicky: BTW, while Clancy's typing...
FrooniumRicky: Hi hi hi hi to all the Usual Suspects out there
FrooniumRicky: and to everyone else joining us
FrooniumRicky: Won't start naming names 'cause I'll be here all day,

ClancyMcDowell: The spelling takes the cake. I can't tell what's US spelling and what's english anymore. there's always logic questions whcih come up. The writers will try anything to justify why the stories are happening the way they do - even twisting the bounds of time and space.

FrooniumRicky: but 'tis good to see you all

ClancyMcDowell: Yes the more the merrier!

FrooniumRicky: Plus, we writers can't even agree on spelling at times
FrooniumRicky: David, for some reason, spells "Peacekeeper" as "PeaceKeeper"

ClancyMcDowell: It's easy when you're spelling alien words - sometimes we can't agree on that! Scarran or Scarren? It's one of life's eternal mysteries.

Moderator: <Cush> to <Moderator>: Clancy, is there a 'timeline' that the writers follow, so the 'history' stays in the right order?

Moderator: (for those who've just joined us -- we're chatting with any and all Farscape folk who wish to share their last day of production work with the world)
Moderator: sorry, I've been corrected by an astute chatter -- last day of SEASON 2 production. There's lots more season 3 production ahead for after the break!

FrooniumRicky: David Franklin -- Lt. Braca -- has wandered up to the Script Dept --
FrooniumRicky: But he doesn't think anyone knows who he is or is interested in hearing from him.

Moderator: Lt. Braca?
Moderator: Hello Lt, can you speak?

FrooniumRicky: Too late. Lt. Braca's been called back to the set.
FrooniumRicky: Got a tag to shoot.

Moderator: Ricky, can you tell us what the line was, so we know to look for it and we can all remember this moment when we almost got to talk to David Franklin?

FrooniumRicky: LT. BRACA: Now that we've killed Moya and her crew, Scorpius, what are you going to do next?
FrooniumRicky: SCORPIUS: I'm going to Disneyland.

Moderator: <Amra> to <Moderator>: This is a question to Ricky, are there any secret shipper's in the writing team? We all have suspicions

FrooniumRicky: What's a "shipper"? <grin>
FrooniumRicky: No, we're all quite public shippers
FrooniumRicky: Except for Monjo (HAIL MONJ)
FrooniumRicky: who denies everything.

Moderator: <liloleme> to <Moderator>: has there been any talk whatsoever about putting together a soundtrack? and if not, can i put the idea in your head?

FrooniumRicky: Ask us in the middle of the 3rd year...

Moderator: Sue Milliken -- are you out there?

FrooniumRicky: Sue's on her way. Lob her a q.

Moderator: Can you intro her for the group, FR?

FrooniumRicky: We have here Sue Milliken, our producer
FrooniumRicky: for the second season, and a heck of a swell person.

Moderator: <Scaper> to <Moderator>: What was it like coming onto Farscape this year Sue? Are the other members of the staff as crazy as they act here? :)
Moderator: We may have lost Sue...

FrooniumRicky: hang on one sec, Sue's machine just blew up
FrooniumRicky: And now she's talking to David. Hold that question.
FrooniumRicky: You're stuck with me.

Moderator: What, are they busy producing stuff while we're trying to chat. How RUDE.

FrooniumRicky: "Give me your answer trueeeeeeeee..."

Moderator: <DChiTon> to <Moderator>: I've been a fan since the first episode and was wondering, if someone wanted to become part of the FARSCAPE team,if possible, how would they go about doing so?

FrooniumRicky: Become an Australian.
FrooniumRicky: In what capacity, DC?

DavidKemper: Kemper's back

Moderator: Sue too?

DavidKemper: yes.

Moderator: <Scaper> to <Moderator>: What was it like coming onto Farscape this year Sue? Are the other members of the staff as crazy as they act here? :)

FrooniumRicky: Sue's on her way back to the keyboard.
FrooniumRicky: Three, repeat Three, scapes at once!

Moderator: anybody want a question? or a breath mint?

DavidKemper: answer coming -- sue's typing.

Moderator: Ok, now people want to know if Sue wears boxers or briefs...

SueM: Second question first: they are even crazier! It was pretty amazing coming on to season 2, this is one of the biggest television shows ever made anywhere. But we're all having fun now it's almost over!
SueM: I wear a kilt. I'll leave the rest to you...

Moderator: <QARC> to <Moderator>: John's MOM! We all want to meet her. FLASHBACK, is she a babe? There gals are dying to know. In the stars next season?

DavidKemper: Ricky M has taken care of us meeting JC's mom in the future.

FrooniumRicky: And, yes, she's a babe.

Moderator: <RhayleRihannsu> to <Moderator>: How far ahead for next season is anything planned right now?

DavidKemper: 3rd season is well underway. However, we will not release anything until the writers all get brand new cars.

FrooniumRicky: And the script coordinator too.

SueM: the producer says no. Writers are two a penny. It's producers who are so important.

FrooniumRicky: David and I are LOL at Sue's answer

Moderator: <kiwiseyes> to <Moderator>: How do you feel about the new 9:00 pm time slot in the USA, do you think it will attract new or more viewers?

FrooniumRicky: Re the time slot: I have no idea if 'tis good or bad. After all, with 4 time zones across continental US, the show airs in different time slots ANYWAY depending where you are.

Moderator: <Oldcats> to <Moderator>: How about pics of the "behind the scenes" peoples?
Moderator: (if you send 'em, we'll post 'em on the site...)

FrooniumRicky: Just put up Sean Connery's pic for mine.
FrooniumRicky: And Scorpius's for David.

DavidKemper: That's why you won't see any pics of Ben, Anth, Claudia, etc. brushing their teeth.

Moderator: <LadyJade> to <Moderator>: During season 2, will they have a "Christmas on Moya" or celebrate any earth or alien traditions?

DavidKemper: Have you been talking that Ben again? Perhaps for season 3.

FrooniumRicky: I've seen the Moya Christmas ornament, tho.

Moderator: <scifigrrl> to <Moderator>: Hello, It was great seeing the character development the over the first season and into the 2nd. Which character will suprise us most at the end of the 2nd season?

FrooniumRicky: Well, if we told you, it wouldn't be a surprise!

DavidKemper: Well, I'd say, the least surprising characters will be the ones who are still alive.

FrooniumRicky: (We're leaving some ALIVE, DK?)
FrooniumRicky: You should've talked to Braca when you had the chance

DavidKemper: Season 3 is all animatronic. Brian Henson's orders.

Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: David: liked the streaming commentary for Mind the Baby (an excellent episode, of course!) - any more streaming commentaries coming?

FrooniumRicky: Screaming commentaries?
FrooniumRicky: (thanks, Gmmas, your check's in the mail)

DavidKemper: DVDs are on the way for ALLLLLLLL episodes.

FrooniumRicky: US DVDs, that is.
FrooniumRicky: Those will include commentaries.
FrooniumRicky: so they'll be worth the wait.
FrooniumRicky: Or not.

DavidKemper: Any more behind the scenes questions for our fearless (fearsome?) Producer, Sue, before she has to get back to making the series finale?

Moderator: <Rehanna> to <Moderator>: Alright, someone must ask this, we always do. Sue, would you mind telling us when you're birthday is?

FrooniumRicky: She's consulting a sundial

SueM: anything but my birth date! I think in your country you say it as 1/18. Here we say 18/1.

