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Chat: David Kemper

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Chat: David Kemper

Subject(s): David Kemper, Farscape Writer/Producer
Dated: January 27, 2000
Source: SciFi.com


Moderator: David? Can you type?

DK: Good evening

Moderator: Whoo!
Moderator: That's one of the benefits of doing these chats...
Moderator: your typing speed goes up to 110.
Moderator: Hi everyone and thanks for joining us here. Tonight we're chatting with FARSCAPE1s executive producer David Kemper. Do I have to describe what a wonderful show SCI-FI1s original series FARSCAPE is to anyone logged on here tonight? Nah, I don1t think so! So let1s just cut to the chase!
Moderator: First q:
Moderator: <scifigrrl> Any ideas how we fans can help promote Farscape (aside from word of mouth) .

DK: Letters to Sci-Fi
DK: Cash in envelopes to Sci-Fi
DK: Baskets of cookies to Sci-Fi.

Moderator: <JTMarechal> : How is writing for Farscape different from the writing you've done for other series? (Like Star Trek: Voyager, for example)

DK: First off, on the other series, I was farther down the ranks.
DK: Secondly, in my capacity as Ex. Prod., I have the luxury of indulging my
DK: and the other writers' fantasies -- which is waht we do.
DK: The anarchic spirit that so many of you have responded to is the result
DK: of that freedom.

Moderator: Vive la liberte!

DK: Additionally, the cast on this series is so remarkable, we're able to attempt
DK: more startling character turns, thereby making for a more satisfying
DK: experience for you and us alike.

Moderator: <LordBowler> : Hi David, now that the 1st season is rapping up on Sci-Fi an plans to show it in syndication ala Poltergiest?

DK: That's a question for the owners of the show: Henson Co; Hallmark, etc.

Moderator: SERVER STRAIN...
Moderator: THANKS!
Moderator: <billjen>: is there a certain direction you're going with the series, or is there aN "anything can happen" attitude?

DK: Both. For instance, I know where the second season is going to END UP.
DK: However, HOW we get there?... That's the fun.
DK: We have a remarkable staff of writers: Richard Manning, Naren Shankar, Justin Monjo,
DK: Grant McAloon, Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman, Jr., Lily Taylor,
DK: and of course, I am in daily (oftentimes more than once) contact with Rock O'Bannon,
DK: mostly to ask him if I'm crazy or not.
DK: He always answers, "Yes."

Moderator: <OboeCrazy> to <Moderator>: Hi Mr. Kemper, thanks for coming! I was curious...how do you come up with some of the inventive episode names? Some of them like Rhapsody in Blue and Bone to be Wild have been very creative as well as enlightning!
Moderator: <Rictor> to <Moderator>: Mr. Kemper, You may not be aware that the character of Stark Made a HUGE impact amoung the regular viewers of Farscape, are there any plans to include him into future episodes?
Moderator: oops!

DK: I was waiting for that one.
DK: Here's the quick answer...
DK: We love Stark.
DK: Now -- what happened to him?
DK: Something very cool, very bizarre, very remarkable.
DK: At the moment, we are working him into a huge story arc that will cover the whole second
DK: half of season 2 -- but again,
DK: in ways that you hopefully won't anticipate before we get there.
DK: Right at this moment, I am looking at an outline that we're torturing Justin over,
DK: and he'll be bringing Stark back to life for us all!

Moderator: <JTMarechal> : What is your favorite part of the writing process: the actual writing, the moment you finish the script, viewing the completed episode ... or the endless rewrites? <grin>

DK: Good Q.
DK: I like the creative "Story Break" -- where we all sit around a table and try to
DK: make each other laugh, cry, and go "Whooo, cool."
DK: But most of all -- for me, personally -- I like to sit in a room with people who are
DK: watching a show I've worked on. I don't watch the screen. I watch them.
DK: And if they laugh where I wanted them to laugh, or cry where I wanted them to cry,
DK: then a literal chill runs down my spine.
DK: But then, my wife closes the window, and everything's fine again.

