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Chat: Virginia Hey

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Chat: Virginia Hey

Subject(s): Virginia Hey, Farscape Actor
Dated: April 27, 2000
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: ah! virginia!
Moderator: can you type?
* Moderator crosses his fingers *

Virginia: Hi

Moderator: hey! you made it!
* Moderator claps *

Virginia: Goddess be with you all! XXXX

Moderator: would you like to say a few words before we get under way?

Virginia: I've missed you all very much since we last chatted...I am so excited to be here again with my Scaper buddies.
Virginia: I'd like to say a special hello to (in no particular order) Dag, Barbarella, Whirlgirl, Venomsoup, Traci, Deepwater, Ionstorm, smushybutt, Wombat & Sam, Quiet, In2scifi, drteeth, shailud, Zhaan420, Delvian Prince, Pa'u Lian, Kieriahn, Fauconne, MagentasRiffRaff, Oboecrazy, Varthan & Zipdog

Moderator: okay, here we go!
Moderator: <WarriorWoman> to <Moderator> Hi Virginia! Your new costume is gorgeous. Did you help to design it?

Virginia: Unfortunately, no, it was designed by the creative genius of Terry Ryan
Virginia: He, is our head designer

Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator> Virginia: we've all noticed your new outfit, with higher neck and long sleeves. Is this intended to reduce the amount of makeup? Is the makeup causing any serious problems?

Virginia: Kahalen help me! If I hear any more gossip about my health and make-up I'll levitate and grow horns!! LOL Then you will REALLY have something to gossip about. ROFL! OK, lets get this out in the open, I'm fine and healthy and bouncing with vigour, my make-up is now grease paint, which is healthier for my system.
Virginia: Kahalen help me! If I hear any more gossip about my health and make-up I'll levitate and grow horns!! LOL Then you will REALLY have something to gossip about. ROFL! OK, lets get this out in the open, I'm fine and healthy and bouncing with vigour,
Virginia: No, the costumes have nothing to do with lessening the surface area of paint, Terry Ryan (costume designer genius) is just expressing his talent. We did experience make up teething problems in Series One but thanks to a very nuturing producer and make up department the problems have been alleviated.
Virginia: The only downside is the grease paint feels a bit like thick butter in summer, so when Kerrin and Sam, my two artists, apply powder to it, I feel like a cookie mixture, rolled in flour and baked in our big hot oven like studio warehouses LOL..hey, now there is a merchandising idea! Blue Cookies! Let's call them Delvian Delights...ROLF
Virginia: :)

Moderator: <smushybutt> to <Moderator> Hello Virginia, thank you so much for brightening our day! My question is do you find it difficult to leave Zhaan's "emotions" at the studio or have you found yourself bringing it home with yo?

Virginia: Hello dearest darling Smushy XXX
Virginia: No, if I took all of Zhaan's emotions home, I'd be a looney tune LOL.
Virginia: I do try to keep work, at work.
Virginia: xxx

Moderator: <Mattman> to <Moderator> Hi Ms. Hey. You do a good job on your show, it looks like a lot of work. I wanted to know if you get recognized in public, without all the makeup.

Virginia: Hello dear Mattman, don't forget Farscape is not showing here yet, however my career has spanned over 25 years here so, yes I am recognised constantly...can't wait for Farscape to start here to see everyone's reaction to the beautiful make up

Moderator: <ChianasPet> to <Moderator> Hello Virginia and thanks for joining us!!!! What was it about the Zhaan character that made you willing to cut off such beautiful hair for a show that may or may not have "made it?" Also does your Baldness affect you in your
Moderator: day-to-day life???

Virginia: By the time I completed six months of auditioning I was so madly in love with the character of Zhaan that I would have agreed to paint myself in rainbow colours and hang upside down in a gorilla suit!! XXXX

Moderator: <Souls-Wings-Broken> to <Moderator> You've said that you are very similar to Zhaan. Have you found that playing her has changed you in any way?

Virginia: Yes, I have learned a great deal from Zhaan, as you know like Zhaan, I am in love with science, all things medical and sprititual
Virginia: So as, Zhaan develops in these areas, so do I

Moderator: <UCSBdad> to <Moderator> If Ms. Hey is having trouble with the make up, any thought about letting Zhaan's silver Delvian hair grow out?

