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Production No. 204

Best Viewed As 2.3

Aired As
2.3 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
31 Mar 2000 (US)
10 Jul 2000 (UK)

1.3 (US)
2.21 (UK)

Taking the Stone
Abbreviations: TTS
Alternate Titles: (none)

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Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Rowan Woods
Anthony Hayes..............Molnon
Peter Scarf................Das
Michela Noonan.............Vyna
Natasha Beaumont...........Janixx
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Bungee jumping...without the bungee cord

Chiana learns of the death of her brother. Seeking solace from her grief, she absconds with Aeryn's Prowler, and lands on a Cemetary Planet, where she's accepted into a community of teenagers and young adults who live underground. While John and Aeryn try to help her work through her pain, Rygel learns a hard lesson about tomb-robbing.


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John: "Yo! Bob! Marley! You seen Molnon?"

Reference to the late (1945-1981) Bob Marley, considered by many to be the King of Reggae.

John: "Are we having a failure to communicate here?"

Another quasi-quote (see "Nerve") from the film COOL HAND LUKE (see also http://www.filmsite.org/cool3.html):

Captain (Strother Martin): "What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men."

While tripping on Molnon's magic mushroom, John does an impression of Curly [Howard] of the Three Stooges.

Aeryn: "Wait...where are you going?"
John: "To see if this Excedrin headache was worth it."

A reference to the ad campaign by Excedrin for their pain reliever, which would refer to "Excedrin headache #__", implying that these were such that they could only be truly relieved with Excedrin.

John: "Aeryn, what the hell is wrong with you? You are the pin-up girl for frontal assault!"

Reference to the practice of selecting a specific female model to promote a cause or product, popular particularly during WWII, when aircraft crews often painted a pin-up's image on the nose of their plane for inspiration. (See also "Nerve".)

John: "Well, let's get her on the dog and bone."
Aeryn: "Whatever that means."

The Phrase Finder says that "dog and bone" is Cockney rhyming slang for telephone.

John: "Yes, and somebody has to do the bungee without the rope, except this time it's our friend jumping."

John is referring to the sport (sometimes known as "suicide practice") in which a participant attaches themself to a long elasticized rope, then jumps off a high bridge or platform; the rope catches them short of impact with the surface below, springing them back several times until the energy of their fall has been fully released. The modern sport is descended from a rite of passage for tribesmen in the South Pacific.

Translator Microbe Report

Ancient slang for an adult (Royal Cemetary Planet)
Dead jump deliberately leaping to one's death when Taking the Stone
Drad; Draddest cool, great: "It's the draddest."
Garda male, dude: "Time to jump, garda."
Gathering Dome where the ritual of Taking the Stone occurs
Gathering, the ritual clan gathering on the Royal Cemetary Planet to celebrate the birth of a child
Life disc an implantable device that creates a permanent life link between individuals
Little girl Crichton's nickname for Chiana
Lost People, the clan members older than 22 cycles, who distance themselves due to radiation sickness
Morna four-loabed mushroom; three out of the four lobes make the eater high, but it can also be fatal
Narl baby
Nixar female: "Sweet nixar!"
Old man Chiana's nickname for Crichton
Pleeking idiomatic equivalent of fooling or fiddling: "Stop pleeking around!"
Rechant to recall, to call back: "I'm rechanting the Gathering."
Royal Cemetary Planet an entire planet dedicated to gravesites
Scope to decide: "What they scope, I'll follow."
Scope the truth to understand: "In the final, Das scoped that truth."
Sonic Cowl rite of passage on the Royal Cemetary Planet, that involves hanging upside down between two large, vibrating blocks
Sonic net used in Peacekeeper aerial combat training, uses the sound of your voice to cushion your fall
Taking the Stone ritual in which an individual leaps from the top of a cliff, using their voice to trigger a sonic net to catch them before impact
Tralk pejorative term: "That little tralk!"
Yotza! Rygel's exclamation upon seeing a cache of grave goods



Comments from Cast & Crew

Gigi Edgley (Interview Published December 10, 1999)

  • In fact, Chiana may even start displaying some signs of...growing up. "It's really interesting some of the stuff they're pushing her with now, and she does mature a bit," says Edgley, of the second season episodes currently being filmed. "I'm hoping the fans won't go, 'Oh, no where did she go?' But it's interesting, because just as you think 'Ah, she's changing, ah, she's really becoming part of the crew,' something happens and sure enough, everyone goes, 'Hang on, is she? Or was she just playing all along?' That sort of mystery -- if is she going to be sticking around and helping them out, or if she is just sort of out for herself still -- is kind of what I'm wanting to leave open for the audience. To get that trust within her, and then she does something totally erratic and they go, 'What?' (I want) to keep them asking what and why and how."