Moderator: <Solanio> : Hi David. Now that Farscape seems destined not only survival but more ongoing success - can you tell us if any work will be done to ensure that there is continuity in terms of the fictional histories, languages and other background information in the series?

DK: That continuity falls to us, the writers. Lil Taylor is the self-annointed keeper of
DK: the mythology, and we rely on her brain to keep us alive. Ditto for Kate M, and the up-and-coming Clancy McD.

Moderator: <Nerys> : My question is character-specific, but I've seen it brought up lately and nobody seems to know the answer. Regarding Chiana's head/body movements; were they planned by the writers, or is that something Gigi brought to the character on her own?

DK: Chiana.
DK: Cheetah.
DK: We talked with G prior to shooting.
DK: Her interpretation works.
DK: She runs with it.
DK: We're all happy.
DK: And I LOVE Gigi.

Moderator: <Ooshadi> : "There seems to be a link between moya's baby and Aeryn Sun-will you expand on this?

DK: Yes. We're looking to work that into the storyline
DK: I won't bore you with "production issues (that's code for, "I'm not going to tell you"), but
DK: that aspect will receive attention during a (gasp!) 3 part story arc in the second season.

Moderator: <terr> : I noticed that Moya (and Baby Moya) don't seem to have translator microbes, yet Baby Moya has just shown us he speaks. Are Leviathans allergic to the microbes?

DK: Leviathans don't have mouth-organs for speech. Talyn (Rock's very cool name) "communicates"
DK: using light and sound and action.
DK: However -- huge TEASE -- look for a startling bit of communication from Moya during the middle of
DK: 2nd year.
DK: Gonna be good! (Andrew Prowse is currently directing the Ep.)

Moderator: <kitsah> to <Moderator>: Is there a particular reason--other than convenience--that some PK's have one name and others two? Is it due to their origins (class, culture etc) in Sebacean society?

DK: They all have two names. We just don't use them all the time. Crais, Aeryn, etc. have first and last names.
DK: Only Scorpius is different, because, well... HE is.

Moderator: <AMuse> : Forgive my assumption, but most people who work on Farscape are not Americans? Do cultural things sometimes hit a rock in the road, a joke that doesn't translate well, because of diff's between Yanks and Aussies?

DK: Very astute. Very, very astute.
DK: In the beginning, there was just Rock, myself, Ricky Manning, and the best Brit in the world,
DK: Pete Coogan.
DK: We were working on Ep. 3 of the first season, "Exodus from Genesis."
DK: We delivered the script. The lead Drak was called "The Sultana." A fancy name
DK: for Queen (actually, the female of "Sultan"). Anyway, we were notified that in Oz,
DK: "sultanas" are RAISINS. Like, in "Sultana Bran" cereal. For real.
DK: So we changed the title.


DK: In final answer to your Q: The other -- and arguably most important Yank in terms of interpreting
DK: the work onto thw screen, and then to you -- Ben... what's his last name?
DK: Browder! I think, Browder.
DK: Anyway, Ben led us all into "being Australian." He adapted first, and we all
DK: followed. Now -- there's almost no friction or mistakes, because everyone on the show
DK: has bonded as a family, and we work quite well together.
DK: A brief pause to thank Producer Sue Milliken and Line Producer Tony Winley (names you should
DK: know!), for the generous atmosphere that allows everyone's best work to come forward.

Moderator: <RevMother1> : Hi DK great to have you here. Tell me what great sciencefiction writers or movies or TV shows have influenced you.

DK: Science fiction, my ass. This dren is REAL!
DK: Oh, okay... a real answer...
DK: Bradbury. Heinlein. Serling (loved TZ, even the version Rock worked on). I was
DK: rather mainstream and boring -- didn't venture too far outside the norm as youth.
DK: Since I've been older, I got hooked on Rock's work (no lie). I read (and have on my bookshelf), the original draft
DK: of Alien Nation, which was startlingly good for someone I knew as a friend. You know,
DK: we're always supposed to SAY the work is good even if it isn't. But this time, it really WAS!