Virginia: Thank you for your kind questions UCSBdad, I'm perfectly happy with the way Zhaan looks right now, I think the make up is exquisite and it would be such a shame to change it XXX

Moderator: <AonScail> to <Moderator> How do you find the balance between making Zhaan as "alien" as possible, but still keep her "human-like" so that we can all relate to her?

Virginia: Well, AonScail, the wonderful writers take care of that for me, in their sensative portrayal of Zhaan XXXX

Moderator: <Raven> to <Moderator> Hey Virginia, you and all of your coworkers are doing a fantastic job, are you (and they) prepared to be a sci-fi icon adored by fans and fanatics alike?

Virginia: LOL LOL Raven.
Virginia: Thank you for your question, no, we are never prepared for such wonderful praise, it is a magical surprise every day that you love us, you know, we love you all just as much XXX

Moderator: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator> Virginia {hugs to you!}, did it change your opinion of Zhaan and how you interpreted her once you found out she was flora instead of fauna? :)

Virginia: Ha Ha Ha
Virginia: Hello darling Kieriahn
Virginia: Who's to say I didn't know from the beginning!!! LOL

Moderator: (check the last transcript if you doubt virginia's word... :)

Virginia: No, I love playing a sentient floran life form, it gives us all a myriad of directions in which to go as far as characterisation is concerned

Moderator: me grins
* Moderator grins *
Moderator: <Caliban> to <Moderator> Virginia: is there any certain direction YOU would like to see your character take?

Virginia: No, I'm to open to all possibilities that the writers present, the more challenging, the more enjoyable it is
Virginia: XXXX

Moderator: <Thinkum> to <Moderator> Virginia, do you find yourself "stuck in character" when you're on the set, in makeup, etc.? Or do you pop in and out of character over the course of the shooting day?

Virginia: Hello Thinkum, good question.
Virginia: I'm not a method actor, so I'm out of character in between takes and I'm just my goofy self. XXXX

Moderator: <Renn> to <Moderator> Virginia, it's very kind of you to join us. You mentioned turning into a looney toon earlier... if you did, which one would you be? :)

Virginia: If I was a method actor I'd have to go outside and commune with the garden in between takes. ROFL
Virginia: Heckle and Jekyl the crazy black birds that I named my two cats after or Baby Huey, a regretable nick name from my youth. LOL XXX

Moderator: <Lynyrd> to <Moderator> Virginia : What did you think when you first learned about Zhaan's reaction to bright light ?

Virginia: A slight cringe LOL but I have now become accustomed to it, and I'm learning to love it as every good little plant does LOL XXX

Moderator: <Solanio> to <Moderator> If Virginia Hey the actress could ever meet Zhaan the character, what question would Virginia most like to ask of Zhaan?

Virginia: I'd ask her how she keeps so young and beautiful ROFL .. No, I'd quiz her about her spiritual knowledge and gleen as much as I could from her exquisite natural healing wisdom. XXXX

Moderator: <Ricks8> to <Moderator> Hey Virginia! (lol, or vice versa) You sat in this same place for Season 1, now your kicking it off yet again for Season 2. Since than, have your feelings toward yourself, your character, and the show changed?

Virginia: Just a quick thank you to TV Guide for voting Farscape best new TV Series 1999 XXXX
Virginia: Hi Ricks8, Only in that now I love the show and the character more than ever and I feel so much happier within my soul, more than I ever did before. Zhaan has taught me so much, I love her dearly. XXXX

Moderator: <CC> to <Moderator> how many times have you been asked how long does it take to put your makeup on?
Moderator: (a variation on the age old question :)

Virginia: Hello dear CC, a $ for every such question and I'd be a billionaire. It takes three hours to put on and one hour to take off XXXX

Moderator: <punkRockgirl> to <Moderator> Virginia, you're wonderfully talented and so lovely. I was wondering if you do yoga and if so what kind? (I do ashtanga)

Virginia: Hello punkRockgirl, thank you for your question. No, I don't do yoga at the moment. However, I have experimented in the past. No particular discipline. I meditate every day for inner harmony, I would like to begin yoga, perhaps during the break. XXXX

Moderator: <daBruce> to <Moderator> Virginia: of all the characters you have portayed, which do you think is the best reflection of you?