Gigi Edgley, January 24, 2000

  • Question: What can we expect for Chiana in the second season?

    Gigi Edgley: You'll see her mature a lot for the most oddest reasons and you'll get a bit more of her back story. She'll soon be surprising you with a few alien feats that the writers have scripted in. And in general fighting for the crew as opposed to herself.

Justin Monjo & Rowan Woods, May 11, 2000

  • Moderator: <AMuse> to <Moderator>: To Rowan: Welcome to #auditorium! Can you share the most difficult Farscape scene you've had to direct yet?

    JustinMonjo: I think the work Rowan did with the cliff jumping in ep 4 was just a phenomenal job

Gigi Edgley, June 29, 2000

  • fweakn-Gi: All the writers are unbelievable and very welcoming, you can always go up to their hang out and chat over scenes and what they want you to do with them
    fweakn-Gi: They also offer a lot of freedom within the writing for instance initially Neri was my sister.
    fweakn-Gi: I had a chat to Kemper about it. I was going over lines at home and didn't seem to be connecting to the sister choice, so I decided I'd much around with the idea of having a brother and instantly raw emotions arose.
    fweakn-Gi: We had a bit of a chat the next day and he gave me the ok

  • Moderator: <Dalequan> to <Moderator>: "Taking The Stone" was an emotionally charged episode for Chiana and her behavior reminded me of a teenager dealing with alot of "heavy" issues in their life while the "adults" ignore her crys for help or just don't see them. Was this intentional and is it a "clue" to Chiana's age range?

    fweakn-Gi: It was fantastic to have a chance to explore Chiana's back story
    fweakn-Gi: I don't think Chi herself, really realises how old she is, she's never really kept track.
    fweakn-Gi: To Chiana most things in life can be manipulated, won over, toyed with. It is the first time you see Chiana's raw emotions to something that it really special to her.
    fweakn-Gi: It was fantastic exploring her vulnerability and trying to come up with different colours/degrees of grief and how to deal with it, or how not to deal with it.

  • Moderator: <MsBean> to <Moderator>: I love the relationship between Chiana and John. How would you like to see that developed?

    fweakn-Gi: I think it really has to be kept open to interpretation. You have seen the intense chemistry that has arisen in a few different situations, those being brother/sister, father/daughter and the one we shall leave alone :)

David Kemper, with Richard Manning & Ben Browder ("Bruno"), August 17, 2000

  • Moderator: <LittleLeviathan> to <Moderator>: Mr. Kemper, we love your wonderful talents!! One thing we must know: in the episode Taking the Stone, was the mask that Rygel stole really cursed or was it just Zhaan?

    Kemper: Good questions. [...]
    Kemper: The mask...
    Kemper: Each and every one of us believes what we believe.
    Kemper: If I tell you that I believe in God
    Kemper: you will be able to find others that ascribe the things
    Kemper: I like to God to something else.
    Kemper: You may believe in Heaven.
    Kemper: I may not.
    Kemper: Which of us is right?
    Kemper: I know that sounds like BS
    Kemper: but it isn't.
    Kemper: I believe that if we all parse the moments
    Kemper: of Farscape down to such a particular level
    Kemper: that we can all "agree,"
    Kemper: then we have missed the reality of the series.
    Kemper: Sometimes we just aren't sure.
    Kemper: Sometimes you make up your own mind on a situation,
    Kemper: a person,
    Kemper: a moment.
    Kemper: It's what makes the show special.

Justin Monjo, February 08, 2001

  • Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Justin: Taking the Stone looked into Chiana's grief and her need for self-confidence- but do you feel some of the emotion got lost among the stoned teens?

    JustinMonjo: Yes I do think some of the emotion got lost.