Moderator: <scubalien> to <Moderator>: Can you elaborate more on the plans for the movie? Would it be a sci-fi cinema event or a hollywood type release?
Moderator: <MrSurreal> : David, Have you had any thoughts about doing a Farscape movie sometime in the future?

DK: The movie... You guys are so demanding.
DK: I know that Rock, Brian Henson, and Ex. Prod. Rod Perth (know that name, also -- HE keeps the show alive!),
DK: are in the planning stages of trying to make that happen.
DK: Don't lose sleep over it though, let it evolve naturally.

Moderator: <ChianasPet>: Hi! Thanks for joining us! You guys treat us fans so well. I am wondering if the "time is right" for the release of the Bloopers tape that you mentioned in an earlier chat..... for us die-hard Scapers?

DK: Are you crazy.
DK: We're not going to let you see us all naked!

Moderator: <PHX1> : Is the sort of bio-technology on Moya's hull kind of like the taelon bio-slurry on Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict? they both use the same principal of a "living" ship.

DK: Gene was a genius. I worked with Gene. I knew Gene.
DK: When Rock came up with Moya, he didn't even come close to envisioning Moya
DK: as similar to Gene's creation. It was, wholly, unto itself.
DK: I think that in future eps, you'll come to realize the difference.
DK: As a matter of fact, I think Naren's working on that right now.

Moderator: Two kinda related questions...
Moderator: <ceallaig>: Mr. Kemper -- now you have us curious. You say Stark is being written into the second season story arc -- did the fans' response to him have anything to do with your decision, or was this pre planned?
Moderator: <Solanio>: Where do you go for feeback about the show? Claudia Black said in a recent interview that in some ways it was like working in a vacumn. To make sure that you're in touch with the fans thoughts - are there any particular haunts or sources you like to utilize?

DK: Stark was always meant to return. However, it's nice that you like him also.
DK: The actor is a friend of Justin Monjos, and weirdly enough, sometimes actors
DK: take other jobs. Then we have to wait until they are available. But for official
DK: consumption, Stark has been away plotting something that you will become aware of soon.
DK: Look for the clues.
DK: Second part of the dual questions:
DK: We listen to the viewers. However, it's a tricky balance, because we're so far ahead of what you see on screen.
DK: We already know the last Ep. of season 2, and the first 2 of season 3. It'd be hard to poll everyone
DK: for feedback, because you don't yet know what we know.

Moderator: <Demosthenes>: I know you're not going to answer everything regarding Leviathan origins, but could you at least tell us if Leviathans are natural space-dwelling creatures engineered for habitation or genetically built from the ground up (assumedly by Pilot's race).

DK: Just wrote the 2 parter on that. Eps. 10 and 11, 2nd season.
DK: Moya's kind started as a mechanical ship. Then, a race known as The Builders
DK: tinkered with things and gave Leviathans a soul and sentient intelligence.
DK: Want to meet a Builder?
DK: You just might.

Moderator: <billjen>: What part did you play in the casting process? And what made you say "*That* is Aeryn" or "*That* is Chiana"?

DK: Test.

Moderator: You're still here...
Moderator: uh-oh -- technical problems...
Moderator: hold on a second -- we'll get dk back!
Moderator: He's baaaaack!
Moderator: Hold on just a second while I -- ahemn -- enable him...
Moderator: Welcome back, david.

DK: Test - am I on.

Moderator: You should be able to type...
Moderator: Was that good for you too?

DK: Whoo! Where the hell was I?
DK: Okay, to answer the casting Q:
DK: Sometimes you just KNOW. After all these years of doing this, when I see someone
DK: with Claudia's intensity, or Gigi's energy, you say: We gotta hire her/him. Then, we begin the
DK: process of learning about the actor, and gently sliding our writing to meet their
DK: strengths.

Moderator: <Sci-junkie>: Was Zhaan's ability to "camouflage" herself on the latest episode due to the high concentration of plants?

DK: Bingo. She used the background and merged into it like a chameleon.

