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Production No. 122

Best Viewed As 1.22

Aired As
1.22 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
28 Jan 2000 (US)
05 Jun 2000 (UK)

1.6 (US)
2.04 (UK)

Family Ties
Abbreviations: FT
Alternate Titles: (none)

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Writer: Rockne S. O'Bannon & David Kemper
Director: Tony Tilse
Lani Tupu..................Capt. Bialar Crais
Wayne Pygram...............Scorpius
David Franklin.............Lt. Braca
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A Jerry Springer Family

Rygel tries to sell out Moya and her crew in a bid for his own freedom, but Scorpius rejects the offer. Crais seeks asylum from Scorpius with Rygel on Moya. The crew hatches a plan to destroy the Gammak base, and make their own escape from the PK. Aeryn names Moya's baby Talyn. Crais abducts Talyn. John and D'Argo float helplessly in space after carrying out their attack on the base, waiting for Aeryn to reach them in her Prowler. John talks Moya into starbursting to safety with Zhaan, Chiana, and Rygel aboard.


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  1. "Chipper" and a friend were amused by John's interactions with a DRD (the one he repaired with blue tape, back in the Premiere):
    When John is taping the message to his Dad and he's holding his fingers up to Little Blue my friend started laughing and said "Crocodile Dundee!" I looked at her and "wha...?" She said "the part where he hypnotizes the water buffalo"...

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John: "Yeah, but what if one of us did the same thing, but at the last second veered off straight into the bridge? A Trojan Horse."

The legendary method of disguising an attack as a gift, as described in one 4th century account, The Fall of Troy.

John: "Well, it's a...Jerry Springer kinda family. But for what it's worth, Zhaan, you are family."

Jerry Springer is the king of syndicated dysfunctional relationships. His show is the TV equivalent of the freak show at the circus.

John: "Never before the big game. Hm? But thanks."

It was a long-held popular belief that athletes should abstain from sex prior to a major game or event, to avoid prematurely draining their strength. More recent research (as described in, for example, AskMen.com, TheAge.com.au, and Ultramarathon World) appears to debunk this concept.

John: "Sparky, Spanky, Fluffy, Buckwheat the 16th..."

Four of the most common (the only one missing is "Guido") nicknames that John has given Rygel. This isn't the first time John has used these, but here he mentions all four in one fell swoop. I don't know if "Sparky" or "Fluffy" (or "Guido") are specific references, but "Spanky" and "Buckwheat" are two of the best known of the Little Rascals (a.k.a. Our Gang), stars of many well-loved short films.

John: "Leader bogeys on the way. Fly faster, Rasta-man."

A comparison of D'Argo's braids and tentas to the dreadlocks favored by practitioners of Rastifarianism.

John: "Kirk and Spock. Heh heh heh. Abbott and Costello."

Comparing himself and D'Argo to two other popular duos, the leads of STAR TREK, and one of the most famous comedy teams.

John: "Hey, you bastards. John Crichton was here."

Recalls the WWII American soldiers' habit of scrawling "Kilroy was here" (often with an accompanying cartoon) wherever they went overseas, which came to be seen as a sort of nose-thumbing at enemy forces.

Translator Microbe Report

Das-trak krjtor! Scorpius's curse upon realizing that Crichton has outfoxed him
Eema idiomatic equivalent of ass: "You are a real pain in the eema!"
Fluffy Crichton's nickname for Rygel
Genetic birthing one way Peacekeepers "fill the ranks"
Grolack, crispy dish Chiana cooks for the crew
Hepatian minced stew dish Chiana cooks for the crew
Holo-image 3D photograph
Intra-scan Peacekeeper scanning technology that can distinguish life signs of individual species within a spaceship
Ka dare e sincono, apudax a-helio, frotar il pluro sincono Zhaan's blessing of Crichton and D'Argo before their mission
Kal tanega chivoko what Crais says upon viewing Talyn's command deck; Aeryn replies, "A crowning glory for whom?"
Kronite the main component of Moya's cargo hold floors
Lutra oil acts as a catalyst: combined with kronite shavings, becomes highly explosive
Rasta-man Crichton's nickname for D'Argo
Scarran Scorpius is half-Scarran, half-Sebacean
Silka directional vector: "heading silka vector nine"
Terleum mollusks food Rygel enjoys aboard Crais's command carrier
Veen "Oh, my veen!"