Moderator: <Cush> to <Moderator>: Sue are you related to Angie Milliken who played Volmae is TGIFA (Season 1)?

SueM: No, I am not her mother! We are not strictly related, but all Millikens are, we come from Northern Ireland.

Moderator: <MissyKat> to <Moderator>: For Sue, what's it like to be in control of all the hotties at Farscape?
Moderator: <shangrila> to <Moderator>: Sue, who's got the biggest.....trailer?
Moderator: (couldn't resist that one)

FrooniumRicky: MK, Shang... shame on you.

SueM: just trying to think who are the hotties. I can tell you who are the coldies.

FrooniumRicky: David, why is she looking at us?
FrooniumRicky: She's out measuring their... trailers now.

SueM: with a microscopic ruler

FrooniumRicky: Good onya, Sue!
FrooniumRicky: fortunately, they use millimeters here, not inches

DavidKemper: Questions. Bring me more questions. Actors on the way.

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator>: Are any more saucy hunks like Paul Leyden and Alex Dimitriades in Officer SunŐs future?

FrooniumRicky: What's a saucy hunk?

SueM: there will be if I have anything to do with it. They have to come via the casting couch.

FrooniumRicky: And Sue's off to the casting couch.

DavidKemper: Sue is winging away to take care of business.

SueM: Bye!!

Moderator: Thanks for stopping by, Sue!

SueM: My pleasure!!

Moderator: Moderator has a question: when are we going to get more scenes with the star of the show. I'm refering, of course, to the mighty and valiant FARSCAPE ONE. It is the titular character, after all...

FrooniumRicky: The titular character?

Moderator: That's title character to you, Ricky.
Moderator: Get your mind out of the gutter...

FrooniumRicky: Oh, that was my second guess.
FrooniumRicky: You'll see FS1 again...

DavidKemper: Season finale should feature Farscape One prominently.

FrooniumRicky: We're planning a romance for it.

Moderator: <Gillygan> to <Moderator>: Will David or Rockne ever appear as a character\puppet voice on Farscape?

FrooniumRicky: What, again?

DavidKemper: Haven't you been paying attention?

FrooniumRicky: Rygel is a life mask of one of 'em; Pilot the other

Moderator: <valleyofstags> to <Moderator>: David. When casting the guest actors do you have a certain look in mind before hand, or do you go strictly on their audition?

DavidKemper: Both. We write for a type, then go with the best actor/actress.

FrooniumRicky: Or the most cooperative actress.
FrooniumRicky: Enthusiasm counts.

DavidKemper: Hey, all -- mighty Tim Ferrier, Production Designer Extraordiare has joined us. Like the sets? Love the props? He's responsible. Any questions?

Moderator: <sport> to <Moderator>: Where does the production staff get their inspiraton? From everyday life, the news, or those bright insights that invaribably happen in the shower? (Well, they do for me....)

TimFerrier: Definitely in the shower!!

Moderator: <BigNoseBob> to <Moderator>: Tim, how long did it take to build those wonderful sets?

DavidKemper: We buy them at K-Mart.

Moderator: <Amra> to <Moderator>: Heya Tim, were you responsible for the sets in TWWW? If so They were great!

TimFerrier: 3 weeks depending on the size ...
TimFerrier: Yes I was ... which sets did you like most?

Moderator: <Myrl> to <Moderator>: Speaking of showers, will we ever get to see the bathrooms on Moya? What do the toilets, sinks, showers, baths look like on a Living ship?

TimFerrier: We haven't evolved all the plumbing on Moya yet ... don't know how much is organic and how much is mechanical ...
TimFerrier: And too much nudity gets you too excited!

Moderator: <DJWolfe> to <Moderator>: Tim - How much actual space do the corridors you have built take up?

TimFerrier: About 20 metres
TimFerrier: in length, which we reuse and reuse.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Tim, of the props you had to make "from scratch", which was the hardest? the easiest?

DavidKemper: Hey, everyone I am turning over my computer space to the lovely and talented Virginia Hey, all painted blue and beautiful. For the next several minutes, Virg will be answering under my name. DavidKemper is now Virginia Hey! Say hello.

FrooniumRicky: The lovely and talented VHey is here!

TimFerrier: They all present their own challenges ...

Moderator: Is that you, Ms. Hey? Welcome!
Moderator: <NA-Tek> to <Moderator>: Tim, any suggestions for anyone trying to build their own Qualta Blade or Pulse Rifle?

VirginiaHey: Hello everbody!!!!!!!! I'm now David Kemper or is David Kemper me, I don't know who's luckier LOL

Moderator: Kemper = Hey. Got it.
Moderator: <Oldcats> to <Moderator>: Virgina,...are you going to let your lovely hair grow back during the hiatus?

TimFerrier: Don't try and make them practical. ANd the actors complain if they are too heavy.

VirginiaHey: I'm going to miss you all, my last day today, I've got the 'flu, but I'm feeling on top of the world.

Moderator: I'm going to try to keep both Tim and Virg busy here:
Moderator: <ZenBridge> to <Moderator>: StarTrek (The Original Series) used to use common items for some of its prop (Ie placemats were used to make one of the female alien's outfits).. what's the oddest item you've ever converted/used as a prop for the FarScape set.

VirginiaHey: Yes Oldcats I'm going to grow my hair and eyebrows back

FrooniumRicky: And the lovely and talented Ben Browder is now gonna take over my machine...

Moderator: <Vandi60> to <Moderator>: For Virgina...And do you have any other works in the can this year.

TimFerrier: Toilet seats as wall dressing in spaceships.

Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Tim: have you had to change the set for Talyn as he presumably grows?
Moderator: Ok, we're taking questions for Ben, Tim and Virginia. Fire when ready.

TimFerrier: Yes we were in the process of doing that ... you can look forward to Talyn being bigger and bigger in season 3.

Moderator: Ben, you there?
Moderator: <Enigmatic-Scully> to <Moderator>: Tim, I heard that there is a real Prowler model, how big is it exactly?

VirginiaHey: So far season 2 is in the can, as you know....as for work in the break...yes, lots coming up, nothing confirmed yet but Xenna, Beastmaster, and a film in the works.... wish me luck XXXX

Moderator: <QARC> to <Moderator>: Virginia, what is your favorite episode this year, and WHY?

TimFerrier: The real prowler model is 5 metres long and about 4 m wide.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Tim, any stories about how one of the cast broke a unique/valuable prop that you then had to rebuild/repair? Do tell! :-)

VirginiaHey: You haven't seen it yet....Zhaan, Pilot and Moya have a little adventure of their own, can't tell you any more... XXX

Moderator: <Amra> to <Moderator>: For Ginny, I'd just like to say, I think you're a great actress and you do Zhann brilliantly, do you enjoy playing Zhann's evil side in some epi's?

TimFerrier: Too many stories to tell!

Moderator: Ben -- welcome!

VirginiaHey: I'm so sorry I haven't sent out my latest newsletter, Farscape has been dominating my heart, but now I'm on a break I can't wait to get back in touch with all of you... promise, promise.. love you

Ben: Hi Folks

Moderator: Thanks for stopping by, Ben.
Moderator: Here's a great first question for ya:
Moderator: <SoozAlpha> to <Moderator>: Ben - have you ever worked with your wife before- and how weird was it having her wanting to EAT you?

Ben: My pleasure

Moderator: <scifigrrl> to <Moderator>: Virginia, when you come to the US this year will it be your first visit to the States? Has Ben given you any hints on things you Must do?

