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Production No. 113

Best Viewed As 1.13

Aired As
1.12 (US & UK)

Original Airdates
16 Jul 1999 (US)
06 Mar 2000 (UK)

1.3 (US)
2.30 (UK)

The Flax
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Writer: Justin Monjo
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Rhys Muldoon...............Staanz
John Batchelor.............Kcrackic
David Bowers...............Goon
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The first major shippy (but no package check!) episode.

When Aeryn takes John out in a transport pod for a little flying lesson, they wind up stuck in the Flax, an energy net used by pirates. While they try to keep their pod functioning long enough for a rescue team to reach them, Zhaan and Rygel cope with pirates, and D'Argo must choose between saving his friends and finding a way home.


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John: "Oh, I don't know how you're supposed to have fun, but this is fun. This is Top Gun. This is the need for speed."

Top Gun is a special school established by the U.S Navy in 1969 at Miramar Naval Air Station in San Diego to train its elite pilots in advanced aerial combat tactics.

It came into the popular American consciousness through the 1986 Tony Scott film starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer (see also http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Hills/6698/topgun.html).

(This particular bit of dialog only appears in the longer version of the episode available on DVD/VHS.)

Translator Microbe Report

Atmospherics mix line component of transport pod environmentals system
Calorics power system; Aeryn indicates that the calorics should be fine because she checked the batteries before they left Moya
Crank idiomatic equivalent of crap, hell, or stuffing: "They blasted the crank out of me."
Data store Moya's databanks
Distress buoy emergency notification system on Moya's transport pods
Flax, the an electrostatic scan used as a net by Zenetan pirates; it absorbs light and all other energy
Garbologist how Staanz describes his occupation, looting wrecked or abandoned ships
Grav spin maneuver Staanz uses to give his vessel a "push" to get going
Kelvic crystals green crystals Rygel acquires in a game of tadek with Staanz
Kill shot injection used during Peacekeeper battle triage, to stop brain and heart function
Luxan Assault Piercer combat vessel D'Argo dreamed of serving aboard
Luxan Deep-Space Voyager type of Luxan spaceship
Magna drift mesh structure of which the Flax is comprised
Malsonic labor stockade prison where Staanz spent nine cycles
Map fibers cartographic files
Mass readings sensor output on the transport pod
Message buoy another name for the transport pod's distress buoy
Nano-moment measure of time (analogous to a nanosecond)
Nerve shot injection used to negate the effects of a kill shot
Onnyxi play partners dolls Staanz uses to fuel his vehicle
Ossoh scent scent which makes the wearer irresistable
Pewnkah derogatory term: "Run by a pewnkah named Staanz."
Pulse-back soundings sensor output on transport pod, equivalent to sonar
Red Mentor Zenetan title or rank
Rha'nalan element of a Delvian blessing: "Rha'nalan be with you."
Smell pods olfactory organ of a Yenen
Space streams presumably, shipping lanes
Tadek game of which Rygel is fond
Tracer beam equivalent of radar
Tracer ship what Kcrackic calls Staanz's vessel; presumably, a ship that shows up on a tracer beam
Trads measure of power on a transport pod; measure of radiation
Triple quadra-hent a particular move in the game of Tadek
Tugg wrestling Rygel claims to have won his kelvic crystals inter-species tugg wrestling
Yenen Staanz's species
Zachrons measure of distance
Zenetan member of a gang or company of pirates
Zenetan gang murals leg tatoos



Comments from Cast & Crew

Claudia Black ("ChickwithGun") & Anthony Simcoe ("Ploppy"), July 28, 1999

  • Moderator: <Stayler>: For Claudia. Where do you see the sexual tension between Aeryn and Criton going?

    ChickwithGun: Straight through to Series 6

  • Moderator: I'll repeat that last question: <Sparrowhwk>: which episode did both of you enjoy making or was just your personal favorite?

    ChickwithGun: Favourite Episode: 13 Got to kiss Ben Browder Whoooohoooo!!!!! Oooooooh Baby
    ChickwithGun: Seriously, fav. ep so far was Back and Back to the Future, PK Tech Girl, and DNA

  • Moderator: <Claudia>: For Claudia, What's it like kissing Ben Bowder? (wink,wink)

    ChickwithGun: Ooohh Baby Ooooh Baby

    Ploppy: I concur

    ChickwithGun: he even brushes his teeth first

    Ploppy: lol

Ben Browder, July 29, 1999

  • dizzydain: Claudia expressed her "excitement" about the kissing scene in The Flax. I don't mean to be inappropriate but was that at all a mutual feeling?

    Browder: As scripted in The Flax it was one tender kiss. Claudia and I got carried away.

  • scifi_chic9: In episode 13 (The Flax) we heard a lot of your southern accent, and it really gave a good edge to your one-liners and metaphors. Will we get to hear more of it in future episodes?

    Browder: Ahhh, the writers did that to me. A decade of trying to lose the accent and they haul it back out for all the world to see. I love my native accent but I don't see Crichton as carrying too heavy a Southern Accent. I reckon it'll come out sometimes... y'all.