Virginia: Hi daBruce, Zhaan, without a doubt. Although I do not possess her dark qualities, I am human of course, full of faults like everyone else, but I am working hard to find harmony. XXXXX

Moderator: <SisterMoon> to <Moderator> Virginia, I am especially happy with the strong female characters in Farscape. Have you had any trouble finding these kinds of roles?

Virginia: Hello SisterMoon. Fortunately these kinds of roles luckily find me...thank you goddess XXX

Moderator: <Simon> to <Moderator> Virginia, what was your favorite moment for the Zaahn character?

Virginia: Hello Simon, I don't have any particular moment, however kicking Maldis's a** gave me great joy
Virginia: Every moment is heaven playing Zhaan, I really do love being her. XXX

Moderator: <Qs-Likes-Pau-Zotoh-Zhaan> to <Moderator> Virginia, are u a fruit or a vegetable?

Virginia: LOL LOL LOL ... a fruit in Australia has rather and controversial meaning, and no I am not a fruit, I am straight..LOL LOL, not that there is anything wrong with that..LOL LOL nor am I a vegie as this also has a rather uncomfortable ring to it, here in Oz it means that the brain cells aren't bouncing brightly!

Moderator: well...i'm sure the poster meant nothing by it... :P

Virginia: Zhaan is unlike any fauna or flora as we know it, she is closer to the human species relatively speaking XXX
Virginia: I'm only joshing with you :)

Moderator: i know

Virginia: Special kisses to barbarella and Dag XXX

Moderator: but...seeing as how we're halfway in (so to speak) i think the silly thread should go on a bit more...

Virginia: Where's my question, Barb?

Moderator: :)
Moderator: after all...we must have FUN!!

Virginia: I'm up for it

Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator> Whats the Delvian Ear Kiss feel like and how can I get me some of that?

Virginia: Come here and I'll show you

* Moderator shuffles over *

Virginia: It feels like an electric shock, just look at John's face to see the experience, thanks truthseekr :)
Virginia: Did you know that I've been nominated by the Saturn awards? I'm so excited, it's doubtful I'll win as I'm up against huge names, but just to be nominated is an enormous thrill. Thanks Saturn XXX

Moderator: <Grackene> to <Moderator> what was it like trying to seduce a pupet (Rygel)?

Virginia: Frustrating
Virginia: Funnily it never seems to get you anywhere.. Ha Ha Ha
Virginia: Because of the genius of the puppetiers, Rygel looks so real during a scene that it is hard not to relate to him as a living being. They make it really easy for me. Bless them. XXXX

Moderator: <aughra> to <Moderator> G'day Ms. Hey. Crichton and Rygel seem to make free with calling Zhaan to "bring her big blue a---" Zhaan seems ok with this; are YOU?

Virginia: Hi aughra. Yes, I think it's funny and I think Zhaan has a wonderful sense of humour, so she takes it in her stride. I think we give as we get! XXX

Moderator: <jrtruthseekr> to <Moderator> Did you have a good Easter?

Virginia: Regarding my site, I do apologise for STILL not getting back to all of you, there is a glitch with the RSVP facility on the host's site (that's my exucse anyway) LOL Before we get too old I will respond.. I promise XXXX Next newsletter coming soon.
Virginia: Yes, lovely Easter thank you. I'm a chocoholic, so I was in chockie heaven. XXX

Moderator: wow...time does fly. it's been an hour already...you still good to go a few rounds? or should we wrap up?
Moderator: well...almost an hour.

Virginia: I've got tons of time, and having heaps of fun. Let's keep going.

Moderator: alright then. now...on with tradition. :)
Moderator: <RoguePlanet> to <Moderator> Virginia, I'm sorry if you've already been asked this, but it's sort of a chat tradition for Farscape chats. Sorry. (Ahem) Boxers or briefs?
Moderator: (someone was bound to ask)

Virginia: briefs, although I look fabulous in boxers LOL, definately no butt floss (thong), we call them gstrings here. Thongs are worn on the feet, so when I hear Americans say their thong chaffed their butt I can't help but laugh. LOL XXX

Moderator: hahahaaa
Moderator: <valleyofstags> to <Moderator> Hey Virginia. Thanks for the autograph. :) So tell us, when you are not saving your crewmates in the Uncharted Territories or doing nice things for scapers, what do you do nice just for yourself?

