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Chat: Claudia Black

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Chat: Claudia Black

Subject(s): Claudia Black, Farscape Actor
Dated: January 26, 2000
Source: TV Guide Online


TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with Claudia Black from the Sci-Fi Channel series Farscape. Welcome Claudia! Thanks for joining us this evening!

Claudia Black: Hello from Chickwhit Gunn.

Question: Are you and Aeryn very similar in any way?

Claudia Black: Well, I laugh a lot more. And Aeryn is me on my worst day all the time. :)

Question: Hi. I really enjoy Farscape. It looks like a lot of fun. Do you enjoy the show and how are the other cast members to work with?

Claudia Black: As with any long term series, everyone becomes your family, and I genuinely love the people I work with. But, as with all families, when one is tired, occasionally tensions ensue. Not so much between the actors, but a battle within the actors themselves.

Question: What has been/is your favorite episode filmed? and if its been done why?

Claudia Black: Episode #7 of Season Two, that we just completed shooting. We're very excited about the audience's response.

Question: Claudia: why do you think Aeryn has formed such a close bond with the baby? Residual pilot DNA, being a former PK, maternal instincts, or all of the above?

Claudia Black: It's her first pure relationship that has started from scratch, without any baggage or mistakes. It's Aeryn's first understanding of parenthood, and the residual DNA is connected to that concept. Due to Aeryn's close relationship with Pilot, Aeryn is honored that Pilot would endow her with so much responsibility, where the baby is concerned.It's a chance for her to get things right... for a change. :)

Question: What can we look forward to with Aeryn in the next season?

Claudia Black: Facets of her personality that to this point have not been revealed. More of her history, and hopefully more of an understanding of her complex nature. And some cool stunts!! :) And a great new outfit.

Question: Can we expect any more romantic developments between Crichton and Sun in the next season?

Claudia Black: If the people online now were flies on the wall in the scene we just shot... Oooooo, baby! LOL

Question: Are you excited about Pitch Black opening in just a few weeks?

Claudia Black: That depends on the reaction to the film. I'm prepared to run for cover... :) I was excited about the project, and no one can ever really tell how a film will do irrespective of storyline or cast.

Question: What kind role do you play in Pitch Black?

Claudia Black: I play an Aussie bushwacking sheila called Shazza. She is tough and she graces the screen briefly.

Question: Claudia, What do you do for fun?

Claudia Black: I've been asked this question before, and my answer is the same... I trash hotel rooms! LOL. But, seriously, not much time for fun outside work. So the aim is always to make work fun.

Question: Does you plan on going to any up coming live shows, conventions etc ...

Claudia Black: I genuinely hope so. I got an enormous buzz out of the San Diego Comic Con. It was a blast for me, and we were working in a vacuum. So finally meeting some of the people who watch the show, and watching the show on air, was a terrific validation of all our efforts.

Question: What got you interested in the acting business?

Claudia Black: I came from a family with a great appreciation of the arts. Always had a desire to be involved in music, drama and hoped to fulfill the dream of someday being multi, multi-lingual. I haven't trained as an actor, but as long as they keep employing me, I'll seize the opportunity with both hands. It's the biggest risk I've taken in my life, because I had nothing to guarantee that I would be a success. I auditioned for two of the best drama schools, here in Sydney when I got out of school. I came very close, but didn't make it in. So, I went out on my own.

Question: Hi Claudia! This is Smushybutt from the Farscape bboard. My question is how do you feel about the direction your character is going and do you get to have any input into her development/change? We love ya!! Thanks!

Claudia Black: Hey, Smushybutt! My goal is to keep Aeryn growing and to encourage vast complexities of character to be revealed. I will do my best to keep Aeryn's relationship with Moya's crew interesting and dynamic. We have a large amount of input on set and behind the scenes, if time permits.

Question: Please, please, can you give us some info on Friday's finale?

Claudia Black: Ha-ha! Patience, my friend. Patience. :) Some things from the final episode will not be resolved until the end of Episode 2, Season 2. So keep watching... :)

Question: Claudia: Will we ever find out how Aeryn and Crichton spent their night together in "A Human Reaction"? Not doing old crossword puzzles, we hope.

Claudia Black: It depends what you're wearing when you're doing the crosswords. As far as we're concerned, Crichton and Aeryn have been taking every opportunity they can!

Question: I love the character of Aeryn Sun--very complex, very real, and not at all cartoonish or overdone. :) How much back story do you know about her as you're shooting, or do you find out with each script?

Claudia Black: First of all, thank you. David Kemper, our executive producer, will often let us know what is coming up for us, because he is excited about where the series is heading from season to season. It has been my greatest challenge to portray a woman who keeps her emotions below the surface, without her appearing wooden. Sometimes I failed, sometimes I'm succeeding, and I'm hoping the ratio will continue to improve in my favor. Sometimes I've been surprised by Aeryn's history when it rears its head. Sometimes even shocked. Without giving anything away, there is a dramatic episode which reveals some of Aeryn's past that we are all very proud of.

Question: Hi Claudia! Will we ever get to hear you sing?!!!

Claudia Black: My saucy answer is, "If the shower's big enough." And my real answer is, if the opportunity arises and my courage is flying high. :)

TV Guide Online: Thanks Claudia, for talking with us tonight! We enjoyed it and hope you can come again soon!

Claudia Black: Thanks, everybody who's online with us tonight. I hope that everyone continues to watch and support the show. I'm sorry that my answers have not been extremely detailed, but it's difficult when someone is typing your thoughts. I hope very soon to come to the States and have an opportunity to talk to you all at some conferences and at some chat shows. And, maybe if I'm invited back here again.