Comments from Cast & Crew

  • Rockne O'Bannon, June 24, 1999

    • Moderator: <DWal> to <Moderator>: A lot of posts on the BBoard have dealt with speculations on the "direction" of Farscape. What do you see as Farscape's "direction?"

      Rockne: I'm desperate that it just keep evolving...the characters...their relationships.....their environments.....
      Rockne: Once this first season is over, I think we'll all look back and see....
      Rockne: Crichton and his companions are in a very different place (in every aspect) than they were in the Premiere...
      Rockne: And I'm hoping that the same will hold true for the conclusions of the 30 seasons (!) to come....

  • Claudia Black ("ChickwithGun") & Anthony Simcoe ("Ploppy"), July 28, 1999

    • Moderator: <wolf>: Do you have fun making the shows

      Ploppy: We have a fantastic time making this show
      Ploppy: We finished this series on Tuesday and right uup until the last minute we were all alughing

      ChickwithGun: Thanks to the cast and fantastic crew I have a great time and will be at a great loss for such good company over the break

  • David Kemper (& Ben Browder), September 23, 1999

    • Moderator: <scottdee> to <Moderator> has john really won aeryn and dargo's respect?

      DavidKemper: I think that Episode #22 will answer that question for you -- without a doubt.

    • Moderator: <scifigrrl> to <Moderator> Is the season ending episode a cliffhanger?

      DavidKemper: Yesyesyesyesyes and yes....... I'm pretty sure.

  • Lani Tupu, November 8, 1999

    • Moderator: <Alienia> to <Moderator> Hey Lani, what was your favorite scene that you have done??

      LaniTupu: I think the two favorite scenes of mine are in ep. 22. One with Ben and one with Rygel.

    • Moderator: <elph> to <Moderator> Do you want to see Crais get more psychotic in the seriies, lose a little more grip on reality? *grins*

      LaniTupu: (laughs)
      LaniTupu: I'd like to see Crais gain clarity. I think what Crais is after is enlightenment...or the Japanese have a word, "sartori."
      LaniTupu: He's just misunderstood, floating around the universe without a buddy.
      LaniTupu: (evil laugh)

  • Richard Manning & Andrew Prowse, January 6, 2000

    • Moderator: <truthseekr> to <Moderator>: You've scripted some of Farscape's finest bad guys (the stimulant enhanced Tavleks, the mono-maniac Crais), what experience or research goes into creating a truly EVIL BAD GUY?

      Ricky: I'm so glad you asked me that. (twirls mustache)
      Ricky: The research is grueling, but it's the sacrifice I make.

      Andrew: his therapy bills are enornmous!

      Ricky: And I didn't think the Tavleks were really BAD guys... did you?
      Ricky: And Crais is a sweetie at heart.
      Ricky: If he could just get over the dead brother thing, he just might turn out to be a decent bloke.
      Ricky: Albeit a decent Peacekeeper bloke.

    • Moderator: <great-lakes> to <Moderator>: When will we get to see Rygel swim? He is from an aquatic world?

      Andrew: jan 28th - rygel gets wet!!

  • Rockne S. O'Bannon, January 13, 2000

    • Moderator: <Gmmas> to <Moderator>: Rockne: One theme of the show seems to be "You can be more" Do you agree, and would you cite other important ideas?

      Rockne: "You can be more" is definitely one (I just did a polish on an episode, where that theme reprised again). "You have to be your own kind of hero... and it's rarely what you expect" is another important theme. In other words, always be ready to be heroic, to do the right thing, because it may not come at you the way you expect it to...
      Rockne: There's a very important theme announced in Ep 22 that my wife has adopted for our kids (the sentiment was written by David Kemper).

  • Gigi Edgley, January 20, 2000

    • Moderator: <MrRoboto> to <Moderator> will there be some sort of conflict between Chiana and Aeryn over Crichton?

      GigiEdgley: We're trying to stay out of that situation, but you can never tell with these writers. They like confrontation.
      GigiEdgley: I'll be interested myself to see how it all works out.

  • Gigi Edgley, January 24, 2000

    • Question: Is the relationship between Crichton and you going to escalate?

