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Chat: Justin Monjo & Rowan Woods

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Chat: Justin Monjo & Rowan Woods

Subject(s): Justin Monjo, Farscape Writer/Producer
& Rowan Woods, Farscape Director
Dated: May 11, 2000
Source: SciFi.com


JustinMonjo: Hi Guys

Moderator: Justin Monjo has just arrived. We're going to get started, and hopefully be joined by Rowan Woods in a short while.
Moderator: Welcome Justin!
Moderator: Care to introduce yourself, and share a few opening remarks?

JustinMonjo: thanks, good to here.
JustinMonjo: I've been busy working on the end of a three parter which will be episode 20 this year and I've been busy cutting it down to fit inside the tv.

Moderator: <AonScail> to <Moderator>: Mr. Monjo, how is your current position as Creative Consultant different than your previous position as Script Consultant?

JustinMonjo: I get paid more.
JustinMonjo: They listen to me a bit more.
JustinMonjo: Next year hopefully they will shove me up the ladder so that they will have to listen to me even more, hopefully
JustinMonjo: which they are probably trembling about :)

Moderator: Here's one that's on EVERYBODY'S mind:
Moderator: <MALar> to <Moderator>: Hi Justin and Rowan. How about a straightforward answer to the topic that refuses to die on the bboard. In A Human Reaction, what happened between Aeryn and John in the motel room? Was Aeryn in league with alien-dad or as clueless as John?

JustinMonjo: No Aeryn was not in league with alien-dad.
JustinMonjo: no way, ask Rowan more about that later.
JustinMonjo: As to what happened in the hotel room ...... what could have happened in a hotel room??????
JustinMonjo: checkers?
JustinMonjo: scrabble?
JustinMonjo: perhaps there was a scene on the cutting room floor????????

Moderator: <Badnasser> to <Moderator>: Can you tell us anything about the episodes you're currently working on? (Plot points, surprises?)

JustinMonjo: No, I can't spoil anything but in The Locket Aeryn and Chrich
JustinMonjo: ton spend a loooooong time together.
JustinMonjo: Then in the three parter at the end of the year we out dirty the dirty dozen.

Moderator: <Loki> to <Moderator>: Are you all gearing up for the Aussie airing of the show? Do you expect any changes in your lives being ppl there will soon be viewing the show?

JustinMonjo: I think the actors will notice a difference, especially Ben and Claudia, but for a writer things go on as usual.
JustinMonjo: We are all very excited about the airing though, we have been waiting for 18months.

Moderator: Two similar questions:
Moderator: <Corde> to <Moderator>: Greetings to both of you! Mr. Monjo, was that you I saw in "Dark City"? And what would you say has influenced your writing the most?
Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Rowan: when A Human Reaction was first on, there was a rumor that you were one of the gentlemen in the mens room, as Crichton begins to discover he's been fooled. Was that you?

JustinMonjo: I'll leave that one for Rowan but he does have Alfred Hitchcock tendancies.

Moderator: <ceallaig> to <Moderator>: to either or both gentlemen: we found out recently on the updated crew bios that John's mother is/was a scientist. When did this piece of information come to light?

JustinMonjo: Oh yes I was in Dark City,... small part as a cab driver
JustinMonjo: I'm used to writing for tV I did Wildside here recently. I have some film scripts done and I have a play that is going to NY and to London later this year. I've a movie finished and two movies that will be made next year.
JustinMonjo: I've also done a childrens book, Three Kinds of Scared which is coming out early 2001
JustinMonjo: Rowan probably can answer the qestion better about John's mother, he's editing a episode in regards to that as we type

Moderator: <Hubacean> to <Moderator>: Mr. Monjo, what character/actor/actress is your favorite?