Moderator: <DeaCerte> : Are we ever going to see Rigel's re-instatement to the Thrown? Will his subjects ever know of the coup that sent him to prison?

DK: I believe they already know. They have a new ruler -- Rygel's (with a "Y") cousin -- and must be aware
DK: that Rygel's been "missing" for several hundred arns.

Moderator: <Circa> : Daivd, will the PKs be a continued threat or will other races play bigger parts in future eps?

DK: Both. (Are you reading the scripts ahead of time?)

Moderator: <Korban>: Is there currently any organized resistance against the PeaceKeepers ... or will there be?

DK: Scarrans. The race that Scorpius is half of.
DK: Nebari. Chiana's race.
DK: Plus a few others I can't tell you about yet (until the writers finish creating them).

Moderator: <The-Chameleon>: David, other than the cast and crew, is there a race of supreme beings pulling the strings in Farscape?

DK: Sniff... ("Royal" sniff)... What? You don't think WE'RE supreme enough.

Moderator: <truthseekr> : In several of the episodes you have penned (Rhapsody, Bone, etc.), there are themes revolving around notions of spirituality, does this theme interest you personally?

DK: Very much. I believe the whole series should reflect not just action and adventure,
DK: but the deeper mysteries that vex us all.
DK: Just a quick side note --
DK: I'm in my office, and my doorbell just rang. I'm expecting Rock over for a later 2 hour

Moderator: Whoo!
Moderator: two-for-one!!!!

DK: story conference with the writers down in Oz (I'm currently in L.A.), and when he gets here,
DK: I'll let you know.

Moderator: <RazurWynd> : Mr. Kemp, what's the craziest storyline or character you believe the writing team has come up with ?

DK: You haven't seen it yet.
DK: But seriously -- Ricky Manning is writing an episode at the moment (and if he isn't -- we're all dead),
DK: that will be, I PROMISE, the nuttiest fruit-basket episode you have ever, EVER EEVVEERR, seen on
DK: a science fiction show.
DK: Or, maybe, if it doesn't work out, we'll run a repeat.

Moderator: <RobinT> : Storytelling is an ancient artform, and of course the art of the puppet goes back at least several thousand years. To what extent do are you mindful of heritage when you undertake to blend art forms into something new. Is Farscape the linear child of Mr Punch playing to the crowds outside Notre Dame in 14th Century France?

DK: I don't believe so. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jim Henson, but his
DK: philosophy has been passed down through the loyal members of his company, and
DK: very capably drilled into Rock and myself by Brian.
DK: They are NOT puppets. They are characters.
DK: When I write Rygel, for instance, I envision a real actor (I can't tell you who, so he doesn't get royaly
DK: pissed at me) saying the lines. Only later, when I see the dailies (film shot each day), do I realize that
DK: it's RYGEL saying the lines, and not this real, flesh-and-blood actor.
DK: Brian is right. If you treat the non-human characters real, they will BE real.

Moderator: As we come up to the one hour mark, David, I have to ask: how are your typing fingers holding out? No incipient signs of carpal tunnel syndrome? We have many many questions -- and as you know, FARSCAPE has many many fans. Are you up for more?

DK: What? You think I'm using FINGERS?

Moderator: Hmmmm...
Moderator: <Rehanna> : Evening Mr. Kemper, thanks for coming! Ceallaig and I were talking about Chiana today, and how we're glad she's finally fitting in. We came up with the comparison as Moya being space's Island of the Misfit Toys. Do you think it's a close comparison?

DK: Very nice. That's one of the first things we tell new writers.
DK: "They are not a "CREW." They don't like each other. They're from different place, with different
DK: dreams and different agendas. They are all outcasts in a way. Separated from the things they know
DK: and love.
DK: How would YOU react in that situation?
DK: You'd probably be a little more guarded, a little more cautious, a little more paranoid, and a
DK: little more selfish.
DK: Which all makes their coming together process -- slowly, slowly, slowly -- all the more satisfying and delicious.