Virginia: Hi valleyofstags. My passion is learning about natural therapies so I spoil myself every Saturday for three hours at my class. The other think I love doing is lying on my grass (not that kind you evil minded things) in the summer and gazing up at the sky. That's heaven for me
Virginia: xxx

Moderator: <Belned> to <Moderator> Virginia, Kermit says, "It ain't easy being green." Is blue any better?

Virginia: Hello Belned, Blue is a million times better, it's the colour of the sky and the most spiritual colour in the spectrum. XXX

Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator> Ms. Hey.. In previews of future episodes of Farscape, Zhaan is seen briefly with some sort of metal mesh on her mouth. Which episode will that be from? Can you tell us about that?

Virginia: I'm back!!!! XXXXX

Moderator: yay!
Moderator: did you miss the last question?

Virginia: yes

Moderator: or did we perhaps miss your answer?
Moderator: oh, okay. here 'tis again.
Moderator: <PhantomComputer> to <Moderator> Ms. Hey.. In previews of future episodes of Farscape, Zhaan is seen briefly with some sort of metal mesh on her mouth. Which episode will that be from? Can you tell us about that?

Virginia: thanks

Moderator: but of course! :)

Virginia: Hello PhantomComputer, I wish I could tell you about it but I just can't. I hope you will understand, all I can say is that its a cracker of an episode and I think you'll all be on the edge of your seats for that one. XXXX

Moderator: <SunAeryn> to <Moderator> Good Day, Ms. Hey! :) Thanks for chatting w/us again! :) So do you like Hats, scarves or do you go bare headed off set?

Virginia: Hello SunAeryn, all of the above, I particularly love wearing bandannas, it appears to my Rock and Roll heart. XXX

Moderator: <PK3> to <Moderator> when is the FarScape break? How long is it? Any plans?
Moderator: i'm sure everyone would love it if you came to visit...of course. :)

Virginia: Hi PK3, in a couple of months, not sure of the final date. I am coming over to the States in August, so I look forward to seeing you all, I hope. XXX

Moderator: <kronosa> to <Moderator> what was the most difficult episode for mrs. hey to do?

Virginia: Hello Kronosa, I'm a sucker for punishment, I just love everything, the writers can throw at me, the more challenges the better, I'm such a rebel in that way. I'm still waiting for a challenge that will outdo my imagination. Looking forward to it.. yay! XXX

Moderator: okay...getting a little more serious... :)
Moderator: <Badnasser> to <Moderator> Where do you see the series five years from now?

Virginia: I'm not talking about my personal life gang, I am very sedate in that respect. I was referring to the wonders and challenges of playing Zhaan

Moderator: did you miss the last quesionm, dear?

Virginia: Yes darling

Moderator: darn it
Moderator: here ya go
Moderator: <Badnasser> to <Moderator> Where do you see the series five years from now?

Virginia: Hello Badnasser, still doing Farscape of course! XXX

Moderator: :)
Moderator: <Ricks8> to <Moderator> V, We're all dying here waiting for new episodes. We know everything has to stay hush-hush, but what can you tell us to get us rallied up for June?

Virginia: I'm up for more questions if you guys aren't tired, only if you promise not to nuke me any more. XXX

Moderator: i've got plenty...believe me... :)
Moderator: you all better behave, y'hear?

Virginia: If I say anything revealing Ricks8, I'll ruin it for everyone else. All I can say is that every character will surprise you and delight you in more ways than you can ever imagine. Promise me you won't go anywhere, cause if you do you'll miss out on the magic. XXX

Moderator: <kisea> to <Moderator> Hello Ms. Hey. The first season was a lighter tone to the series, now in the second season we seem to be exploring the characters darker sides, how do you like this change of tone of the series?

Virginia: Hello kisea, I'm assuming you are referring to all of the characters in general. Yes, I think this change adds depth to all the characterisations, but don't forget we also portray a myriad of other colours to keep balance. XXX

Moderator: <AutumnH> to <Moderator> Do you feel the change in costume style signifies something about Zhaan and where she is spiritually now compared to before?
Moderator: <Psyrix> to <Moderator> Are you happy with Zhaan's character progression from Season 1 to Season 2?

Virginia: No, but that you for the question AutumnH, there is no relevance between the costume and any spiritual connotation. However, Zhaan does wear spiritual vestments on top of her regular costumes occasionally. XXXX

Moderator: <RoguePlanet> to <Moderator> Virginia, any chance we'll see more of Zhaan's "dark side" in the upcoming season?