JustinMonjo: (They all just sang happy birthday to me here :) )

Moderator: (they're singing it here, too)

JustinMonjo: I love all the main cast, I do think Stark is my favourite, we have big things planned for him and he is fantastic. He's a man who helps people cross over to death and is tormented by his power to do so

Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator>: Mr. Monjo, do you think the second series has taken more risks than the first series (season)?
Moderator: For those who have joined us late, we're talking to writer/Creative Consultant Justin Monjo.
Moderator: Our other scheduled guest, Rowan Woods, will be joining us in a little while.

JustinMonjo: I came up with the name Stark from a buddy of mine in DC who found a really really sick dog in an alley. He brought it home and and his girlfriend didn't think it would live, so he named it Stark.
JustinMonjo: As it turned out the dog lived for the next 14 years.
JustinMonjo: I believe we are really hitting our stride now.
JustinMonjo: By the end of the year you'll find the new episodes are really exciting you.
JustinMonjo: Call me Monj btw, Mr. Monjo is my dad

Moderator: <Olympiafishhead> to <Moderator>: First off, you both Rock! ..and you must know that there is alot of females out here in fan land that would just love to see Aeryn and Chiana get together..any chance?
Moderator: (possibly some males, too)

JustinMonjo: There is one of the craziest eps you are ever likely to see coming up. Just about anything you can imagine and maybe more.
JustinMonjo: Ep 14 written by Ricky Manning.

Moderator: Crazier than Scorpy in a [spoiler]?
Moderator: (that was for the UK fans still up at 2:30am!)

JustinMonjo: You haven't seen crazy until you
JustinMonjo: you've seen ep 14
JustinMonjo: or may 15, not sure of the order yet

Moderator: Another pair of questions:
Moderator: <MarylandJKoba> to <Moderator>: Justin, we all enjoyed "Crackers Don't Matter". How much of that was your brilliant writing, and how much was the actors ad-libbing?
Moderator: <LittleLeviathan> to <Moderator>: Not to be too effusive, but I LOVED CRACKERS DON'T MATTER. Just a question though...was it as fun to make as it was to watch?

JustinMonjo: It was fun, great to be able to just go crazy....if you liked that one we go that way again in episode 9 this year then ep 14 or 15 tops the lot... you'll love it!!!

Moderator: <MrSurreal> to <Moderator>: Which episode did you feel was the most fun of all the ones you have worked on

JustinMonjo: I think episode 9, which is coming in a few weeks
JustinMonjo: the entire cast had great stuff to do, really challenging for them... I know you are all going to love it.
JustinMonjo: Directed by the same person who did Crackers Don't Matter

Moderator: <OboeCrazy> to <Moderator>: Hi Mr. Monjo! We have all noticed how little clues to large character or plot points have been planted in early episodes...how far in advance do you plan major character or plot changes?

JustinMonjo: That is one of the really exciting things about farscape many things are made a long time in advance yet things can be changed even the day before the shoot
JustinMonjo: and often are

Moderator: <AMuse> to <Moderator>: Have you ever found yourself rewriting an ep while it's being filmed? And if so, for what reasons, if you can share such info. And welcome, btw!

JustinMonjo: Usually not while its being filmed, but up to the day before, sometimes you've been working on a scene or character arc and you'll get an idea at the last minute.
JustinMonjo: Sometimes, someone will come up with an idea at the last minute that just seems right and we go for it. David Kemper always stresses if you have a better idea then use it.

Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator>: Yo, Monj... Is there a "bible" for Farscape? (A bible being a writer's guide for new people unfamiliar with the series.) Is it possible for the fans to get one??

JustinMonjo: Of course we have one in house, but not available to the public yet

Moderator: <UCSBdad> to <Moderator>: Please thank all the cast and crew of Farscape for creating a program that treats it's audience like adults, for once. That said, tell me what Aeryn said to Alien Dad in A Human Reaction, or I'll hold my breath until my face turns blue.

JustinMonjo: I will do that for sure, we are going to keep treating you like adults and making it more exciting and compelling.
JustinMonjo: Well Zhaan (blue faced)...... she said something about John Chrichton and what a good son the father had sired but I think Rowan needs to answer that one

Moderator: <Shannon> to <Moderator>: Loyal Monjonian #7 here, where do you get your inspiration for your work?