Moderator: <Scapefan> to <Moderator>: Do you know when the toys are coming out?

DK: I'm not sure. When did you put them in?

Moderator: <dw-mckim>: When you come up revelations on characters do you let the actors in on them right away or do they find out when they see the script (ie Zhaan's being a plant, if China was the killer in ep #15)?

DK: I like to talk with the actors as soon as we come up with good ideas.
DK: Why?
DK: Because their input and enthusiasm and talent invariably makes them BETTER ideas.
DK: Always inclusive. Makes for a better show.
DK: Anyone home? My screen is dark.

Moderator2: A little tech glitch Bear with us
Moderator: Hmmmm. Now MY screen froze!

DK: Hang in guys -- there's been a huge earthquake, followed by a tidal wave, a blazing
DK: wildfire, and food riots. They're attempting to dig out, crank up the generator, and get us all hooked back in
DK: together.
DK: They tell me only a second or so.

Moderator2: <MistralStarfire> to <Moderator2>: on what belief systems and philosophies is the Delvian spirituality based? i find it very interesting.

DK: It's a conglomeration of quite a few actually. But centered around non-violence and harmony.

Moderator2: <JTMarechal> to <Moderator2>: Looking back over the first season, which one episode (or scene, or line) do you wish you could go back and tweak?

DK: You mean, "What do you think stunk the most?"
DK: Hmmm...
DK: Nothing with Ben or Claudia or Anthony or Virginia or Lani or Gigi or Wayne in it. So--
DK: Those damn guest stars who can't even memorize ONE STINKING LINE.
DK: But then again, you never got to see those moments. They're on the naked goof reel.

Moderator2: <LadyJade> to <Moderator2>: Will there be an episode, on Aeryn Sun. I mean to give us information of her life before she came aboard Moya?

DK: Ep. 2 next year. And 7. And 10. And 11.... You get the idea.

Moderator2: <MrSurreal> to <Moderator2>: Do you ever find yourself geting completely lost in your work? going for days where you think of things in terms of the farscape world instead of the real world

DK: You have just describe my life. I'm not kidding.
DK: I often work all day, no weekends, come home, call my wife Scorpius, then sleep it off on the couch.

Moderator2: <Gmmas> to <Moderator2>: David: there was a jump in time between eps 20 and 21. Was that for dramatic purposes, or not enough time to fit more in ?

DK: Ep. 20-and-a-half had them sitting quietly in the cold and dark in the hopes of eluding Scorpius and Crais.
DK: We just picked up the storyline when we felt the network wouldn't cough up blood because we spent their
DK: $$$ on a totally snoresville hour.
DK: Then I'd lose my job, and have to go get a real job.

Moderator2: <ChaoticDreamer> to <Moderator2>: What advise could you have for novice writers? How much writing that's not related to the show, do you do?

DK: At the moment, none. Too time consuming.
DK: As for novice writers:
DK: WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW -- but don't write about you. Your life is much more interesting to you than to me.
DK: WRITE OFTEN -- every day. Something. Anything.
DK: FINISH -- AGAIN FINISH -- THE DAMN PROJECT. It's not gonna get better if you chew on it
DK: for 2 years. Push on, start the next on.
DK: EXPECT THE FIRST 5 SCRIPTS TO BE A LEARNING PROCESS -- If you can't get people interested
DK: in the 6th one, take that Internet job offer.

Moderator2: <Demosthenes> to <Moderator2>: You've not elaborated on a lot of the show's technical side, like how starbursting works, how Moya maintains life support, her speed, how she moves around in regular space (gravitics, fusion?) where they derive their power from, ect. Are there any plans to deal with it for the more tech-oriented fans like myself or are they things you want to ignore and just concentrate on the story?

DK: Now, we don't ignore them. But we ARE slightly more interested in what effect these events
DK: have on our characters than on HOW they actually occur. That said, however, we labor
DK: mightily to infuse tech to the scripts wherever we can. And to that end, we have Naren constantly
DK: keeping us honest.
DK: Side note -- Someone just tapped on my window -- gotta be Rockne.