Ben: I have worked with my wife on two previous occaisions... Last time was 9 years ago.

Moderator: <Lolaahn> to <Moderator>: Virg, how are your personal spiritual studies coming?

Ben: I love working with her. She is a stupendous actress and I stand in awe of her.

Moderator: <Rehanna> to <Moderator>: Hey Tim, I was wondering, how did you come up with the Talyn set? And were they very difficult to make?

Moderator: <stargatetravler> to <Moderator>: Hi Ben! How hard were the torture scenes with Scorpy to do? You really seemed to give your all emotionally and physically!

VirginiaHey: Yes, Amra playing Zhaan's dark side is extraordinarily exciting, it adds so much colour to each day. Struggling with Yin and Yang is a hurdle, all those on a spiritual quest must endure with love.

Moderator: (reminder: Moderator is presently juggling three fine chat guests: Ben, VH [disguised as David Kemper, naturally) and Tim)

TimFerrier: Talyn was designed in the first season by Ricky Eyres. Conceptually they wanted something 1930s, totalitarian look ... Metropolis for eg.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Virginia, Happy Birthday! (a few days early, I know) If you can't tell us about upcoming Farscape episodes, can you tell us a bit about your upcoming BeastMaster or Xena episodes?
Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator>: Hello, Tim! Short of the DRD's, I can't remember any other purely mechanical beings in Farscape (ex. Robots, etc.). Is that something you'd like to tackle in FS?

VirginiaHey: I'm an old hand at travelling dear scifigrrl, I first lived in the States in 1986 in NY for a year followed by various visits to Ca. Yes Ben has headed me towards the West Coast for some surfing and down south for some home cooking. XXX

Ben: Rowan and Ian our directors strapped me in that chair and left me there for three days... I remain unbroken. But I fully admit Wayne scared the bejezzus out of me.

Moderator: <Badnasser> to <Moderator>: VH: My Step son keeps asking me this: When kind of plant is Zhaan? What plant on earth would you compare her to?
Moderator: <Scapefan> to <Moderator>: Hey there Ben, did you laugh the first take during the scene with Scorpy wearing a hawaiian shirt?

TimFerrier: Sure I'd love to design some robots but the writer haven't presented us with that yet.

VirginiaHey: Dear Lolaahn, just had my yearly exams, now I'm into second year of the current course I'm studying, I adore it
VirginiaHey: with all my heart

Moderator: <liloleme> to <Moderator>: tim, with all the drd's getting smashed and shot and crushed and blown up, is there any danger of running out of them?

Ben: I laughed when I read it... But was appalled to see that Scorpie was wearing a shirt that I own.

Moderator: <Kaeryn> to <Moderator>: Hi Ben, will the con in burbank be your first? Are you looking forward happily or warily about meeting your fans?

TimFerrier: No danger of running out, we have a production line just pumping them out!!

VirginiaHey: Thank you for the birthday wishes, it's Monday, Jayce66 XXXXXX. Haven't seen any scripts yet for Beastmaster or Xena yet, thanks for asking XXXX

Moderator: <kronos2000> to <Moderator>: To all, was Crackers as fun to make as it was to watch/

VirginiaHey: Hi Badnasser, She's a succulent of course! ha ha ha

Ben: Burbank would be my first. Having seen Galaxy Quest... I'm taking suggestions for opening lines.... how about "You can be more"?

Moderator: <doubleA> to <Moderator>: Ben: What are your plans for the break? Any movies/guest appearances in the works?

TimFerrier: The challenge was to see how many crackers we could get in Rygel's mouth.

Moderator: How many boxes of crackers were used on that one, Tim?
Moderator: (the whole ep, not just Rygel's mouth)

Ben: Waiting for any offer of work. Monday... I will be surfing.

Moderator: <PyeCat2> to <Moderator>: Suggestion for Ben's opening line ..."Where's my damn ice cream?"
Moderator: <MasterYoda> to <Moderator>: Ben, how about "WHAT is the matter with you people!?" as an opening line?
Moderator: Moderator humbly suggests: "Humans are superior!!!!"

TimFerrier: The factory is STILL baking.

Moderator: <Badnasser> to <Moderator>: To all of our honored guests: What was your favorite episode? and What is your least favorite episode?

Ben: How about "what is wrong with you people?" ep 1 season 1

Moderator: Nah, too Shatner.

Ben: whoops
Ben: beaten to the punch

VirginiaHey: Of course we don't have any least favourite episodes, we love every single one of them dearly.
VirginiaHey: Back and Back and Back to the Future is one of my favourites.

TimFerrier: You haven't seen my favourite yet.

Moderator: <QARC> to <Moderator>: Tim, Most difficultr set to design.
Moderator: <Vanessa> to <Moderator>: Ben or Virginia, do you get recognised more in Australia now that the show's airing here?
Moderator: <BeerBuddha> to <Moderator>: For Ben and Virginia: any "local" recognition in Australia since the show has aired? Any body stopping you in the streets yet?

TimFerrier: The one that is due to be finished by tomorrow ...
TimFerrier: .. which is most of them!

Moderator: <LrdBowler> to <Moderator>: tim, what kind of crackers were those in CDM? They don't look like any we have on the shelf at the local supermart.

Ben: Have not been recognised... luckily I look nothing like the wanted posters.

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Hey, Ben...have you ever been hurt preparing for or filming an ep...you know, we SACCers try to keep an eye out for you..(and that can get painful, too) *grin*

VirginiaHey: The show's only been on in Australia for a few weeks, but already people are shouting out "Hi Zhaan" in the street. XXXXX

TimFerrier: They were made from my mum's secret recipe ... each was handcarved from fine Tasmanian ash ..

Moderator: <Tom17> to <Moderator>: Virginia im from the uk, do u ever visit the uk ?

Ben: Dabee... I get bumped, bruised, cut at least once a week... a week without pain is a week without Farscape.

Moderator: <Badnasser> to <Moderator>: To Ben: Do you ever feel any friction between yourself Gigi, Anthony, and Ginny because they have to get up earier in the morning than you? (Make up)

VirginiaHey: Hi Tom17, I lived there for 27 years and there are a string of broken hearts left in my wake .... ha ha ha ;)

Ben: There might be if any of us ever actually got any sleep.

Moderator: <Kaeryn> to <Moderator>: VH: first off thanks for the wonderful emails. sorry to recycle this but will burbank be your first con?

Ben: Gigi... usually calls me to let me know she's leaving for work.

Moderator: <LadyJade> to <Moderator>: Ben, do you find that the second season for you has been more challenging acting wise than the first season?
Moderator: <CB> to <Moderator>: Tim, what prop are you really proud to have made?

VirginiaHey: Yes, Burbank will be my very first convension and I'm looking forward to seeing you all XXX

Moderator: <AMuse> to <Moderator>: Hi Ben and Virginia! You and the rest of the cast appear to be in great physical shape! Do any of you keep a regular physical regime? If so, share your secrets to staying in shape?

Ben: Season two presented a different challenge. We built off of the first year, but were not saddled with creating the world and characters.

VirginiaHey: Yes we all beat Ben up regularly :)

Ben: David Kemper did seem intent in season two on driving us further over the cliff.

TimFerrier: There is a chair coming up in "The Ugly Truth" which I'm really proud of. Plus I love any prop that makes Ben uncomfortable. I feel I've done my job properly then.

Moderator: Everyone: tell us, what is Rygel *really* like?