JustinMonjo: everywhere!
JustinMonjo: Sometimes another writers idea
JustinMonjo: Sometimes, something you read 10 years ago.......
JustinMonjo: other times its current events, a theory Hawking has had or something like that
JustinMonjo: Life is my inspiration.

Moderator: <Lady-Sorka> to <Moderator>: Mr. Monjo, how much say do you have in the scripts that you write?

JustinMonjo: Quite a bit really. Usually I'm allowed to have a free reign and then David Kemper will steer me in another way.
JustinMonjo: We all keep within the character arcs but within that I have a lot of choices and I make use of them.

Moderator: <Loki> to <Moderator>: Will any more "crew members" be added to Moya in the course of their journey?

JustinMonjo: yes
JustinMonjo: but I'm not telling who, when or why

Moderator: Rowan, are you with us?

JustinMonjo: you'll have to keep watching.

RowanWoods: Hello New York, this is Rowan here

Moderator: After a few techincal difficulties, we have finally pulled Rowan Woods through a wormhole and into our chat room!
Moderator: Justin has been hogging all the questions, so we're going to give Rowan a shot.
Moderator: Rowan, do you have any greetings for the group?

RowanWoods: I've just wheeled my own Comfy Chair into the chat room as a result of Series 2 putting my back out!
RowanWoods: Not to mention the fact that I'm psychiatrically m aimed as a result of the last ep.

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator>: Rowan weÕve seen you direct 2 of JustinÕs scripts (TTS & AHR) thus far. Are we going to see more of you two pairing up in the future? How are decisions on who directs what script made?

RowanWoods: Well, we're pairing up outside of Fasrscape but I don't think it will be until series 3 until we pair up again.
RowanWoods: I hasten to add that Justin and I are both married in case you get the wrong idea about my last answer...not to each other!

JustinMonjo: good save Rowan, they'll never know what's really going on now.

Moderator: <MrSurreal> to <Moderator>: Monj , The characters in Farscape are some of the most well developed characters Ive ever seen in any SciFi show, especialy one thats only in its second season, What steps did you take early on to make sure that the characters of farscape did not seem to "hollow"

JustinMonjo: Oooh, well I mean its always been a goal to make the show, scifi but character driven, so that the villains weren't "arch villains" but were "human", having good desires and bad desires... not one dimensional

Moderator: <AMuse> to <Moderator>: To Rowan: Welcome to #auditorium! Can you share the most difficult Farscape scene you've had to direct yet?

RowanWoods: Hey gang! Thanks for having me.
RowanWoods: Sixteen was full of 'em.
RowanWoods: because basically that journey for Crichton was everything to the episode, so those scenes -- for example the 1st with his father, the "Sawy'res' Mill scnee"
RowanWoods: and the scene later on, when he sees Rygel
RowanWoods: (Sawyer's Mill, that probably should've read)
RowanWoods: ...Rygel on the slab -- those sort of moments in 16 took himi to an emotional place he hadn't been before.

JustinMonjo: I think the work Rowan did with the cliff jumping in ep 4 was just a phenomenal job

RowanWoods: And Benny did a great job, as did Kent McCord.
RowanWoods: Hey, Monj -- happy birthday! I didn't know, mate!

Moderator: <Loki> to <Moderator>: how much improvising are the actors allowed, if any to do? If allowed, can you give us an example?

RowanWoods: I think, as series 1 and series 2 has progressed, during the preliminary blocking of the scenes, there's a degree of improvisation about how people say things.
RowanWoods: But it's fairly restricted -- we try not to mess with the structure of things.
RowanWoods: But there's no stopping Ben Browder when he gets on a roll!

JustinMonjo: ben has a real good ear for improvisation which really enlivens things...some of those things are just pure Ben Browder

RowanWoods: One of the things that impresses me about Ben on the floor is that when he respectfully throws in a piece of improvisation or a line change,

Moderator: <BG> to <Moderator>: Mr. Woods--Hello, and thank you for being here! What inspiration did you give Mr. Browder for those screams in "Nerve"?