Moderator2: <valleyofstags> to <Moderator2>: You have mentioned Season 3, does this mean you have a commitment from Scifi for a third season?

DK: Not a chance. But I am the eternal optimist. If the ratings are good -- there will be a season 3. Otherwise,
DK: I'll lose my job and have to find a real... you know the rest.

Moderator2: A reminder, we're chatting with David Kemper, Exec Producer of Farscape. If you have a question for David, send it to me as a private message

DK: Who the hell is Soot, and what kind of question could a "Soot" ask?
DK: Hey folks, I am looking at the recently shorn and goateed Mr. O'Bannon as he takes off his coat and pulls us a chair.

Moderator2: <riddley> to <Moderator2>: Richard Manning told us about his "froonium," Rockne told us he named characters after admired filmmakers...what trademarks do you have?

DK: I think froonium is a dumb name, and who the hell is "Crichton" anyway?

Moderator2: <RazurWynd> to <Moderator2>: Mr. Kemp, where do the pseudo-curse words come from, such as drell ?

DK: "Dren." Rock started it. We can't swear on TV, so we came up with our alien code words. I'm sure you're starting to figure it out.

Moderator2: <PK3> to <Moderator2>: David, will you ask Rockne if DVDs & VHSs of FarScape are planned for the US?

DK: They are in the works right now.

Moderator2: <Kieriahn> to <Moderator2>: We've heard that Season 2, Ep. 7 is absolutely incredible -- can you tell us if it's a flashback story about Pilot, or takes place in the present?

DK: Q for Kieriahn? What have you heard?

Kieriahn: that there's lots of nifty effects -- possibly about Pilot? :)

DK: He's right. But you misunderstood. Anth was just "raving." He's always "raving." winkwink.
DK: Seriously. Ep. #7 is fantastic. It is set in several different -- concurrent -- time zones. Think past, present, and future.

Moderator2: <LadyJade> to <Moderator2>: Mr. Kemp, Can you tell us what is in store for Moya's new born. I mean it's half leavathan and half Peacekeeper tech. Willl he help the crew of Moya?

DK: Definitely. Remember that promised 3 parter?........

Moderator: <ChianaRULESJoshSaysSo> to <Moderator>: Mr. Kemp, could you tell us what's in store for Chiana?

DK: Kemp-ER.
DK: Kemp-ER.
DK: Kemp was the failed vice-presidential candidate, Ben (not Browder) reminds me.
DK: Anyway -- Chiana's whole backstory and life will unfold for you like a flower (that is SUCH crap writing), during the
DK: second season.

Moderator: <ChianaRULESJoshSaysSo> : Sorry, *Kemper*
Moderator: <Gmmas>: David: are you pleased with the positive reception the final episodes of season 1 is getting so far?

DK: Absolutely. Just keep the word out and get as many people to watch as possible. Did you see that tomorrow night's episode was profiled "In the Box" in TV Guide?
DK: The word's slowly getting out mainstream -- keep the push going.

Moderator: <Solanio> : How much room do you (willingly) give the actors room for improvisation? Do you encourage it, tolerate it, or try to ignore it?

DK: Tricky, tricky...
DK: The actors have tremendous latitude to make things go their own way as long
DK: as they convey the meaning, intent and tone of the scene.
DK: To that end, we have been extraordinarily blessed with a group of actors -- I will say, without hesitation -- led by Ben's
DK: dead-on instincts. The systems works. We're not gonna mess with it.

Moderator: <valleyofstags>: Now that you are "Executive Producer" will we be seeing any episodes in Season 2 "written by David Kemper"?

DK: Tech correction: I've been Ex. Prod. since Ep. 7, first season.
DK: To answer: Just finished writing the ep 10/11 2 parter. Will also script the season-ender.

Moderator: (By the way -- Mister Kemper is not promoting Georgia as a vacation paradcise., GA = "go ahead. For those of you who've been asking.)
Moderator: <PK3>: David, Will sucess and the Critic's aclaim spoil FarScape? How will you keep it fresh?

