Bianca Chiminello

(These notes were graciously provided by PyeCat.)

"I'll buy you a beer, and I'll take 10 more questions."

How were you picked for the part?

Did you see any of the online reaction from the fans?

Working on anything now?

What had you heard before working on the show?

What can we look for you in?

How did they do the stiletto effect?

What was the scene in the river like?


Received a copy of Foodscape.


Bringing back?

First Day on the Set



Vial and Manipulation

Effects and Costumes


Bianca is a big fan of sci-fi. Her favorite is the Matrix, because it is so conceptual. Has really great dreams from that.

Aeryn and Mirror

"Not my choice. God it got me fired up!"

"You keep biting your tongue. Get with it, mission is number one, stay under cover."

Dream Director, Role

Has a passion at the moment for Alexander the Great. There are two productions ongoing right now. In an ideal world, she'd take Oliver Stone with Leonardo DiCaprio (working with Baz Luhrnman). Would like to play Justine in Oliver Stone's production.

Bianca likes Greek tragedy, the archetypes.

White Dress

Head Scene

Ben was off to the side for that scene, to help with the timing.


Talked about ADR for a while. For Bianca, the difficult part is dropping back into the emotion. She has seen actors who can walk right in and do it, that's the kind of actor she aspires to be.



Learns her lines by figuring out what emotional journey she wants to take the audience on.

All the actors get are words on a page for an audition, for shooting.

In Australia, the actors have to know their lines for the audition. In America, the actors are allowed to hold their "sides" -- however, they shouldn't spend time looking at them!

Dancer to Actor

Bianca grew 30" in one year, so she had to move from dancing to acting. She was too large. Always took acting classes while dancing.

"Follow your dreams, anything is possible. I'm the only person on one side of my family who has ever been on an airplane.

Managing Life

"When you love what you do as much as I do, it's an honor to be able to look after yourself. Discipline's not hard if you have a higher purpose. I can sit on a treadmill for an hour because I know what I'm doing is going to benefit me and my work. It's not a psychosis, and it can be! I take very good care of myself from the inside, and that's first and foremost. You create a presence by being happy."