Ben: Tim... that is SOOOOO true.

VirginiaHey: Next year, there may be even children and small animals beating Chrichton up.

Ben: next year time has to test drive any device he builds for me.
Ben: he will be sooo sorry.

Moderator: <Vandi60> to <Moderator>: For Tim, What was the green junk they plastered Ben with. (in Crackers Don't Matter)
Moderator: <Trinity26> to <Moderator>: Hi Ben!! What is it like to work with Lani Tupu? Is he as serious as he says?

TimFerrier: Rygel is great when he gets a few drinks into him.
TimFerrier: Vomit.

Ben: it was VOMIT?
Ben: Yes.

Moderator: Virginia, a lot of fans are asking about your website. how's it going?
Moderator: <MaKeever> to <Moderator>: Tim, did you come up with the hysterical outfit for him when he confronted T'raltixx?

Ben: Lani is great to work with... and looks especially cute in his Pilot costume.

Moderator: <wickedgame> to <Moderator>: Ben, any plans to set up a web page liken to the lovely VH?

TimFerrier: That kind of stupidity could only come from DKemper.

Ben: no plans for a webpage.

Moderator: <DaniRoyer> to <Moderator>: Ben, Virginia: Do you think you'll be recognized a lot when you visit the US?

VirginiaHey: David Kemper keeps me locked in the Scrip Writer's cupboard, naked, promising me a starring role in his upcomming movie.... I'm still waiting for the movie.....can't get to my PC... ha ha

Ben: have no Idea... you tell me.

Moderator: <RhayleRihannsu> to <Moderator>: Ben, do have any suprises for us at the Con in Burbank?
Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Tim, as a former theatre techie, I know I have been aquainted with what we called "man eating scenery"..have you ever had scenery or a prop that seemed to delight in going after the actors?

VirginiaHey: I'll be updating my site in the break, I haven't had a chance to even look at the site for some time now but look forward to playing with it and updating you all soon. XXX

Ben: I'm far more concerned with what you guys will suprise me with

Moderator: Attention: reinforcements from the Moderator Corps have been sent!

* Ben trembles with nervous anticipation *

Moderator: Please send questions for Ben (and Ben ONLY) to Moderator 2.
Moderator: I will continue to take questions for Virginia and Tim.

Ben: The whole con thing scares me... be gentle.

Moderator: We now resume our regularly scheduled chat...

VirginiaHey: Hi DaniRoyer, not many people really know what I look like out of my make up, so I doubt I will be recognised. xxxx

Moderator: <Trinity26> to <Moderator>: Hi Virginia!! How do you find the time to take classes with Farscapes schedule?

Moderator2: <Cush> to <Moderator2>: Virinia, if Delvians are evolved Flora, are Sanctity Roots their original form, or are they what gave life to the Delvians?

TimFerrier: We try and keep the really dangerous scenery on a short rein ... but occasionally a piece goes rogue!

Ben: the man builds with death and mayhem in mind!

VirginiaHey: I study each Saturday Trinity26. In fact I've just started a new course which is on Sunday mornings too. xxx

Moderator: <Operator-None> to <Moderator>: Tim, after kicking the DRDs around all day, which cast member do you send down to the local dump for replacement parts? Seriously, how many DRDs do you have and or have gone through?
Moderator: <smushybutt> to <Moderator>: Hi Virginia! Will you have time to take a much needed vacation during the hiatus?

TimFerrier: Actually the DRDs have injured far more actors than the other way around. We've got millions on the way to WalMart.

VirginiaHey: Hi Cush, no they are not related in that way. Delvians are sentient life forms, sanctity roots are the equivalent of the Tree of Life. No relationship beyond that. XXXX

Moderator: <QARC> to <Moderator>: Virg, your thoughts about the upcoming Conv.?

DavidKemper: VH: Hi smushybutt darling, yes of course, I'm very much into looking after myself, mind body and spirit XXXX

* Ben sits quietly waiting. *

Moderator: <Lynyrd--> to <Moderator>: VH: In season two .. do we get to see any new abilities of your character ?
Moderator: <Helga> to <Moderator>: Tim, how exactly do the DRDs work in RL? Are they radio-operated or what?

Moderator: <Quicksilver> to <Moderator>: tim - what do u use for the DRD motors? simple rc-cars?

VirginiaHey: Hi Qarc, no thoughts beyond very much looking forward to seeing all of your faces, smiling back at me :) xxxx
DavidKemper: VH: You'll just have to wait and see Lynyard-- hee hee xxx

Moderator2: <Amra> to <Moderator2>: Ben. Is it true that you really do resort to the rocks scissors paper game when you have to settle disputes on set?

Moderator: <IvanovaAeryn> to <Moderator>: Hi Virginia! Will Zhaan find romance any time soon?

TimFerrier: They are radio operated. eACH HAs its own controller .. and personality ...

Moderator: <AutumnH> to <Moderator>: Tim, how can I get a DRD? Who do I have to bribe. I need one on my puter desk!
Moderator: (that goes for me too, Tim)

Ben: Depends... arm wrestling... fist fights... Parlimentary Debates... and coin tosses have all been used to decide major things like... should John and Areyn kiss.
Ben: I lost... Claudia is a lot stronger than she looks.

Moderator2: <CHIANASGECKO> to <Moderator2>: Ben: any chance we will see more sparks fly between yours and gigi's character this season? romantically i mean.

VirginiaHey: Hi IvanovaAeryn, in fact the person that Zhaan falls in love with is standing right behind me, right now...ha ha ha can't tell you any more than that! XXXX

TimFerrier: At this stage I don't know when or where they might be available ... we have a small colonu here but they don't like to stray too far from homebush bay

Moderator: <Rayne> to <Moderator>: VH, what kind of make-up do they use for Zhaan, I'm trying to convince my friend to be a Delvian for Halloween!
Moderator: <shangrila> to <Moderator>: Tim, will we see more of Moya or other places in season three?

Ben: There's always a chance... spoilers are into David Kemper territory... get him back here!

Moderator: (for those who are just joining us, "David Kemper" is actually now Virginia Hey -- and I've lost track of all the rest...)

TimFerrier: Heaps of new places and we are constantly exploring Moya.

Moderator2: <writerRach¨> to <Moderator2>: Ben: What do your kids think about the show and your role in it?

Moderator: <jedikatie> to <Moderator>: Tim, how many tiers does Moya actually have?

TimFerrier: Tiers where??

Ben: My young one is in for a huge shock/dissappointment when the truth comes out. I'm not really an astronaut! Makes the whole Santa thing seem trivial.

Moderator2: <shangrila> to <Moderator2>: Ben, Welcome! Does your child/children have an Aussie accent yet?

Ben: pass on the Accent thing.

Moderator: We're actually scheduled to wrap up shortly...we can go for another 20 minutes or so. Please holler over to the set and let anyone who wants in know they've got about 20 minutes...

Moderator2: <GinnyRED57> to <Moderator2>: Ben - a lot of Farscape jokes have entered our lexicon - like "mippippippi" and "Earpman." Any good new ones you can share (without David hitting you)?

VirginiaHey: Hi Rayne, In season one the base was liquid plastic, in season two the base is greasepaint. The entire make up takes three hours to apply. There are many layers of water based spray paint, stencilled patterns, sponged tints, powdered colours applied by brush and standard blue eye liner, eye pencil and mascara. It is actually very complicated, far too involved to go into much more detail at this time. XXXXXX

TimFerrier: I am heading back to work now. Thanks and bye everyone

Moderator: Thanks for stopping by, Tim. Enjoy your holidays!