Virginia: Hello Psyrix, yes very happy, there is more to come, just wait, Zhaan will knock your socks off! XXX

Moderator: <Psyrix> to <Moderator> Are you happy with Zhaan's character progression from Season 1 to Season 2?
Moderator: oh...wait. sorry. old question.
Moderator: <DaleQuan> to <Moderator> Hi, I've noticed that your character has developed almost maternal feelings for her shipmates and cares deeply for them and seeks to escape reality through the seek how do you feel about Zhaan's apparent inability to deal with her
Moderator: own fears by hiding behind the seek.

Virginia: Hello RoguePlanet, Yes, In order to get to the next level Zhaan must jump hurles of dark impulses and confusion. Tests and challenges are always provided in spiritual quests. Zhaan has free will and choice to accept the challenges and go through that particular learning process, or back away and accept fate at its present level. XXX

Moderator: so my friend...how're you doing? still hanging in there? time for lunch yet?

Virginia: I'm having fun, lets keep going as long as you are up for it.

Moderator: i gotta get me some more coke then. :)
Moderator: <shansgrl> to <Moderator> Virginia, Star Trek got soo huge its next logical step was movies...do you think Farscape will go this route? :)

Virginia: Hello DaleQuan, what an excellent question but pursuing the seek is not used as an excuse for avoidance. Don't forget Zhaan is a priest of the tenth level, she has devoted her life to spiritual enlightenment. Part of her quest involves day to day relationship investments, she by no means avoids this but it may seem the case whilst she is in a meditative state. XXX

Moderator: <Infinite> to <Moderator> Hello again fabulous... At first glance, what did you think of Zhaan's persona?

Virginia: Hello shansgrl, most definately, I'd say you won't have much time to wait on that one. XXX
Virginia: Hello Infinite, I shot immediately into a state of excitement and desperately wanted my Agent to find out more. XXX Lucky he did huh? LOL

Moderator: <lunafrost> to <Moderator> Does Zhaan feel that any of her shipmates understand her?

Virginia: Hello Lunafrost, I don't know why you would say that. I feel they all understand her perfectly. Crichton, being a human, will of course take a little longer to understand all alien ways but I think you will agree he's catching up wonderfully. We all adore him and his foibles. XXX

Moderator: <Simon> to <Moderator> Virginia, do you beleive in the existance of exterrestials?

Virginia: Hello Simon, I work with them every day! XXX
Virginia: LOL!

Moderator: <Scorpius> to <Moderator> On average, how long are you at the Farscape set?

Virginia: Hello Scorpius, a maximum of 17 hours in a day but I average about 14hours. It can, of course, be only half a day depending upon how many scenes we have scheduled. XXX

Moderator: <Coyyarra> to <Moderator> Ms Hey who flubs the most lines? My 9 year old daughter thinks its crichton

Virginia: Hello Coyyarra, we all take turns in that one LOL but you won't get anyone admitting to being the flub master! XXX

Moderator: <MrYouWho> to <Moderator> Do you rely on any religious traditions for your portrayal of Zhaan?

Virginia: Hello MrYouWho, what a great name, don't forget Zhaan is an alien so we have license to stretch the boundrys of reality, however I have a feeling the writers lean towards Eastern religious philosophies in their characterisation of Zhaan. XXX

Moderator: <QuietI> to <Moderator> Now that D'Argo seems interesting in Chiana, it looks like Zhaan's romantic possibilities are dwindling down... can you give us any hints on whether she'll get to "connect" with anyone in this season?

Virginia: Hello QuietI, well we've always got Rygel ROFL!!
Virginia: There are plenty of other fish in the sea, hopefully Zhaan will meet her soul mate one of these days! Please Goddess. XXX

Moderator: <Tom17> to <Moderator> Could you tell me your web site address

Virginia: btw, hello darling QuietI big kisses to you.
Virginia: Hi Tom17, www.virginia-hey.com

Moderator: wow...we're really on a roll here. are you getting hungry yet? or did you have a big breakfast?

Virginia: No, I'm stuffing my face withe Delvian Delight cookies

* Moderator is thinking it's around lunch time down under... :) *
Moderator: okay.
Moderator: we'll forge on then...
Moderator: <DaleQuan> to <Moderator> Zhaan's bond of unity with John appears stronger...she seems to understand him better now that she has found out "what is inside that tiny little mind" of his.

