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Chat: Anthony Simcoe

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Chat: Anthony Simcoe

Subject(s): Anthony Simcoe, Farscape Actor
Dated: January 27, 2000
Source: TV Guide Online


TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Anthony Simcoe from the popular Sci-Fi Channel series Farscape. Welcome Anthony! Thanks for joining us this evening!

Anthony Simcoe: Hi everyone, I'm doing this chat from just outside center court at the Australian Open.

Question: The obligatory question- How much alike are you and D'argo?

Anthony Simcoe: LOL! About as tall, both like hitting on chicks on different planets. And both love flying around in spaceships!

Question: Do you think that D'Argo will ever reunite with his son?

Anthony Simcoe: Only if the ratings drop and the season gets canned. Maybe in the last episode But who knows?

Question: Hi Anthony, Will we learn more about Lo'Laan and Jothee next season? Like how Lo'Laan and D'Argo met?

Anthony Simcoe: G'day! Yes you will learn a little about Lo'laan but a great deal more about Jothee in season two.

Question: Your biography indicates that you seem to have a lot more formal training as an actor than many of your fellow cast members. Do they ever come to you for advice or help in working out a scene?

Anthony Simcoe: Yes they do. It is interesting because I lectured at the university where Gigi was trained. Although I didn't teach her directly.

Question: Approx. how long does it take to transform you from Anthony to D'Argo?

Anthony Simcoe: In terms of makeup we're down to two hours now. It started at four! In terms of everything else I feel very comfortable with D'Argo now. So it's a quick and comfortable transition.

Question: Anthony, last night Claudia said she trashes hotel rooms for fun so what are you now doing for fun?

Anthony Simcoe: LOL! I'm going room for room with Claudia. Any room she can trash, I can trash better!

Question: So how do you feel about becoming an action figure? :)

Anthony Simcoe: My bank balance will feel really good if everyone buys it!

Question: Anthony: so did you see Sampras vs. Agassi? And when do they give you time to watch tennis? ;) Do you find the heavy filming schedule cuts into your social life?

Anthony Simcoe: Australia Day holiday, so I've flown to Melbourne for the tennis. Yes I thought the Sampras/Agassi game was completely awesome. And what social life? We're doing 80 hours weeks on this show, it's driving me insane.

Question: What was it that made you decide to pursue acting?

Anthony Simcoe: Chicks, cars, cash and trashing hotel rooms! :-) Actually it was watching KISS. I saw these guys dressed up as lunatics. ANd thought - I can do that. When I was 12 years old, my friends and I used to dress up and call ourselves Kiss 2. And do concerts in the school yard. And the whole school used to turn up. Now that I'm older, my taste runs more to Bjork than KISS.

Question: Anthony: The warrior D'Argo seems to have a soft spot when it comes to Zhaan and Aeryn. How would you characterize D'Argo's relationships with them?

Anthony Simcoe: D'Argo is more soft than hard. The soft center is larger than the hard exterior. This is reflected in his relationships with all the characters, not just Zhaan and Aeryn.

Question: What is your favorite episode so far?

Anthony Simcoe: In Series 1 my favorite episodes are 9, 21 and 22.

Question: Who are your favorite actors and actresses?

Anthony Simcoe: Al Pacino, Judy Davis, Johnny Depp, and Ian McKellan. "Gods and Monsters" was my favorite film from last year.

Question: Anthony, when will Australians get to see Farscape on TV?

Anthony Simcoe: Who knows? Maybe after Easter this year.

Question: Will we be seeing you in anything besides Farscape any time soon?

Anthony Simcoe: In my last break I shot a tele film for Hallmark called zDog Woman. And last week I appeared in The Lost World as a guest bad guy. But apart from that Farscape is taking up all my time. After season 2, I'll be concentrating more on directing than acting. SO maybe you'll see my name with more directing credits in the future.

Question: Hi Anthony! This is Rehanna from the BB. I've been asked to say hi from all the DDD members and ask if you'll be in the US anytime soon.

Anthony Simcoe: The DDD Rocks! Thank you so much for everything. I hope to visit America after series 2. I'm spending most of my vacations in Europe but I might go to the US on the way.

Question: Comedy or drama - which is harder for you and which do you prefer?

Anthony Simcoe: I prefer the mix of both. I think the greatest achievements of any television series so far was MASH because of the perfect blend of those two elements. They are both equal challenges. But I enjoy pulling out moments of both comedy and drama. With D'Argo I think it's more interesting to pursue the comedy angle because it is the least expected. That's when D'Argo is funny, he's really funny. And when he's trying to be the warrior it's less dramatically interesting because that is what's expected. But I try to balance those two extremes.

Question: Which member of KISS were you?

Anthony Simcoe: LOL! I fluctuated from Ace to Peter Kriss. But I really want Gene Simmons to come do a guest role on Farscape. Gene, if you're out there, call your agent. You can stay at my mum's house.

Question: Anthony, is there anything in particular you'd like to see D'Argo do or accomplish?

Anthony Simcoe: I'd like him to be - LOL! - funnier, sexier, richer, more handsome, and just your out and out 100 percent, rock n roll, awesome, alien in space! Not that he's not that already! ;-)

Question: Do you have any plans to direct an episode of FARSCAPE?

Anthony Simcoe: I hope to. Maybe in series 3, but we'll see. It's very difficult to schedule that, because we have such a small regular cast. On other shows, it's easier to write a character for an episode. But on Farscape where we run two units, it's very difficult to find the time.

Question: How do you think your life might change once Farscape makes it Australian debut? And right now - do people ever recognize you from your part in The Castle?

Anthony Simcoe: In Australia people recognize me from The Castle, except I would describe myself as a transformational actor, so it's unlikely that people would recognize me when they meet me in person. With Farscape, I'm putting on an American accent and alien voice. (yes, it's my real voice, no they don't digitally alter it) That, coupled with the makeup, will make it practically impossible for anyone to identify me with the piece, except through publicity.

Question: I heard that you make funny bloopers on the set, can you tell one of your bloopers?

Anthony Simcoe: LOL! Completely gratuitous, completely X-rated. Everyone has a very risqué sense of humor.

Question: Besides D'Argo what was your favorite character to play.

Anthony Simcoe: I loved playing DeFlores in The Changling by Middleton which is a Jacobian play. That was cool. Also, advertising Big Macs for MacDonalds was a career highlight!

Question: What can u tell us about the upcoming season?

Anthony Simcoe: Expect to see much more information about the private lives of the characters. The show gets sexier, funnier, and the action sequences are incredible. Episode 7 of Series 2 I believe is one of the most incredible hours of television I have ever seen. And I mean ever.

TV Guide Online: Thanks Anthony! We had a great time tonight and hope you can come back soon!

Anthony Simcoe: Thanks to everyone for turning up. I've had a great time. Look for a tall, dorky guy in a white, fluffy hat at the tennis. Scapers rule! Good bye!