Ben: it's not the hitting that worries me... pain I can take. I just don't want to get fired... but two words... Jackench Cockpit.

Moderator: <Scaper> to <Moderator>: To anyone: What is Anthony like while filming? How is he to work with?

Moderator2: <shangrila> to <Moderator2>: Ben, what was your first reaction when you found out you had to move to Australia for Farscape?

Ben: AUSTRALIA!!!???
Ben: where's that?
Ben: I was rarin to go.

Moderator: We are joined by director Rowan Woods!
Moderator: Send questions to Rowan my way, please...

Ben: everyone knows Oz has the most beautiful people in the world... and the surf is bitchin.

RowanWoods: Hello!

Moderator2: <Operator-None> to <Moderator2>: Hello Ben. How cool was it to go from the John Glenn astornaut duds to the Terminator leathers?

Ben: It was HOT
Ben: literally and figuratively

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Rowan...what was your biggest directing challenge in Season two?

Ben: Terry Ryan did us proud with the new look.

RowanWoods: Getting Ben to be sincere ...

Moderator2: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator2>: {{{Ben!}}} Would you ever like to get BEHIND the camera (and away from the fists, falls and kicks) and direct an episode yourself?


Moderator: <MarryMeAeryn> to <Moderator>: Rowan, so glad you can join us . . . how many episodes have you directed for season two?

RowanWoods: Take me to the asylum! Browder can have my job.

Ben: you don't want to sart a flame war with me... we have a room full of SACCERS.

RowanWoods: 5 this season, 9 total.
RowanWoods: flame away baby!!

Virginia-Hey: Hello again

Ben: I would love to direct... but I lost that wrestling match with Rowan

RowanWoods: He couldn't reach around my waistline and I dropped him in 2 rounds.

Ben: when I get the shot... first person I cast is Rowan Woods... "hey Row... I've got this chair for you..."

Moderator: <LadyJade> to <Moderator>: Rowan, besides directing for Farscape are there any other aspects of the show that you contribe to?

Moderator2: <liloleme> to <Moderator2>: ben, do you realize how many people drool over you? what's your reaction to that?

Virginia-Hey: The very beautiful, exciting, sassy, salacious, siren girl, sexy, grey angel is sitting right beside me and wants to say hello

RowanWoods: nooooo not the chair!!!

Moderator: <maks1000uk> to <Moderator>: Virginia, have you ever studied any martial arts such as Tai-Chi?

RowanWoods: Danger danger Will Robinson

Ben: I let to big guy win... He cries when he loses.

RowanWoods: I admit it

Moderator: Might that be Gigi?

Ben: ask him... he cries on cue.

RowanWoods: I'm a big soppy sentimental fool. That's was I love a Ricky Manning script.

Ben: Drool...

Virginia-Hey: When I was 17 I studied Judo and Karate, I have a blue belt in Judo and only and orange in Karate. Kodokan discipline.

Ben: drool?
Ben: uh...

RowanWoods: No more blue gags

Ben: drool?
Ben: is that a good thing?

RowanWoods: Gotta go gang, got a finale to direct!!
RowanWoods: Bye now!

Virginia-Hey: I have to go back to set now, I love you all I'll speak to you soon and if I could give every single one of you a big hug I would right now. Love you, see you all august XXXXXX

Ben: I have had babies drool on me... love them babies.

Moderator: Thanks for stopping by Rowan & Virginia!

Moderator2: <Quicksilver> to <Moderator2>: ben - what do u use as inspiration for your (frequent) psychotic scenes?

Moderator: Gigi will be online with us momentarily...questions for her can come to me.
Moderator: I believe I spy Tony Tilse among us, too...

Ben: Farscape is it's own psychotic inspiration.

TonyTilse: Hi everyone

Ben: serious... The process of doing this show is totally nuts.

Moderator2: Please direct all Ben Browder questions to me, Moderator2.

Moderator: Tony, are you directing today or just coming by for the free lunch?

TonyTilse: Both!
TonyTilse: It is a fine line.

Ben: creative insanity runs rampant here in homebush.

Moderator: And Gigi is here as well. Hi

Ben: Hi gigi

Fweakn: hey ben

Ben: she's Fweakin insane.

Fweakn: hey dudes...what doin?

Moderator: I'll take all the questions for Tony and Gigi. Keep sendin' one for Ben to Moderator2.

Fweakn: Ben sweeping you off ya feet...hehehehe

Ben: And Tilse!
Ben: Tilse!

Fweakn: ohhhhh...of course

Moderator: <Ooshati> to <Moderator>: What up, Chi? How's it feel to have a whole season under your belt?

Fweakn: woooohooooo
Fweakn: let's play

Fweakn: hehehehe...hehhee
Fweakn: hahahah...BWAAAHHHH

Moderator: <stargatetravler> to <Moderator>: Hi Tony! How many eps have you directed and which one was your fav?

Moderator2: <codeaddict> to <Moderator2>: <32codeaddict> to <Moderator> Hi Ben, you're such a hottie. Sorry but I had to say that on behalf of all the gal Scapers. Ben will Aeryn and John get together at all in season 2?

Fweakn: it's goin' wacky in here
Fweakn: just how we like it
Fweakn: ooooohhh...benny boy

Ben: Gi... tell em... it's crazy here.

Fweakn: it's CRAZY here
Fweakn: not before chi has his wee babe
Fweakn: hehehee...heheh

Ben: On or off screen?

TonyTilse: 10 eps ... favourite was The Way We Weren't


Moderator: <Neurowannachickwithgun> to <Moderator>: Hi GiGi...what are you looking forward to the most on your trip to the US?

Fweakn: :)
Fweakn: playing with you guys
Fweakn: seeing ...meeting the people that have helped this show to live....

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Tony, what has been YOUR biggest directing challenge this season?

Ben: the future of J/A is a highly guarded Australian state secret.

TonyTilse: Ben Browder

Fweakn: saame
Fweakn: saaaaaammmmeee

Ben: OH... man...

Fweakn: it's on

Ben: you are so dead

Fweakn: thee crowds a cheering
Fweakn: bring out the big guns
Fweakn: sozza bout the spelling

Ben: and I thought you wanted to direct on Farsape next year

Fweakn: as you may be able to tell the boys need a monitor

* Ben throw big yank actor tantrum *

Fweakn: ,....moderator

Moderator: I'm a moderator, but not a mediator...

Fweakn: hehehehehee

Moderator: <CB> to <Moderator>: Gigi, do you feel that Chiana has grown up some during her time on Moya so far and is continuing to grow as a character?

Fweakn: rock and roll....
Fweakn: Ben and to could probably answer that one better

TonyTilse: Seiously, the complexity of the show is the main thing - the scripts kep getting bigger and better!

Fweakn: though I think she's beggining to show a little more maturity....because of her connections with moya's crew
Fweakn: I'd keep and eye on her though...

Moderator2: <Hoproman> to <Moderator2>: to Ben. Hi, is the Society Against Cruelty to Crichton (SACC) going to be happy or upset with the rest of Season2?

Moderator: <kronos2000> to <Moderator>: Hi Gigi, one of your Chianites here. Does Chiana find love this season?

Fweakn: I've gotta run off to set...and stop hogg'n the pooter.....signing out....all my luff and faeriest of kisses
Fweakn: :)
Fweakn: Gi

Moderator: Thanks for the visit, Gi. :)

Fweakn: she finds alot of interesting things.....