      Gigi Edgley: Hee Hee Hee. Lots of giggles. Chiana almost lets the cat out of the bag, Gigi holds on as tight as she can. I think that will be answered in the next couple coming up. I better leave it at that.

    • Question: Please, please, what can you tell us about the finale on Friday?

      Gigi Edgley: OOOOHHHH! Chiana smirks wickedly and goes off into the distance. Doing a giggle as she walks away. Just hold your breath. Brace yourself and watch out. I hope you enjoy it to the max.

  • David Kemper, January 27, 2000

    • Moderator: <Gmmas>: David: are you pleased with the positive reception the final episodes of season 1 is getting so far?

      DK: Absolutely. Just keep the word out and get as many people to watch as possible. Did you see that tomorrow night's episode was profiled "In the Box" in TV Guide?
      DK: The word's slowly getting out mainstream -- keep the push going.

    • Moderator: <babymoya>: What similaries do you see between Crichton and Crais? There seems to be a bond between them now - and not because of hte accidental death of Crais' brother.

      DK: First off, by a trick of photography, they are played by the same actor.
      DK: Secondly, their bond will continue to grow in a uniquely off-beat way. For instance,
      DK: they may even find themselves having to work together at some point in the future.

  • Anthony Simcoe, January 27, 2000

    • Question: What is your favorite episode so far?

      Anthony Simcoe: In Series 1 my favorite episodes are 9, 21 and 22.

  • Dominar Rygel XVI, February 17, 2000

    • Moderator: <QuietI> to <Moderator>: Your Eminence, I am overcome with awe, here in your cyber-presence. Please confirm for Soju and various others that it was, in fact, your TAIL that we saw while you were bathing in Crais's quarters.

      Rygel: im embarrassed that you saw that

    • Moderator: <Lark> to <Moderator>: OK Sparky--boxers or briefs?

      Rygel: neither
      Rygel: free and wrapped around the waist

    • Moderator: <Lark> to <Moderator>: Rygel--In the final episode of season one you betrayed the crew. Given that you and the crew were getting along, this was somewhat out of character. Can you explain this lapse?

      Rygel: whos dead
      Rygel: whos alive
      Rygel: you think you gotta know everything
      Rygel: sometimes smart leaders do things the followers
      Rygel: cant fathom until they realize later
      Rygel: hey im still alive
      Rygel: he must have done something right
      Rygel: no credit
      Rygel: never any credit

    • Moderator: <liloleme> to <Moderator>: So what was it like being kissed twice by John Crichton?

      Rygel: different species have different hygiene habits
      Rygel: i wish his were better

    • Moderator: <peck1099> to <Moderator>: Dominar - in the final episode there were heads of Hynerions decorating Crais's quarters; anyone you knew?

      Rygel: no
      Rygel: but a shameful
      Rygel: display of another race and their
      Rygel: prejudices

  • Ben Browder (Interview Published May 2000)

    • "I think it was an interesting journey that was mapped out for season one," Browder says. "He started off being unable to open a door, and then reached a level of confidence and competence that felt right to me. Then he seemed to get stuck, until we saw him in Scorpius' chair. That seemed to turn him around, and made him into something else.

  • David Kemper, with Richard Manning & Ben Browder ("Bruno"), August 17, 2000

    • Moderator: <LittleLeviathan> to <Moderator>: To the wonderful David Kemper: Which was the most difficult show to produce?Costly?Time consuming?

      Kemper: Difficult?
      Kemper: "Family Ties" last year.
      Kemper: The last 4 eps this year.
      Kemper: Costly?
      Kemper: All of them.
      Kemper: And that's NOT a flip answer.

  • Wayne Pygram, September 21, 2000

    • Moderator2: <Ripley9> to <Moderator2>: To the illustrious Mr. Pygram: We've heard you improvised the "Scorpy ball" into that scene with Lt. Braca the end of last season, then startled David Franklin by throwing it at him (got a great reaction!) What kind of ball is that, and is there more story behind it?

      Wayne: Some people have yo yo's some people play tiddleywinks, Scorpius has his balls...
      Wayne: in all seriousness I like physicality with my acting so any opportunity to use a prop or some set dressing I will take it. I'm a very physical person having played lots of sport, and also with my drumming, so I have very good hand eye co ordination and I know I use my natural rhythms and co ordination where ever I can