DK: Success as defined by?

Moderator: A box in TV Guide?

DK: We keep it fresh by trying to surprise each other. The writers, producers, actors, directors and all the crew
DK: are continually trying to improve on things; and make the other groups go, "Hey -- that's cool, I didn't see that coming." If we keep that up,
DK: you'll hopefully also be surprised.

Moderator: A very important question, this next one:
Moderator: <Rictor> : Are you going to continue to work Rygel's Helium farts into the script as comic relief??

DK: Comic relief my ass.
DK: That's a natural bodily function for a Hynerian, and nothing to be ashamed of.
DK: If YOU think it's funny, then that's your problem.
DK: The little bastard has THREE stomachs, and as long as he eats, he's gonna pass gas.

Moderator: <babymoya>: What similaries do you see between Crichton and Crais? There seems to be a bond between them now - and not because of hte accidental death of Crais' brother.

DK: First off, by a trick of photography, they are played by the same actor.
DK: Secondly, their bond will continue to grow in a uniquely off-beat way. For instance,
DK: they may even find themselves having to work together at some point in the future.

Moderator: <wwwnickmarkscom>: I love the 3D in your show? You guys should have some 3D characters like in Star Wars...that costed bucks though. How many polys is moya's baby going to be?

DK: Wait. Are you wearing those funky red and blue glasses to watch the show?
DK: Or do you mean our CG?
DK: IF it's the latter, then we WILL have more 3D.
DK: If you meant the former, then you need to take off the glasses.

Moderator: <FenrisUlf> : Evening! Will Pilot ever come out of his little room? Will there be an episode with focus on Pilot/his race?

DK: Coming soon to a television set near you. Second season holds many surprises.

Moderator: <johninc> : Does Farscape take any of it's plot development from the British Sci-fi series Blake 7? i.e. Escaped prisoners voyaging through space.
Moderator: <RazurWynd> : dontcha hate it when people compare FarScape to other sci-fi shows...grrr!

DK: Not if we come out on the rosier end.

Moderator: <Zero> : Mr. Kemper were did you get Aeryn Sun's boots? My Girlfriend wants to know.

DK: Hello, Soot. Waiting for your question!!!

Moderator: <Circa> : David, does the 2nd season also hold a more developing relationship between John and Aeryn?

DK: Boots? I'm not sure where we get them. I never get a chance to see them, since they're usually walking all over me.
DK: As for the J and A relationship....
DK: I just finished to 2 part episodes for 10/11 and... Yeah, you know what I mean.

Moderator: <Starcrossedvagabond> : do you see the show moving into more of a "excitement in every ep" type atmosphere instead of the character development we have seen this season?

DK: Both ways. We like both avenues. Additionally, action cost $$$.
DK: What we tend to do is make spectacular action -- costing huge bucks -- and then get the snot beat out of us, and
DK: have to save our dough to make the next one. But it works out, because when you
DK: boil the series down, if you don't enjoy the characters (either writing for them or watching them), then
DK: the series is not worth doing.

Moderator: I think David is getting tired, guys.
Moderator: So I'm gonna wind this down...
Moderator: Couple of more questions...
Moderator: <Solo600> : Mr. KempER, what do you consider your "Big Break" into the writing business? By the way, congrats on your new Job and a fine show.

DK: Hey, Pat, how bout going 15 more minutes?

Moderator: You GOT it!
Moderator: Here -- have some cappucino!

DK: I pitched an episode of the old cop series, "Hunter," and to my everlasting astonishment, the bastards BOUGHT IT.
DK: I have been being tortured by this profession ever since.

Moderator: What were you doing professionally when you made the Hunter pitch?

DK: I was a Program Executive at CBS -- where one of the shows I superivised was the new version of The Twilight Zone.

Moderator: <Circa> : Daivd, do you have a favorite character?
Moderator: (This question has been asked by LOTS of people tonight by the way...)