RowanWoods: he often does it with a very solid grounding of the script and the story.
RowanWoods: so I'm not worried as a director, as I usually am with actors improvising,
RowanWoods: because I know he's not going to mess with the story -- he's just going to add to it.
RowanWoods: There's a little interesting thing here in relation to improvising which came out of logistical necessity in ep 16, going back to last year.
RowanWoods: What happened -- it was actually written in anticipation of sunshine and babes on an Australian beach, and all that angle when coming to Earth.
RowanWoods: In other words, Crichton was immediately impressed and feeling great about the beach and the sunshine.
RowanWoods: Unfortunately, that sunshine only lasted for the first day, which was his arrival.
RowanWoods: and for the rest of that shoot, we were raining.
RowanWoods: so Ben, in consultation with Justin and I, had to very quickly shift all the sunshine references to cloudy, raining references.
RowanWoods: and there's some beautfiul, lyrical changes we had to make on the floor which Justin was very happy with.
RowanWoods: one example of that is Ben's line, as he's staring forelornly out of the bedroom window.
RowanWoods: "earth...minus the sunshine."
RowanWoods: another example is Aeryn Sun's line when she was walking through the rain, where she opens her mouth and sucks in some rain.
RowanWoods: "is this what they call it...I like it" was also on the spur of the moment.

JustinMonjo: yep that was a great line improvised at the time

RowanWoods: I think the thing that is important in all of that is that you only really allow improvisation -- and I include my own in that --
RowanWoods: if you're absolutely certain you have a hold on the story and you're not messing with the structure.
RowanWoods: otherwise the whole process is a retrograde one.
RowanWoods: re Nerve:
RowanWoods: I had an australian electronic cattleprod ppointed at his rear end.
* RowanWoods laughs. *
RowanWoods: seriously though -- that was the MOST enjoyable ep, and Ben and I had a lot of fun.
RowanWoods: he really went for it, and played to the torture and the psychological stress.
RowanWoods: in the most gut-wrenching fashion.
RowanWoods: it was a pleasure to have the whip in my hand with such a brave actor in the room with me.

JustinMonjo: you always like having the whip Row!

RowanWoods: it's true, I can't deny it.
RowanWoods: I like being on top.
* RowanWoods laughs *

Moderator: <AutumnH> to <Moderator>: When you have scenes with the "non-human" actors like Rygel and Pilot, how much is changed in how you approach the scene. Is there a higher difficulty level?

JustinMonjo: oh Ro we are starting the wrong kind of rumours here.....

RowanWoods: it's a tough one on the floor, and I'm learning all the time. I hadn't had a lot of experience with puppets, and no experience with
RowanWoods: animatronics. it's a gradual process. you learrn to treat the whole puppetry team as a character. it takes a while.
RowanWoods: it took me 2 or 3 eps before I was able to treat them as a real, living entity.
RowanWoods: hopefully, some of my eps this year will show that sort of experience.
RowanWoods: there's a great ep coming up with some hillarious Crichon scenes -- Home on the Remains -- coming up after your break in the States.

JustinMonjo: Rowan likes to be able to make the puppets do whatever he likes, I write them as being another character, just like any other

RowanWoods: One of the scariest things about directing Rygel, is that after you've been treating him as a real guy for maybe half an hour of intense work,
RowanWoods: everyone goes for a break and you're just sitting there going through your notes, and you look across to Rygel without the team
RowanWoods: and there he is with his mouth agape, sort of dead.
RowanWoods: and it's sort of scary and bad -- it's like you're with him one minute and you're not the next.

Moderator: <AonScail> to <Moderator>: Rowan, have you ever wanted to strangle a writer for writing a particular scene? Monj, ever want to strangle a director for what he did to your script? :-)

JustinMonjo: lol

RowanWoods: I'll let Justin handle that one...