Virginia: Hi DaleQuan, yes believe me, I didn't find any chickens in there!!! XXX

Moderator: of course...now everyone wants to know
Moderator: <DelvianBrownies> to <Moderator> what, may I ask are Delvian Delight cookies? i am the original creator of Delvian Brownies (blue frosting w/blue M&M's) and I was just wondering :-)

Virginia: Dearest Delvian Brownies, refer to the rather long winding make up answer at the top of the chat to find out what a Delvian Delight is. XXX
Virginia: Send me a Delvian Brownie in an overnight bag please :)

Moderator: <BG> to <Moderator> Ms. Hey, if you could live to 800, what would you hope to have learned--to do, about yourself, or about life...?

Virginia: As long as they don't contain anything "funny". XXX
Virginia: Dear BG, I've always said that if I could live for 800 years I would follow similar paths to that of Zhaan, being spiritual, medical and scientific pathes. Being a human my dark/light balance would be different of course and I don't have a background of political assination (thank goodness!) so I would develop differently. XXX

Moderator: <Zhaan420> to <Moderator> Do you ever think there will be a Delvian spin-off to Farscape? (Love ya Ginny!)

Virginia: Love you too Zhaan420, and I love your fantastic site, "Zhaan's World". Yes wouldn't that be great! We could call it after your site! Let's bombard the Producers with that idea. Spin Off show! Spin Off show! Spin Off show! Spin Off show! Spin Off show! Yay!!!! XXX

Moderator: <RoguePlanet> to <Moderator> Virginia, any chance of seeing you play a character OTHER than Zhaan on 'Farscape'? I'd love to see both you and Anthony 'out of the latex' as other characters. Peacekeepers, perhaps?
Moderator: we all know lani plays two characters...

Virginia: Dear RoguePlanet, I can't say anything but keep watching and we might surprise you...hee hee XXX

Moderator: <Rugger> to <Moderator> Virginia, how do you stay in shape? Do you exercise, diet, etc.?

Virginia: You are right and wrong there Mod, lani's voice is pilot so one and a half lani's appear in Farscape XXX

Moderator: well...okay.
Moderator: if you say so.
Moderator: :P

Virginia: thank you :)

Moderator: would you like the last question again?

Virginia: yes please darling, honey XX

Moderator: okay, sugarplum. ;-)
Moderator: <Rugger> to <Moderator> Virginia, how do you stay in shape? Do you exercise, diet, etc.?

Virginia: My right arm is exercising right now lifting this chocolate cookie up to my lips..yum yum! I don't have much time for exercise aside from chasing Rygel around the set, that keeps me as fit as a fiddle. My meditation seems to keep physical, mental and spiritual in balance
Virginia: I keep a low fat diet (apart from today's cookies) I avoid too much sugar and don't eat red meat. I hate to see it but I'm a CANNIBAL. I love my vegies!! LOL XXX

Moderator: <Ellone> to <Moderator> Hey Virginia! You seem so sweet! It's an honor to chat with you...My question would be if you could travel in space like Zhaan would you go and leave Earth?

Virginia: honeybunny Mr. Moderator, sweetpea, I believe we now have 344 FABULOUS SCAPER FRIENDS here. I'd like to send a big kiss and hug to every single one of you. LOL You'll have to line up around the block. XXX

Moderator: okay. but i get to go first. :)

Virginia: Pucker up
Virginia: Hello Ellone, hell yes! I think most people would jump at the chance to explore the universe, you wouldn't have to finish asking me the question, you wouldn't see me for dust, you'd just see my butt leaving ( and what a nice butt it is ) LOL XXX

Moderator: <Phantom82> to <Moderator> Virginia, what have you heard in the area of a Farscape movie? If one is on the horizon, which would you prefer? Continuing the series or making a movie?

Virginia: Hi Phantom82, you'd have to bribe me BIG TIME to get that information out of me. Regarding the second part of your question I'd like to do both. XXX

Moderator: <TracicarT> to <Moderator> Salutations Ms. Hey! I have a question from another fan (Denise F.) - she was wondering about the significance of Zhaan's rings.
Moderator: For anyone who's just joining is this late in the chat (Ginny's my superhero :), we're chatting with Virginia Hey: Farscape's Pa'u Zhaan.
Moderator: Send any questions you have for her to me as a private message.