Ben: The SACC will be picketing David Kemper's office.

Fweakn: gotta go...gotta go....
Fweakn: :)

Moderator: <LadyJade> to <Moderator>: Tony, on directing TWWW, how did you get that "emotional response' with Pilot, John & Aeryn?

Fweakn: play soon
Fweakn: ;)

Moderator2: <Gmmas> to <Moderator2>: Ben: are you looking forward to season 3? Have the producers/writers given you hints of what's to come, or do they leave you in the dark?

Moderator: Come back any time, Gigi.
Moderator: Someone will be here, I'm sure. ;)

Ben: I finished my final shot of season two... one and a half hours ago
Ben: Bring on season three... I'm ready.
Ben: but... they do have to write the scripts first.

TonyTilse: It was a really well-written scene and it was shot at the end of the shoot which enabled everyone to be in the moment

Moderator2: <Jayce66> to <Moderator2>: Ben: I know the Farscape writers aren't allowed to read any of the fan fiction on the web, but have you ever read any of it? What did you think?

Moderator: JohnBrumpton is here -- a new name for Farscape fans, if I'm not mistaken.
Moderator: John, can you introduce yourself?

Ben: Tony Tilse... is so THE MAN!
Ben: TWWW is a beatifully directed piece.

Moderator: John?

Ben: It would be sucking up... except it's true.

JohnBrumpton: G'day, I play a character you'll see Friday night by the name of B'sogg. He's one hansome, tough dude.

TonyTilse: It's all a team effort

Ben: I don't know how his brain works... but it borders on genius.

Moderator: What do you make of all this Farscape stuff, John?
Moderator: <DaniRoyer> to <Moderator>: Tony, TWWW was amazing. Are you looking forward to directing in season 3? What types of episodes do you like to direct?

Ben: Tony's Brain works by team effort?

Moderator2: <Dabee> to <Moderator2>: Ben...any chance we will see your kids in the show? Or are they even interested in being actors like Mom and Dad?

JohnBrumpton: I think its quite amazing. The incredible sets, incredible costumes, incredible stories and really wonderful people to work with.

Ben: no comment on the chillun.

Moderator2: <EPG> to <Moderator2>: ben , they say that you and anthony are the only ones that do pranks on each other, but have any of the others gotten in on them, and what was the best prank you pulled, and you fell for.

TonyTilse: Can't wait for season 3, and I like any eps that come out of the script dept!

Ben: we don't do pranks...
Ben: no really

Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator>: to John, not having seen the ep yet, is the B'Sogg character wearing a lot of heavy makeup?

Ben: it's all hyper serious.
Ben: cept... I'm actually david Kemper.
Ben: it's just fun to pretend to be Ben
Ben: he's so cute.

JohnBrumpton: Oh yes, it took one hour to put on, and I still can't get it all off.

Ben: and strong

* Moderator wonders what if they've ALL just been David Kemper... *

Ben: and smart.

TonyTilse: Maybe fewer eps with Ben in season 3??
TonyTilse: hee hee hee

Moderator: <NA-Tek> to <Moderator>: John, if I understand correctly you're going to be a guest star this week. Just curious, how muchdid you know about Farscape before doing the part?

Moderator2: <Zerber> to <Moderator2>: Hi Ben, another carolina boy here. where did the hawaiian shirt in CDM come from? Oz? or USA? (gotta have one!!)

Moderator: <CraisLover> to <Moderator>: Tony, Other than Farscape, what do you like to direct or what would you like to work on during hiatus?

Moderator2: CDM - 'Crackers Don't Matter'

Ben: That's an Oz product... it actually depicted Sydney.
Ben: cool shirts

JohnBrumpton: I didn't know anything about Farscape, as it hadn't been screened here. One of the producers had seen my previous screen work and offered me the role of B'Sogg. I read the script and watched a couple of episodes of series one and immediately said yes.

Ben: Mambo... loud shirts

Moderator2: <notsoEvil-Ed> to <Moderator2>: Ben - Do you have any other projects you are working on during the break?

TonyTilse: I am currently helping to set up a contemporary Aus drama series during the break

Moderator: I've been asked to post a list of which guests we have with us in the room.
Moderator: Frankly, I have no idea.

Ben: not yet

Moderator: Does it matter?

Moderator2: <Jayce66> to <Moderator2>: Ben, what are you looking forward to the most when you get back to the states?

Moderator: <Sifaria> to <Moderator>: For JohnBrumpton Hello, and wondered if you speak fluent Farscapeze yet? :)

Ben: diet mountain dew...
Ben: goo goo clusters
Ben: mary janes
Ben: mom
Ben: dad
Ben: stock car racin

Moderator: <BigNoseBob> to <Moderator>: Tony, you are the best director ever. How do you get those cool shots (like the wrench in VM). Also...are you DK?

Ben: check out... www.neilbrowder.com

TonyTilse: I must fly they are calling me. Thanks, bye

Ben: and Malibu!

JohnBrumpton: It took a few days and we had to create an accent, that was way out of this galaxy, so yes I do speak farscapeze.

Moderator2: <Ariadne55> to <Moderator2>: If John Crichton had a superpower, what would it be?

Moderator: <Kaeryn> to <Moderator>: John: what race is your character? (delvian, peacekeeper... or new?)

Ben: I'm still buckin for James Tiberious Kirk's superpower.

FrooniumRicky: I'm back. Ignore everything you've heard since i left.

Moderator2: <MarylandJKoba> to <Moderator2>: Ben, is it true that "Through the looking glass" was partially inspired by you wanting to see Rygel stoned?

Ben: David wanted that

Moderator: So which one of you is actually David Kemper?

Ben: and I beleive it's true.

FrooniumRicky: none of us, thank Khalaan

Ben: That and he wanted to see J and A play charades

JohnBrumpton: He's a miner, running a mining camp. He has a history with Chianna, and is a race all on his own.

Moderator2: <MaKeever> to <Moderator2>: Ben, how do you think Chricton keeps his positive self-image when he is constantly put down upon by all the others? (LOVED that scene with Pilot "Have you checked the pulse LIGHT yet?"

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Ricky: Are any of the scripts going to be made available for sale, or perhaps for bidding at a charity auction? <hint>

FrooniumRicky: What scripts?

Ben: Never thought about a self image thing... hmmm

FrooniumRicky: I've got some old FAME scripts I might be willing to part with...

Moderator2: Please direct all Ben Browder questions to me, Moderator2.

Ben: maybe we should start to worry.... season three, John gets "help" for low self esteem...

Moderator: <ChaoticDreamer> to <Moderator>: John, welcome to the insanity that is a Farscape chat...by they way...did your character harm John is any way? :)
Moderator: <Myrl> to <Moderator>: Ricky: How many puppettry creatures have the Jim Henson gang made for the season? Any matching Namtar in size or design-- as almost can't believe someone's inside of it?

Ben: "come on John... you can do it... open that door..."

JohnBrumpton: Well I have a bit of a spar with Anthony......

Ben: I think John is too busy trying to stay alive to worry about his esteem.

Moderator2: <Cush> to <Moderator2>: Ben: If Crichton put a bumper on FarScape 1, what would it be?

Moderator: Anthony's a big fella -- are you in his weight class?

Ben: "Froonium Free"

Moderator2: <AlphaWolf260> to <Moderator2>: Ben, Do you have any plans to do any traveling, or anything else while here in the us, or is the convention your main focus?