JustinMonjo: um no, I'm an actor as well and I don't have a very proprietory sense with my writing, I sort of feel I'm just one step in the process.
JustinMonjo: I know that I have to write a script then the actors make it their own. During my career I've always been pleased, sometimes they make a mediocre scene better but 80% of the time I'm happy with how they turn out

RowanWoods: one of the cool things aobut TV, as opposed to author-driven movie making, is that you soon learn that
RowanWoods: an ep you don't like so much on paper is still an ep that you have to make better.
RowanWoods: and so your motivation is always to make the words better in their filmic form, regardless of whether you love the script or hate the script.

Moderator: <Rodlox> to <Moderator>: Are Sebacean society and language based on any Earth languages or cultures?

RowanWoods: Claudia had a lot of fun time mucking around with how Sebaceans sounded in ep 16.
RowanWoods: I don't think the mythology of Sebaceans has anything to do with Earthlings in a story sense.
RowanWoods: But what Claudia came up with sounds a bit like backwards-speak.

JustinMonjo: but who knows... maybe in season 5 and 6 there might be a dark link between humans and sebacean's on earth

RowanWoods: As a director, as you can see, I'm always in the dark! (laughs)
RowanWoods: UCSBdad: I've seen a million times on the BBoard about what Aeryn said to John's alien-father.
RowanWoods: It was a strategic story move that made Aeryn's presence on planet "earth" ambiguous.
RowanWoods: Was Aeryn there to make love to Crichton? Did she understand what alien-dad was saying? Why wasn't she in the containment room with
RowanWoods: Rygel and D'Argo at the end.
RowanWoods: That whole question mark over Aeryn's role in it makes the episode stronger, I must say.
RowanWoods: It was a somewhat controversial point when we were putting the whole episode together, but I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

Moderator: <LittleLeviathan> to <Moderator>: Hey, Monj, Can you give any hints as to where Zhaan's arc is heading?

JustinMonjo: What can I answer.....you won't believe what will happen to Zhaan...but you'll have to
JustinMonjo: David Kemper will kill me if I give stuff away

RowanWoods: Monj is leaving and everyone is saying goodbye and happy birthday.
RowanWoods: Hail the great Monjo! We Monjonians love you!

Moderator: Justin has to leave now. Thanks so much Justin for joining us. Happy Birthday.

JustinMonjo: bye guys got to get back to work, slave drivers here....even on my birthday........

RowanWoods: The big one is gone buys, forget it.
RowanWoods: (guys)

Moderator: <Ooshati> to <Moderator>: Are either of you sci fi fans? Fave books/movies/TV shows?

RowanWoods: I am a science ficiton/action/fantasy fan.
RowanWoods: I have never been a sci-fi purist until Farscape.
RowanWoods: In fact, quite the opposite -- the cinema and the TV that I always enjoyed was other than science fiction.
RowanWoods: But I have to say that lowbrow science fiction/fantasy, like Lost In Space, was my soul food as a 10 year-old.

Moderator: <StarAnne> to <Moderator>: Are we going to see any new characters added to the crew of Moya this season?

RowanWoods: The writer walks out of the room and you're trying to get under my cover...
RowanWoods: I guess you will.

Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator>: One of the things that makes Pilot so intriguing is his mystique -- are there any plans to fill in his background a bit more than "The Way We Weren't"?

RowanWoods: The honest answer to that question is that I'm not sure, but I wouldn't imagine there's much more to say in the short term,
RowanWoods: post The Way We Weren't.
RowanWoods: The episode was such a fantastic answer to any of the questions in regards to where Pilot comes from and how he functions.
RowanWoods: having said that, I'm sure Kemper and the gang in the writing room will have another Pilot coming your way in series 3.

Moderator: <Rodlox> to <Moderator>: Do you and the other directors of Farscape have any nicknames for Pilot, Rygel, Jotheb, and the other puppets?