Virginia: Hello darling dearest TracicarT, the rings? No they have no real significance other than that of adournment. Please thank Denise for asking. XXX

Moderator: <empress> to <Moderator> Your character Zhaan usually seems so calm and serene. Are you normally that way yourself or do you have to do meditation or anything similar before taping to give your charater that apperence??

Virginia: Hi empress, I do have faults like everyone else, I'm not perfect, what you see is what you get. I adjust my performance accordingly to fit the requirements of the scene but Virginia is usually pretty quiet. I like to hug the entire crew before we start work every day so by the time I've done that I'm pooped, and I sit quietly and try not to make trouble.
Virginia: I do love my meditations, they keep me sane. XXX

Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator> Virginia: if you could "interview" your costars, what would you ask them? What should they ask you?

Virginia: Hi Gmmas, you're cheeky! you just want the goss. LOL XXX

Moderator: <smushybutt> to <Moderator> Virginia!! Chatting with us this long is absolutely fantastic! Are there any plans in the near future to put up new pictures of you and Farscape scenes on your website?Thank you so much! We Love You!!!

Virginia: Dearest darling smushy, glad you are still here playing with us XXX. I will put more pics on my site asap probably in the break. I'll have to get some more from SciFi Channel (hint hint LOL) I love you too, all of you. XXX

Moderator: <AonScail> to <Moderator> At the end of your last Chat with us, I asked you how *you* would like to see Zhaan end up when the series finally ends its run (hopefully not for many years). How would you answer that question now?

Virginia: Hi AonScail, I'm so sorry if I didn't get around your question last time, I didn't see it XXX To answer your question, I would have to say that I would never like to see the end of Zhaan so I can't imagine beginning to answer that. XXX

Moderator: <valleyofstags> to <Moderator> Hey Virginia. Does your makeup act like a mask freeing you to do and say things you normally wouldn't?

Virginia: Zhaan, I assume, will always be on a spiritual journey, in the flesh or otherwise.
Virginia: There are no plans to kill Zhaan off or alter the physical perception of her, so don't worry XXX

Moderator: <Zerber> to <Moderator> Hi Virginia, thank you for coming, What was your favorite character before Farscape?

Virginia: Hi valleyofstags, no, its not as if I can go down to the shops and buy bread and be cheeky.....I know what you are getting at and it is a good question but, no I'm just silly old goofy me with or without the make up. There is no change. XXX
Virginia: Hi Zerber, any that Bette Davis played except for Baby Jane, sorry had to think about that one. XXX

Moderator: <DaleQuan> to <Moderator> Has Mr. Browder treated ya'll to a North Cakilacki style pig pickin yet--with all the fixin's. Cole slaw, hush puppies, tater salad, collards, etc

Virginia: "Now fasten your seatbelts... this is going to be a bumpy ride." Bette Davis
Virginia: Yes he prepares that every day for breakfast for us and in return we put a Shrimp on the Barbie for him. Then we all jump in the hot tub. XXX

Moderator: hahaha!! :)
Moderator: <SunAeryn> to <Moderator> Virginia, speaking of food. What were the crackers in "Crackers" made of? And did they have any taste?
Moderator: and food cubes...people wanna know about those too...

Virginia: Hi sunAeryn, they were made of flubberaboodley doolally and they tasted like rice wafers here on earth. XXX ga
Virginia: Oh...foodcubes... do you really want the ingredients, Mr. Moderator, fabulous in your silver bell bottoms (with the tassels)? XXX

Moderator: well......
Moderator: perhaps we should just move on. :)
Moderator: <VerkanVall> to <Moderator> Does Virginia like Vegimite?
Moderator: hmm...looks like she fell off again.
Moderator: please stand by...
Moderator: experiencing technical difficulties...
Moderator: okay...she should be back in a sec.
* Moderator hums quietly *
Moderator: hello again, pretty lady!
Moderator: can you type?

Virginia: We got bumped off again... but we're back!

Moderator: yay@
Moderator: welcome back. again.
Moderator: i believe we lost you at the vegemite. do you like vegemite?

Virginia: Hello everyone, Hello Mr. Mod platform shoe wearing superstud. XXX

Moderator: never mind the shoes...
Moderator: they're a rental

Virginia: Didn't see the vegemite question last one was about food cubes. Did you still want the ingredients of the food cubes???

Moderator: if you've got them handy.

Virginia: Vegemite, yes I love it!
Virginia: and the stick on beard, that rented too?