FrooniumRicky: ohhhhh, yeah
FrooniumRicky: Some interesting new villains that make NamTar look wimpy

Ben: Family is the main focus when i get stateside.
Ben: We will see where else the winds blow us.

Moderator: <non> to <Moderator>: Ricky: They never listen to any music aboard Moya. Don't they have a space radio or something?

Moderator2: <CraisLover> to <Moderator2>: Ben, How is the fmaily dealing with all the insanity of your stardom?

JohnBrumpton: Yes, I give him a good run for his money, a real good run in fact. I don't like John Crichton and I give him a bit of a go as well. B'Sogg is one, sexy street fighting man.

Ben: The insanity is in making the show.
Ben: the hours are the hard part

Moderator: <CraisLover> to <Moderator>: John, What else have you done besides the Farscape episode and do you think your charac will be coming back in Season 3?

FrooniumRicky: Leviathans have notoriously bad reception

Ben: I really could use an extra 8 hours a day
Ben: then at least I could get some sleep.

FrooniumRicky: David's back and gonna take this terminal -- hang on --

Moderator2: Forgive me if I asked this question already. I can't remember.
Moderator2: <Jayce66> to <Moderator2>: Ben: I know the Farscape writers aren't allowed to read any of the fan fiction on the web, but have you ever read any of it? What did you think?

Ben: yes... I have. should i not?
Ben: I think there are some fine writers doing fanfic.
Ben: but... I do not get a lot of time to read much these days. Plus imagine the confusion it could cause me.

JohnBrumpton: On Farscape anything is possible so you'll have to wait and see in Season 3. My work history is that I've been acting for 10 years here in Australia. I've walked up the red carpet Cannes Film Festival for the film Dance me to my Song. I've written a feature film called, Life, which won the critics prize at the Toronto Film festival as well as that I've done heaps of theatre and television here in Australia. I like to surf though, just like Ben.

Moderator: <WarriorWoman> to <Moderator>: What is B'Sogg's sexiest quality?

Moderator2: <QuietI> to <Moderator2>: Ben, do you have any experience firing real weapons? Do you get "training sessions" on the PK weapons, or do they just improve your aim in post-production?

JohnBrumpton: A nice big head to get in the right places :)

Moderator: <CHIANASGECKO> to <Moderator>: To john brumpton: your character wont hurt chiana will he? cause man that would just be bad ;(

Ben: I grew up doin the hunting and fishing thing. Gun safety was drilled into our wee little heads. even having a toy gun pointed my direction makes me jittery.

Moderator: DK, you back?

Moderator2: <stargatetravler> to <Moderator2>: Ben, what would you like to see done on the show that hasn't been done it?

Kemper: I am here, friendly Moderator. Can we go a few more minutes for
Kemper: some final questions before we all log off?

JohnBrumpton: My character has a lot of different things he'd like to do to and with Chianna.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Mr. Kemper, having written a 'timeline re-set' episode of "Star Trek: Voyager", you're not planning to do a 'timline re-set' episode of "Farscape", are you?

Kemper: Whatever we do, IF we do, it will be Farscape.

Ben: I live in fear of what is to come. And any idea I might have would be twisted by Kemper/Monjo/Manning in such a way to rally the SACC into a frenzy.

Moderator: Hey, I've got one: what do you think about "The Adventures of Captain Crais in the Uncharted Territories" as an animated series for SCIFI.COM?

Moderator2: <BigNoseBob> to <Moderator2>: Ben, do you think you will ever get revenge for all the punishment dealt to you (Crichton)?

Kemper: That's one for the powers that be at Sci Fi in N.Y.

Moderator: <Elnea> to <Moderator>: For DK: On the BB, it seems that many fans are "older" (as in 30s-40s, and most are women. Do you aim towards that audience?

Ben: I will have my revenge.

Kemper: When I'm in the bars, yes.

Ben: I'm plotting as we type.
Ben: Kemper better look out.

Moderator2: <pippin> to <Moderator2>: Ben -What's worse, being a human in a place where people look like you but talk funny, or being an American in a place where people look like you but talk funny?

Kemper: As for the show -- I think good drama has to do with core human values, relationships, loves and hates. I feel that these are issues that appeal to men and women universally.

Moderator: <AutumnH> to <Moderator>: Which new villian is your favorite? No spoilers, just an episode number will do.

JohnBrumpton: I'm heading back to the set, I hope you all enjoy the episode Friday night! Bye Bye

Moderator: Thanks for the visit, John.

Kemper: It's a race that makes for great bad guys. Ever hear of "Scarrans" -- the other half of Scorpius?

Moderator: <CHIANASGECKO> to <Moderator>: Kemper: any chance we will discover more about the origins of the leviathan ships this season?

Ben: They don't talk funny... I do. As they are happy to remind me.

Moderator2: <Amra2> to <Moderator2>: Ben, we all have noticed that your Character has been portrayed somewhat more darkly, does this contintue throughout Season 2?

Kemper: Perhaps more about their origins -- perhaps more about their deaths.

Moderator: If my (bleary) eyes don't deceive me, we have Sean Masterson with us.

Ben: David???...

Kemper: Ben and darkly? I can comment. We will put more light on him next year.

Moderator: Sean is one of the genius operators of Pilot.

SeanMasterson: Hi everyone I may have to dash back to set any second, but wanted to say hi.

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: David and Ricky, was there any one thing you learned working on various "Star Trek" episodes that has helped you a lot working on "Farscape"?

Ben: That actually means... I will be toasted on a spit over an alien heat source.

Kemper: Yes. Try to make Farscapes exciting.

Moderator: Got time for 1 or 2 questions, Sean?

FrooniumRicky: Eschew technobabble.

Moderator: <FarscapeFan> to <Moderator>: Mr. Kemper, any news about The Farscape Movie?

Moderator2: <Jayce66> to <Moderator2>: Ben, do you ever worry about being typecast for sci-fi roles, the longer "Farscape" stays on the air?

Kemper: Hey, Ricky's a sesquipedalian.

FrooniumRicky: Untrue, I only have three legs.

Ben: No. Should I?

SeanMasterson: yes please fire away

Moderator: <Jayce66> to <Moderator>: Hi, Sean. Do you like the season 2 Pilot puppet better than the season 1 Pilot puppet?
Moderator: (hey, Jayce66 got one from each moderator simultaneously! nice job, Jayce!)

SeanMasterson: Sandy Stevens is also here with me also, production co-ordinator if there are any questions.

Ben: Farscape is ideally situated at Scifi. On a network, I might worry... But that predjudice is dying in hollywood, as hollywood embraces Scifi.

Moderator: <Trinity26> to <Moderator>: Any plans for Crais getting a girlfriend? He's got to be lonely out there.

SeanMasterson: There was no change in the actual puppet but programming was different.

Moderator2: <Starcrossedvagabond> to <Moderator2>: ben - do you have a hard time finding "southern cooking" in australia?


Kemper: Crais and a girlfriend. Oh, are you all gonna be surprised.

Moderator: Hey, Sandy, what's a production coordinator?

Ben: Can't get Crisco... Southern cuisine is a goner.

SandyStevens: I organise EVERYONE!

* Moderator <---- DK, Ricky, Sean & Sandy questions, please. *

Moderator2: <CB> to <Moderator2>: Ben, during the episode "A Human Reaction", we can see a picture of John during his high school years in a football uniform. And in "Mind the Baby" we see John teaching D'argo Rock, Paper, Scissors. Do you think that John would teach D'argo and Aeryn how to play football?