RowanWoods: I think the nicknames for that gang of characters usually comes from what Ben Browder has come up with on the floor.
RowanWoods: Floppy, slug, bluey, crabman...
RowanWoods: (I'm freebasing now)

Moderator: <AonScail> to <Moderator>: Is there anything that Rockne OÕBannon, David Kemper, Henson, Nine Network, etc. WONÕT let you do when youÕre writing/directing?

RowanWoods: I'm going to be serious now -- serious and heartfelt.
RowanWoods: No, I don't think there is, and that's the reason why I'm working on the show.
RowanWoods: In all my time in TV I've never known such trust and such a crazy "go for it" attitude coming from up high.
RowanWoods: Kemper will show you the noose, he'll even put you in it. And when you're just about to hit the floor and snap your spinal cord...
RowanWoods: he'll come in and take the weight.
RowanWoods: It's a lot of fun.

Moderator: <kronos2000> to <Moderator>: Speculations are quite plentiful regarding love interests abord Moya. Any comments?

RowanWoods: Melrose Space...?
RowanWoods: Who knows what's going to come out of the writing room?
RowanWoods: In regards to sexual and romantic coupling.

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator>: Can you tell us a little about yourselves "PF"? (Pre-Farscape)

RowanWoods: I come from 10 years as a professional actor where I paid myself through film school.
RowanWoods: Making stacks of short films along the way.
RowanWoods: Most of them experimental garbage.
RowanWoods: and festival fodder.
RowanWoods: Then I became respectable as a TV director in Australia, combined with my first feature film which was in release here and over
RowanWoods: there and everywhere else for a while last year.
RowanWoods: The Boys.
RowanWoods: That's me.

Moderator: <Loki> to <Moderator>: Are you all gearing up for the Aussie airing of the show? Do you expect any changes in your lives being ppl there will soon be viewing the show?

RowanWoods: Yeah, we're all super excited.
RowanWoods: You've got no idea the strange feelings making a show that is aired to a culture other than your own.
RowanWoods: It's a bizarre feeling having a celebrated show that you can't go home and brag to your friends about.
RowanWoods: But our time will come, and it will come soon.
RowanWoods: Our heads are inflating by the minute.
RowanWoods: in preparation for it's Australian TV release.

Moderator: <Leonard> to <Moderator>: In the vein of the question about directing -- what are some of the biggest "chances" you have taken in directing farscape?

RowanWoods: The thing that's cool about the show is the fact that Kemper, Rockne, Ricky and the line producers actually bank on you taking risks.
RowanWoods: Every show is sort of like a feature film -- there's no clearly identifiable house style, as yet.
RowanWoods: So you get on the floor and go for it.
RowanWoods: That whole concept of where we were with Farscape hit me on ep 16 last year.
RowanWoods: when we had to shift our emphasis from sunny Australia to dark Australia.
RowanWoods: and then it was a pleasure going into ep 19, Nerve,
RowanWoods: with that sort of risk-taking ethos, with all of those around you taking the same risks.
RowanWoods: Nerve was such a cool ep for me.
RowanWoods: And the Ricky Manning ep that I'm doing now in season 2
RowanWoods: which will air as 14 or 15, I'm not sure,
RowanWoods: is probably the most insane risk taking by a writer that I've ever, ever had the pleasure to direct.
RowanWoods: you'll have to see it to believe it.

Moderator: <MarylandJKoba> to <Moderator>: Has the filming schedule been changed any because of the Olympics? We understand that the studio is near one of the major venues.

RowanWoods: I don't *think* so, because to my knowledge we're not actually shooting during the Olympics. It's during our hiatus.
RowanWoods: But I'm sure the whole Farscape complex will close down as Sydney goes mad.
RowanWoods: ...and we leave town.

Moderator: <OboeCrazy> to <Moderator>: I was wondering, what is the one thing you are dying to do on Farscape, but have been unable to do because of time/money/technical difficulties?

RowanWoods: I'd like to do more and bigger wire-based action.
RowanWoods: that is, attempt some Matrix-like choreography.
RowanWoods: thus far, the cool eps that I've been involved with have been of the psychological "ilk"
RowanWoods: so I'm chomping at the bit for some big fight-Johnny Woo-style action.