DK: And on that show, there were some fabulous writers: Harlan Ellison, Alan Brennert, George R. R. Martin, Michael Cassutt, Phil DeGuere, Jim Crocker, and a young fella
DK: on his very first, puppy job, a certain Rockne S. O'Bannon.

Moderator: Favorite character on FARSCAPE?
Moderator: Yours, I mean -- the fans want to KNOW

DK: Are you frelling nuts?

Moderator: The fans are storming the barricades!!!

DK: If I answer that, I'm gonna take shit from Ben, Claudia, Anthony, Virginia, Gigi, Lani, Wayne, and Pilot.

Moderator: <Demosthenes> : Are there currently in plans for Farscape products besides the toys? Maybe a Farscape computer game or a Farscape roleplaying game?
Moderator: <ChianaRULESJoshSaysSo> to <Moderator>: Tell us please!
Moderator: <Slidecat> to <Moderator>: WE WANNA KNOW!!! TELL US!!! LOL

DK: Computer game is something Brian wants to do.

Moderator: <LadyJade> to <Moderator>: yes Mr. Kemper we are we just want to know

DK: Rock is stuffing his face behind me, and through the sandwich, is saying,

Moderator: <FenrisUlf> to <Moderator>: TELL US OR ELSE!

DK: "Mmmgmgmgmmdkkd dkweioosfdbb,"
DK: which means:
DK: "The game is a definite."
DK: Trading cards are just about out. (Some autographed!)
DK: Books; novelizations; a background books on the series; and a episode guide loaded with facts and pictures.
DK: Rock will also send an autographed picture for a very reasonable $325 shipping and handling charge.

Moderator: <The-Chameleon> : Do you ever forget that it is only a show?

DK: No. Do you?

Moderator: <Average-Joe> to <Moderator>: aNYONE DOING A COMIC BOOK ADAPTATION?

DK: Not that we know of.

Moderator: <Gmmas>: David: is Crichtons friend , DK , based on you? or your name?

DK: Rock and I always try to put some reference to each other (usually buried and comic) in our works.
DK: So, this time, the reference surfaced and floated.
DK: ga
DK: The moderator
DK: is telling me that he and she are being
DK: flooded with questions regarding the autographed cards.
DK: They're going to be available in May, and the autographed ones are buried inside

Moderator: <lilpoosis> : Tell my brother that He's the Man!

DK: some of the packs, forcing you to break into the card stores at night
DK: to steal as many are you can.

Moderator: This is the final question for the evening....
Moderator: (Did you see that one from yr sis?)

DK: Hey sis!

Moderator: <Persona>: Could you dispense any advice to wannabe writers (tv or features)?
Moderator: <Ash42> : what advice do you have for someone just starting out in the television business?

DK: Let's have another Q, if we can, because I've already given a detailed answer for beginner writers.
DK: Just look up the transcript, and you'll see.

Moderator: How's this:
Moderator: <MarylandJKoba> to <Moderator>: David, please pass along to the cast and crew that the fans really appreciate their work. I know it's hard to work in a vacuum. We really do love you!
Moderator: And then, this:
Moderator: <Korban> to <Moderator>: Will Ben or any other cast members be directing an episode?

DK: We don't work in a vacuum -- we work in a blender.
DK: I am suddenly having heart palpitations.

Moderator: <ChaoticDreamer> to <Moderator>: come on, please???? ask them about appearances.....this is for a bunch of people
Moderator: And THAT...

DK: Conventions will be attended by our cast if they occur during the off-season. It's a 14 hour flight to the States -- so unless
DK: the convention is Down Under, they can't attend until hiatus.

Moderator: David, thanks so much!!! This was a great chat.

DK: Love to do it again sometime.

Moderator: Yes, please!!!!

DK: Goodbye all. You guys make working so hard worthwhile for all of us!!!!!!!!!

Moderator: You were a great audience too --
Moderator: and if yr question didn't get asked, that's because we've had easily 2000 questions!
Moderator: He's coming back -- he just said so!
Moderator: We'll make sure it gets asked again.