Moderator: no. that i got for free. :)

Virginia: You wouldn't want to have had to pay for it! LOL

Moderator: ah, but i do! ;-)
* Moderator giggles *
Moderator: more questions, ginny, dahling?

Virginia: Ingredients of food cubes:_ dangle dags, gobblelobding and Hynerian Haggus all blended together and baked in a Nebari Pizza Oven XXX

Moderator: Hynerian Haggis?
Moderator: hmm...i think i'll pass.

Virginia: Yes Mr Mod snugglepus and thanks for the spelling correction, Mr. Dictionary! I can see what your night time reading is. LOL

Moderator: :PPP
Moderator: i thin i'll go back to questions. i get less trouble that way. :)
Moderator: <Misfit> to <Moderator> Virginia, since zhaan is a plant, and has no bones, can she regenerate lost "limbs"?

Virginia: Thank you for your question Misfit, we haven't taken any cuttings yet. XXX

Moderator: <Schneider> to <Moderator> Dear Virginia: As an actress, which medium do you most prefer: Silver Screen, Small Scree, or Stage?

Virginia: Hello Schneider, Silver Screen and Small Screen equally. I've only done one stage play, I loved it but its not my favourite medium. Too scary. XXX

Moderator: <AonScail> to <Moderator> Ms. Hey, what's it like, knowing that you're about to become an "action figure"?

Virginia: Hi AonScail, someone suggested that they make a Smurfette Blow Up doll version of me, I thought that would be pretty funny (no comments from you Mr. Mod) LOL I just hope they put underwear on the figurine, I remember being apaulled by the Ken doll's lack of undies. XXX LOL

Moderator: <Mattman> to <Moderator> Virginia, how do you deal with running on a few hours of sleep. I could use some advice for when I go off to college.

Virginia: Hi Mattman, there is no substitute for sleep unfortunately. The only advice I can give you is to make sure that you increase your intake of wholesome foods when you know you are going to be under that type of stress. That's what I do and it seems to help. XXX

Moderator: <Solanio> to <Moderator> (Thanks for being such a trooper by staying this long, BTW. And such a lovely trooper at that!) Have you ever gone offset , into town, in your makeup? If not, I dare ya!...:) Be great to hear what kind of reactions you got.
Moderator: (or just gone into town with makeup for the fun of it)

Virginia: Dearest Solanio, no I've never ventured out in my Zhaan make up, since the show is not on in Australia I seriously believe people would have heart attacks seeing an alien, (although very attractive), such as Zhaan in the Post Office buying a book of stamps. Ok, I'm just a coward! XXX

Moderator: okay sweetie...i'm having fun, but we're gonna have to wrap this up soon. i'm gonna ask a few more questions, and then we'll call it a night. or lunch. ya know?

Virginia: anything you say, cuddlepie wommiepooh.

Moderator: oh gosh...you're just too kind.
Moderator: :)
Moderator: <CraisLover> to <Moderator> Hi Virginia, Other than being here tonight on chat, do you do anything else on the computer?

Virginia: Hi CraisLover, I love Crais too! I love to visit the bboard and spy on you all (LOL) (better be nice about me now!) and I generally surf the net, write letters and that sort of thing. XXX

Moderator: <NeilAce> to <Moderator> Virginia when you go off to shoot on location, what three things are a must have in your trailer?

Virginia: Lol, hi Neilace, what, besides the loo, the basin, the shower and the couch? Other than that, my crystals and my cell phone, and a photo of my two favourite Moderators on the wall :P XXX

Moderator: :)
Moderator: <ncc800> to <Moderator> Vrigina, do you like your more 'fitted'outfit this year?

Virginia: Hell yes, ncc800, if you've got it flaunt it! We love a few curves! xxx

Moderator: and last but not least...the question everyone's been waiting for...
Moderator: <WarriorWoman> to <Moderator> Are there bathrooms on Moya?

Virginia: Yes
Virginia: Thanks WarriorWoman :)
Virginia: In fact that's where I must go now......
Virginia: hee hee

Moderator: thanks ginny, for staying so long. would you like to make some parting shots...or should i just unmoderate the room?

Virginia: And Kahalen help the next person who gossips about my health! LOL LOL LOL Love you Love you Love you.
Virginia: See ya later alligator XXXX

Moderator: okay then...let fly the flood gates!