Moderator: <Hubacean> to <Moderator>: Do either of you think that the PeaceKeepers started out good, once upon a time? I do.

RowanWoods: Yeah, I'm sure there are aspects to the PK soceity that represent the full spectrum of moral fortitude, or lack thereof.
RowanWoods: And I've no doubt that DK will spill the beans in later eps.

Moderator: <Rodlox> to <Moderator>: Do either of you feel that any of the characters of Farscape are developing too fast or too slowly?

RowanWoods: I think Farscape is one of those rollercoasters, story-wise and style-wise, that is, to a certain extent, unstoppable.
RowanWoods: I think DK's accpetance and careful handling of that rollercoaster takes in to account the fact that shit just happens that can change the course of Farscape history, Farscape mythology, and any semblence of directorial style.
RowanWoods: that's not to say that backstories and mythologies underpinning the characters aren't solid and logical.
RowanWoods: it's just that Farscape at its best, I think to the audience anyway, represents this "anything can happen" beast.

Moderator: <hal> to <Moderator>: Do you think you will ever do a Farscape full length motion picture ?

RowanWoods: you know, that seeming chaos that is Farscape possibly comes out of the cross-cultural collision that is the Farscape production model.
RowanWoods: I certainly can't imagine this show being made in Australia by Australians only, nor can I imagine this show getting away with the shit that it gets away with within the American TV system.
RowanWoods: (although The Sopranos is pretty cool, and does confound expectations)
RowanWoods: I'm not sure what's happening with the feature. Speculation on it, my knowledge of a possible feature film, is as scant as yours.
RowanWoods: But it would be cool, wouldn't it?

Moderator: <Badnasser> to <Moderator>: Will we see any big space battles in the future? Star Wars Style battles?

RowanWoods: I'm sure you will. There is some AMAZING action-space sequences coming up shortly, directed by Andrew Prowse.
RowanWoods: One sequence in particular that I can't divulge is the most spectacular use of multiple camer-pyrotechnics-danger to lead actor I have ever seen.
RowanWoods: (multiple camera)

Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator>: Have you had a chance to peek at all the Farscape websites that have been spawned? <g>

RowanWoods: I have surfed around a little, and checked the BB regularly, but have only been in a few secret chat rooms (Hello Barb!)
RowanWoods: Have I met you, Kieriahn? Have I talked to you?

Moderator: We are going to wrap up in a few minutes so we will be taking just a few more questions

RowanWoods: Things are so busy on Farscape lately,
RowanWoods: it's hard to catch up with all the Internet stuff. But when I can, I do.

Moderator: <MALar> to <Moderator>: Do you know where the story is going in the long term, or is that a closely guarded Rockne/DK secret.

RowanWoods: DK has dropped a few hints.
RowanWoods: But I'll believe it when I see it.
RowanWoods: I'm actually just about to meet with him in regards to the season finale.
RowanWoods: and from what little I've heard, fun WILL be had.

Moderator: <AonScail> to <Moderator>: You mentioned that you are working on a project outside of "Farscape"...care to tell us about it?

RowanWoods: I've got a couple of things in development in feature-land.
RowanWoods: both here and over there. Justin and I have got a big, beautiful kids/crossover movie that hopefully will be ready to shoot next year.
RowanWoods: But my future projects should hopefully wrap around anything on Moya.

Moderator: Ooshati> to <Moderator>: How are the cast and crew to work with during a shoot?

RowanWoods: I hate them all. They don't do anything that I say.
* RowanWoods laughs. *
RowanWoods: Of course I love them.
RowanWoods: I wouldn't be here otherwise.
RowanWoods: Thanks everyone, thanks for having me.

Moderator: Thanks Rowan for joining us in taking the time to answer all our questions

RowanWoods: It's a pleasure.
RowanWoods: I hope to speak to you all again, soon.