SandyStevens: From the smallest to the largest detail, that's my job.

Moderator: <QARC> to <Moderator>: David, Here's a difficult question that some of your other mystery guests might want to answer : What is the main REASON for your participation in Farscape: a. the money b. the story, premise, c. the production, d. the cast e. the fun? Please elaborat

Ben: Touch or Tackle?
Ben: it has potential.

Moderator: <punkRockgrrrl> to <Moderator>: sean, how much prep work goes into each day with Pilot?

Ben: Perhaps we could use Rygel for kicking practice.

SeanMasterson: Hours and hours of work ( they are arguing about it here in truth)

Moderator2: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator2>: Ben, if Crichton could have anything from Earth, what would it be?

SeanMasterson: Production seems to disagree with puppetry

Kemper: Attention: we're too lazy to change the nick, but Kemper is now Lil Taylor, script goddess

Ben: Music

Moderator: Kemper = Taylor, Sean = Sean + Sandy, Moderator = hopelesesly lost
Moderator: <MasterYoda> to <Moderator>: What exactly does a "script goddess" do?

Moderator2: And the last and final question for Mr, Browder tonight is:
Moderator2: <shangrila> to <Moderator2>: Ben, your immediate plans tonite after the chat? Sleep or surfing?

Kemper: welcome to Farscape

Moderator: <TracicarT> to <Moderator>: Mr. Masterson - who is considered the lead on Rygel now that John E. is gone (and has anyone heard from him)?

Ben: Have a beer with Kemper and discuss season three.

LilTaylor: When I'm naked or fully dressed!!!

Ben: tommorrow morning... surf.

Moderator: <Neurowannachickwithgun> to <Moderator>: Lil: How did you get started in the business? Any tips for the aspiring writers out here? :)

Ben: next two weeks... reaquaint myself with my family.

SeanMasterson: Hi TracicarT, Tim Mieville is now lead on Rygel. John E. is very busy in England doing a show called Live and Kicking

LilTaylor: Keep writing! If that fails make sure you take your executive Producer for lots of late night drinking sessions.

Moderator2: Thank you for joing us tonight Ben. Enjoy your time off and we look forward to the rest of the seaon. Here is something that we all feel about you and the show, summed up by a chatter tonight:

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Hey, Sandy! What is the most difficult task you have to perform....and what gives you the most joy?

Moderator2: <QARC> to <Moderator2>: Ben, thank you for a great season. we see that this takes a lot of devotion, hard work and, we all appreciate the time you provide to share in moments such as these!

Ben: gotta go.... thanks for comin ya'll.

LilTaylor: Unfortunately this never works with DK.

Moderator: Lil, when's the wrap party?

Ben: and thanks for having us.
Ben: bye

SeanMasterson: Sandy just left but she said working with the puppetiers is the best and most joyful part of her job

Moderator: lol!

LilTaylor: Tomorrow night in a very cool night club in Sydney.

Moderator2: Thank you Ben. Bye.

Moderator: <paulb104> to <Moderator>: Hi Sean!!! Have you heard of the fan club FaDoP? That's Friends and Defenders of Pilot. Anything you'd like to say to us? :-)
Moderator: <PKAce> to <Moderator>: Kemper/Lil, their has been a lot of talk about the Princess trilogy. What sort of things can we expect from those episodes?

FrooniumRicky: I'm ba-ack

Kemper: Kemper here -- The Princess Trilogy is my love poem to the cast. And I have three words for you: "Jakench cockpit" and "kissing."

SeanMasterson: Yes, I know all about you guys, there is some really good pilot scenes coming up this season. Keep watching FaDoP will be so proud!!!!! Pilot is going to the Carribean for the break, catching some rhythms and rays.
SeanMasterson: The puppeteers however will spending most of the break at the chiropractors.

FrooniumRicky: Ladies and gentlemen --
FrooniumRicky: The god of shippers
FrooniumRicky: The one, the only --
FrooniumRicky: MONJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FrooniumRicky: Unfortunately, he's walked out.
FrooniumRicky: Ben, get the monj in here!
FrooniumRicky: Ben and Monj are arguing in the next room, so...

Moderator: Let's see...anybody out there have a great "final question" for our last (I promise) 5 minutes of chat?

FrooniumRicky: Evidently not.

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: To all.....what is the biggest challenge you, as a group, have had to overcome this season?

FrooniumRicky: Dlyslexia.

SeanMasterson: Fee is here, the trusty arms of Rygel and Pilot and our newest full time puppeteer (the first chick component of the troup)

FrooniumRicky: I mean, dylslexia.

Kemper: Ben.

FrooniumRicky: You know what I mean.
FrooniumRicky: 2nd biggest: trying to keep topping ourselves week after week

Kemper: yicky sah aixelslyd.

Moderator: <Kosh> to <Moderator>: In 30 years time do you envisage Farscape : The next generation?

Kemper: None of us will be alive, so perhaps YOU can make that show.

Moderator: <Sidhesong1> to <Moderator>: Will there EVER be tours of the Farscape set, etc?

SeanMasterson: Other than putting up with Ben you mean? Well, the early mornings, the gruelling schedules.

FrooniumRicky: In 30 years time I envision being in Fiji, teaching TV writing to the local virgins.
FrooniumRicky: if any.

Kemper: We have a closed set for security, health, and production reasons. So the answer, unfortunately, is no. No public tours.

Moderator: Actually, while we still have 150+ people here...

SeanMasterson: I'm heading back to the set now for Pilot's last scene..... Great to see you all here. Thanks very much!

Moderator: I'd like to point out that if all of you go and join the Science Fiction Academy and vote in next year's Saturn Awards,
Moderator: Farscape will SWEEP 'em.
Moderator: There's some information about how to join somewhere at www.mothership.com.

FrooniumRicky: Monj has asked us to say he's a man of mystery.

SeanMasterson: Is there a category for puppeteers?

Moderator: If someone finds it, send it to me and I'll post it.
Moderator: Do puppets count as 'supporting actors,' Sean?

FrooniumRicky: I.e., he's too much of a hotshot to speak to anybody.

SeanMasterson: Sean is gone but I have Fee and Mario (glider) still here. Mario works with Rygel along with Fee

FrooniumRicky: Besides, Monj never speaks when he's not wearing underpants.

Moderator: <Dabee> to <Moderator>: Fee..what has been your biggest obsticale to overcome with an all male "troup"?

Fee: the b.o. !

Mario: Watch it fee

Fee: The bad jokes too!
Fee: Oh, and occassionally Mario's singing

Mario: (blushes)

Kemper: Moderator -- any more Qs for Manning and Kemper?

Moderator: Mostly boring serious questions and people looking for jobs, DK.

Kemper: Season 3 is hiring now.

FrooniumRicky: Shall we tell them about the Bikini Planet six-parter?

Moderator: My crystal ball tells me it's time to go unmoderated.

Kemper: Kemper here -- I'd like to say goodbye to all our fans, and remind them

FrooniumRicky: that when the string is long, the pig is late

Kemper: that there will be cast, director and producer/writers chats throughout the summer.

FrooniumRicky: or winter, for our Southern Hemisphere fans
FrooniumRicky: if any

Moderator: Ok, here goes...

SeanMasterson: Bye from the Pups!!!!! Thanks for watching, Rygel and Pilot are desperate to the chance to appear at the next Con!!!!